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a plague of stephen frys

Not the most exciting weekend, aside from battling the giant tarantula and the giant wasp that went after it. Yes, there were girly screams. Gardening, such genteel fun - not. I was planting a few refugee trees back where the other trees had been lopped/removed (a few pot bound palms and frang cuttings). And the new banana tree. "It will always be the second banana," intoned the Peanut Gallery.

Also tried to turn a fallow bed to make a further herb garden but the ground was so cement-like it twisted the tines on my bigarse garden fork thingy. Whoops. It may take longer than an afternoon to get that bed ready. Man, but the garden has dried out rock hard. Any ideas?

Other than that, mainly watch tv featuring Whedon alum, almost exclusively, in fact, either in the wee hours of the too hot to be outdoors bits. You know, Castle, Bones, Dollhouse, Chuck, Merlin. Being stupid dropping things tired on Friday after a long and unhappy battle of wills with evil tech at work I ended up watching some Merlin S2 instead of getting online as I should have. I liked it but I can see why folks were underwhelmed. The whole Merlin/Arthur thing seems to have slipped quite a bit, it's a bit too pratfall reliant and I thibk wandering around the castle has made me too aware of why an important conversation is blocked around an enourmous statue - because the bastard is bolted to the floor. More thoughts later, I'm afraid I when I was watching it wasn't with much more thought than fire bad, Arthur pretty. Happily, Ten is repeating S1 so I was treated to more, slighlty more classic Merlin.

Then was Wallander (when did Ken get so old?) and trimming the tree while half watching Stephen Fry on Bones and being annoyed I'd forgotten to restock Henry's wives, who'd been eaten. Sigh. Oh well, a day at Hampton is never a waste. Maybe next time I'll take the boat ride out, if I can ever be there the one day of the year they run. If there ever is a next time. For now, Henry is suddenly footlose and fancy free on the ol Xmas tree (still looking like a gallows tree but I don't care and it suits my mood and the tree should be black black black and I adore H. Nelson and his wee eyepatch, the latest post xmas dec holocaust addition).

Actually, there was a shitload of Stephen Fry on Sunday, because he popped up in A Bear Called Winnie (much needed Fassy fix) and then there were episodes of QI on the IQ (try saying that fast) to watch and Kingdom on telly followed by a repeat of Bones - the man was everywhere!

Mirren to Play The Queen Again in Star-Studded Biopic?

Sex Pistols and Joe Strummer Documentarian Julien Temple to Dramatize History of The Kinks

Starman: Interview with Duncan Jones


Downey Jr. Links Illness To Weight Loss

The many faces of Robert Downey Jr

Holman Hunt

Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer

25 Days of Weird Christmas: Better watch out, Krampus is coming to town

I was going to see if they had any cool baubles at DJs to try and cheer myself up but I wasn't allowed a lunch break and the shops'll be shut by the time I get out today and Himself sent a snotty email saying all the stuff he wanted that I didn't get him for his birthday is now no longer available and considering how much I spent on his b-day gifts I was reduced to tears, again, and it's not my fault everyone arses about and I don't get stuff that's due online by COB until after COB. Then there's the house to clean, and he has filled the two spare rooms with his crap so you can no longer walk into them, really, and when I asked him to clean one section of one room so I could put the tree up he's pretty much spent the rest of the week in bed and I've the dusting and polishing to do, not that there is anyone to visit but it has to be done and..weep! Too much! And yet I do everything wrong and annoy everyone and I haven't had time to sleep and if I have the tv on I'm doing something else that means I only get to listen to my fave shows, if I'm lucky. I haven't written anything in two years, or scanned anything, I've lost all my websites, I've unsubscribed from my favourite magazines. And yet I still cannot do enough for these people. There is nothing left. No time, no money, no soul. You've got it all, and you want more, better and with a triple pike?

Oh, I was just carpeted several times over for the sytem playing up, even though I have nothing to do wth sysadmin. I just cannot win. Cannot, cannot, cannot win.

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