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Let's carve him as a dish fit for the gods

What a week. It's been blowing hot and cold in all directions, and I'm not just talking about the weather. Anyhoo, tv, that's safe bet. Finally got to see the True Blood finale on repeat, which I'd been made to miss on Tuesday. Not really worth all the angsting I was doing over it, and was hardly closure with the Bill-napping but at least there was some Alex ans all my faves made it through to next season (and some less faves). It's just a big ol soap opera with actual sex and teeth and claws, but I'm kind of a sucker for it, even if some weeks I'm only watching in vain for a glimpse of the viking. The boy just unfolds like a flower, don't he just.

Hmmm, I'm not sure. Do I like tortured woe is me vampires, just do it vampires, or reformed bad boy vampires or all of the above, depending on my mood?

Then there was Chuck. Now here's the problem with Oz tv scheduling so late and out of context because I knew the fates of two characters because they both had new series. I mean, it was hard not to know how it was going to end for pretty boy when we're up to episode three of White Collar out here. So if you ever think I'm careless with casting spoilers this is why because it's always like that here. You know, Actor X is in a new series on Channel B, so you know at some point he's going to jaywalk or climb up a ladder or whatever on Show Y on Channel A. (Worse if when you have to wait ten years to see part one of a two part cross over, as I had to with Law & Order and Homicide: Life on the Streets - for serious)

And it was the finale of Chuck, too, wail. I came very late to the party but when they moved it to where it was on before something else I watched it very quickly went from catching the end of to watching the whole episode. Are the dvds out here yet, or am I paying a visit to amazon again? Btw, Scott Bakula, Chevy Chase, Brue Boxleitner and Morgan Fairchild? Bwee! Can you say stuck in the 80s? But gloriously so. And Chevy Chase made a great Bond villain. Bwee!

Also watched the last episode of Desperate Romantics (hey, I had the cold that has wiped out most of the staff on the floor, and have you ever tried to say Aestheticism while drowning in snot bubbles?) and it was fun. Sad to see it wrapping up, but it was still glorious fun, and hey, Morris, did my fave tearoom in the V&A. Whoo! I must not look at any images of the lads, because Rosetti will always be Aidan Turner to me now, diito Tom Hollander's Ruskin and Rafe's Holman Hunt.

I could have done with another Sammy West cameo though. He was just so delicious. Can he do a Doctor Who...again?

Still stuck in the 19thC, I finished Dorian Gray, the notes of which name checked everyone from Doyle to Ruskin to rosetti (am bemused, would love somebody to write a League of Notable 19thC Gentlemen) and further bemused by the blurring of Desperate Romantics and Murdoch Mysteries and Doctor Who and even Bonanaza as they share out cameos by Dickens, Doyle, etc. Bart can bring along his pal Doc Holliday, as they seemed joined at the hip (no, really, go see the episodes).

Fell asleep during that Tom Hardy 80s crime series, which was a pity because it wasn't bad but I was knackered (missed Band of Brothers, too). Double pity because I'd been sitting through the flâneur's photos when a b/w pic of Bondi loooked particularly bleak and Bronte-ish, unless it was Bronte being Bronte, I forgot to ask). Anyway we started riffing on Bleak Beach, which would be Home and Away meets Smallville meets gothic 19thC literature (Bronte, Dickens, Stoker - just to stay on trend) and I hate to tell you this but we'd been riffing for less than a minute before I had young Heathcliffe in a surfing competition. Heh. And yes, you can have that idea if you want, and good luck to you.

Ah, I can't help being daft. Too much work, too little sleep. And I've not even unpacked my wee writing pootie or my Merlin dvds. Sigh. But the apple tree is looking good. Can I buy another one. I think I should have two: one for me and one for the birds.

Oh dear, it's all gone to hell in a nand basket workwise we again. We make Rome and the Tudors look tame, positively tame. Oh shoot....

Chuck (TV series)

Maverick (TV series)

Desperate Romantics

Simple Minds Perform At The Birmingham LG Arena

"Sherlock Holmes" Press Conference

Warning: Do not take this picture


Top Gear's flying caravan spectacular was a 'sham'

Exclusive: New Iron Man 2 Poster

Amputee controls robotic hand with thoughts

Russell Crowe rides again as the definitive Robin Hood,20797,26428815-5003420,00.html?from=the+courier+mail+personalised+newsletter_rss&referrer=email&source=CM_email_nl

PM update: I have achieved Chuck S1. I made a poor tiny skinny wee thing who didn't look like she could lift a cheese slice dig through enormous boxes out the back of the shop, but I have it. Mwahahaha!

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