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great wall

Briefly, there were spiders, and other animals, and it was searing hot, and I watched a lot of really, cheesy television. And loving it.

I have achieved a fence. This might not sound like much to you, but the year long battle of neighbourly indifference and downright hostility (not to mention property damage) has been such a strain. Well, I got this little company to come, not the flashest but about right with the price and, more importantly, willing to work around the trees I wanted to keep. Sweet. So it's in, it looks great and though I'd have liked it a metre taller (council regs forbade it, oh yeah, had to clear everything with the council as well) I feel like I have my yard back.

Alas, I came home yesterday to find their feral moggies gambolling in the garden as always, but it was almost worth the six grand I've spent on the project to see their look of dismay as they went for their usual bolt holes and found fence instead. Heh heh heh. (It's not that I dislike cats, per se, but the bastard animals shit on the front and back steps, break expensive pots and statuary, dig up my herb garden and eat favourite pets, so not endeared to them, no).

So yes, lovely, lovely dark brown fence peeping out from behind the trees, mostly extant (a bit pruned, some, but better than I dared hope for).

Anyway, yesterday wasn't too great. Had the website I'd worked very hard on dissed in Hansard, and I forgot I was supposed to be going to the B-52s (I know, but the plate has been overfilled of late), so, being a touch distressed, I stalked off early, fully intending to curl up in the dark all night, but in the letterbox there was a postcard from Idaho, which I took as a sign (pretty card, too, and I always forget to post cards these days and only find them when I'm unpacking, so nae bother). So I fed the birds, showered, fed the birds, glammed up, fed the birds, called a taxi, fed the birds, and with a few detours (not even my directions or GPS could save Wrong Way Boy, alas) I made it time for Mental as Anything. Who rocked, and played all the hits. Yes, all I see these days are creaky old bands of yore being their own covers bands, but hey, at least it's age appropriate (glares at the two bitchy little queens who were loudly complaining about aged pop fans and lack of dignity and stamina thereof, lets see you rockout when you get to our age, you young whippersnappers).

Next up were the Proclaimers, one hit wonders out here, but DT adores them, apparently. Not sure I really see the appeal but they were enjoyable enough and had me tapping along and forgetting of troubles, so job done.

Then it was the B-52s. Oh dear. Yes, they played the hits, but Cindy walked of stage after one and a half songs and never returned. Bit of a shambles, to put it mildly. At least they played the old, old, old faves I wanted to hear, but it wasn't quite the experience I was hoping for. Sigh. Oh well, they were too important to tour here when it mattered, and now we must but sup on crumbs (been a lot of crumbs this year, but mostly quite excellent, this was the one band that did not live up to or surpass all expectations). Okay, so when going to see retro acts, stick with ska, is the lesson here, I think.

Never mind, at least I didn't spend the night in the dark, but rather surrounded by colour and noise and I like the Enmore. It's severely geometric art deco and overwhelmingly all bronzes and coppers. Sort of like being stuck in a ship that's a cross between Moya and a Go'uald ship. The historic and heritage toilet facilities could be tweaked a bit, though.

Anyways, apres concert, with everyone departing muttering, I walked and walked and there were no taxis, then I spied one lurking down a back street and I couldn't believe my luck. He accepted my fare and I got in just as the first large splashes fell of a massive downpour, one of those real monsoonal puppies. Timing or what? Home at midnight (whoops) to a dinner of cold ceral, but it was okay (Himself in down in Canberra giving a paper at a conference).

Saturday started fine and and dandy, and then I attempted the shopping. Now I've been rolling to the shops and back my whole life with just my shopping trolley, of which there have been many, and really, what's wrong with that? It's healthy and eco-friendly. But now they've sacked all the staff and installed self serve things it won't deal with my trolley and, well, it was all a nightmare. I had to stack my stuff on the scanner like a game of grocery jenga and, well, I did okay until the pile got to be about a metre hight (the capacity of my trolley). Still, I bet the security footage makes the Xmas reel. Fie on you, supermarket.

Then it got blustery hot, like 39C with blustery winds which finished the washing off quick enough (though a beloved t-shirt is now size zero and I'm obviously not) and then I had to race around with the watering can trying to save the garden (I lost about a dozen, but if you'd been there you'd know that was pretty impressive) but one of the parrots decided to drop something on my head again from a great height (and I've told them no, but he was peeved at the weather and the fact that their seed ran out on Friday and I didn't fix it - they don't understand this whole work thing) and I spent Saturday bumbling about with the funny concussion and managed to lock myself out of the house (for the first time ever, not counting being locked out on purpose by foul hands) and had to wait around in the heat for a neighbour to get home so I could use their phone and phonebook and call a locksmith. Nearly didn't get in as the locks are old and unweildly but I did and I still had to do the ironing and, oh, tried to watch Murdoch Myseries once the sun had set but Foxtel crapped itself, but I did settle down to my chicken caesar salad during Murphy's Law. Fell asleep during Supernatural. Damn. Just repeats though. S5 starts tonight.

