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The jacarandas are out. I love purple trees. Purple trees are all right by me. Even my poor wee tree is out, not that I rever get to see it, banished to the back and hidden by other, uglier trees as it was the SOP at the time. So I can't see it, but I can see the fall of purple flowers. I love you, spindly purple tree.

Of course I really miss the big one that used to stand proud on the corner until illegally chopped down at midnight, the parent of my dear tree. That was some tree. Sigh.

Meanwhile, I am looking exactly like the clown everyone thinks I am, as I accidentally picked a bright crimson shirt to go with my black skirt with the russet pinstripes instead of my russet shirt (I look like I'm at fours and tens, if you grew up with Cuisenaire rods). Curse you, low energy bulbs wot means I can never see a bloody thing, ever. Curse you and your maker and the bastards who made it illegal to buy proper lights that let me actually see what I'm doing. A festering pox on you all. Peoples is laughing and pointing.

Except the guy who waters the rented office plants. He liked the photos I have stuck above my desk. At least they got noticed once before they have to come down (yes, on the move again, but this time just within the same building, not to another building or city). Sigh.

Meanwhile, house falling apart: this morning the hook on the back of the bathroom door decided to chuck everything on the floor, twice, before leaping to its doom. lLst evening I noticed the rain had peeled all the paint from my window in one fell swoop (the parched wood had warped, I assume) and my beloved pepper tree is dying. The bathroom is in a state, the lounge a stye, the kitchen lino is curling up everywhere, still haven't got the fence done, the rain has sprouted grass everywhere but the lawn, the back light still doesn't work, the birds have ripped the upstairs flyscreens to shreds, there are rats in the roof again, the gutters need fixing, next door's rennovations have put a massive crater like crack through our concrete front porch, the front gate has been knocked nearly sideways by some anonymous motorist reversing in our driveway, I still haven't got a water tank...

When am I supposed to get this stuff done? Sigh.

TV? Ha! Take last night. After getting home late, and being in trouble for it, I spent the night atoning by scrubbing the bathroom, but doing a very poor job of it because I can't effing see with those piddling half candle energy saving bulbs, so I gave up and decided to watch back the Merlin I'd tried to download, only to discover I'd only actually managed to get 2 and 5, the rest must have crapped out, which was