Sunday I did not want to get up because I really felt crook. I just wanted wallow in bed watching Merlin but no, I had to get up, feed the birds, water the garden, get the papers. I dressed up like a six year old with my fave skirt and shoes to go down and get the papers (not that I ever got to dress up as a six year old or have nice shoes or skirts) and there was a cheap and cheesy Merlin book just sitting in the newsagent. So I bought it. At least I get my boys somehow. Lots of pretty piccies, but the desktopping is dire and they mixed sans serif sentence case with serif all caps which made my poor head throb even more. Sorry, I just think if you're aiming a book at kids, try and not do a worse job than the average eight year old, you know? Anyways, pretty piccies and a cup of tea and a fistful of panadol and I was feeling a bit better. I thought I'd head off for a nap as Himself wasn't due home until that evening but no, he arrives at 11.45am banging on the door because I'd slid the bolt (intending to crash out thoroughly and being a bit unsure of picked locks as I was). Yet another black mark to my name. Oh well. Spent the afternoon catching up on a month worth of Chuck, which has gone from catching bits here and there to IQ worthy very, very quickly and dear god, the writers are my age, I lost count of all the 80s films and songs referenced in a single episode, some Bones, some Maverick (with Bart and Doc, my OTP du jour, still, you have to see them, you really do) and then Legend of the Seeker, because I was missing Merlin and it'll do and I can make many Kiwi jokes and dear god, nobody warned me about Bruce Spence naked with the chicken, but it's Bruce and what did I expect? Well, not the Yank accent, which I can't get used to, but it'll do. It's not great, but these shows are always a bit ropey but it's quite watchable, dammit. Does what it says on the tin. Bonus points for statutory Jay appearance, thus giving it the stamp of authenticity.

Then there was more Bones and Castle and Band of Brothers, finally screening out here. Yes, debut, first time. I mean, like, what, with my special tin box set rusting away with age in it's pride of place on the bookshelf. They all look so young, and there's so many there. There's Damian, the guy from Southland, subliminal Fassy, O'Mara, Cooper looking barely old enough to dress himself and even a young and serious Peggy drove up in a jeep to deliver a message. What fun! I'd been meaning to watch Band of Brothers for ages and this gives me an excuse, and it feels disrespectul not to watch it, you know? So I did and enjoyed it, both the story and playing 'hey, it's that guy'. I'm knackered now, though. The lack of sleep, it burns.

Oh, I forgot to mention White Collar. Was about to launch into a review last week but got interrupted, as always. It'd had been rec'd by a few on the old flist and so when I saw a promo I thought, well, I was stunned I didn't have to wait a decade to see it (like Band of Brothers) and I felt, since I had been granted this boon, I had better bloody watch it. So I did. It's cute. Another does what it says on the tin show, it's not difficult, but I'm not in the mood for difficult of late (evidenced my my watching more Fox8 than SBS or Showcase, oh dear) and I thought it was fun, though not quite as snappy as I'd hoped (even the mainstream press had bigged up the bromance and, while cute, I've seen better). But yeah, I liked it. I think if I'd written this on Thursday I would have been far more glowing, but I did enjoy myself and happily watched it through to the very end (it was a wee bit late for a double episode). It was a bit contrived (lookit, it's TV's Diahann Carroll) but never mind, it is like that old Robert Wagner show I have no memory of ever watching but must have, with a Burn Notice campy silliness. Yeah, I liked it, the bit o'fluff is cute and I like Tim DeKay (hey, it's that guy, times ten).

They're also repeating Robin Hood, the show that makes Seeker look magnificent. For starters, soldiers wearing knitting when everyone else is wearing mail on tv these days? One could ponder upon the politics of Britain where the Tories are the Sheriff in the 80s, but New Labour the Sheriff in the Naughties, and could they be any more clunky with the political analogies. Yes, wars in foreign lands and an unpopular establishment, we get it. It's not that I prefer the Tories as the bad guys (though there is that whole Coupling you're the Empire now thing going on), it's just that the latest version of Robin Hood did it with such a jarring lack of style. It's a show that suffers from numerous flaws, and it's so obvious that nobody was on the same page. I mean, someone went to a great deal of trouble to give us squiggly Norman arches and horn windows, but the costumes were laughable, and downright awful in a great many cases. Then there were the weak scripts, less able actors and poor, perfectly good actors struggling with what they were given. Worse, the show was never given a chance to grow, the way good shows seemlessly bring to the fore characters that are interesting and drop others, even if they are meant to be important, if they're not firing on all cylinders. US shows do this, Robin Hood should have done this, but no, bad actor after bad actor hogging the limelight and while bad panto and overt political commentary is part of the Robin Hood tradition, I dunno, I just always expected more, and damn it, the show had a promise that was never realised. Everytime it touched on the show it could have been it was sent tumbling down those snakes by TPTB. At least, that's the way it seemed to me. And damn it, if those moments didn't keep me hanging on (in vain, as it turned out, which is perhaps why I'm still angry at how they squandered a perfectly good chance to do something grand).

At least Richard Armitage, somehow, managed to pull his arse out of the fire and parachute into good old Spooks. A better career save you will never see. And Sam Troughton is touring with the RSC. And Jonas is doing cheap, crap American horror flicks. Hmmm.

But I tell ya, it was the comedy F Troop soldiers in knitted jumpers that always put me off. You know instantly whether people care about a project, and knitting might have passed in days when budgets were small and tellies smaller, but no longer. It smacks of a lack of care and commitment. What can I say, I knew Merlin and the Seeker would at least try and do it properly, just because they'd gone to the bother of getting chain mail. The devil is in the detail, my friends. And while I've only seen one episode of the Seeker, it didn't suck (how could it? Bruce Spence, naked, with a chicken - sporfle).

Btw, Bradley and Colin so need their own show. I mean, yes, Merlin, but on the basis of their road trip, they need a side project. Anything, really, they just should have a show. That's all I'm saying. Because they make me cry with laughter (see below). Once more, it's the sound of the 80s that is the cause of such mirth amd merriment. For a decade that's associated with greed, it's a giver.

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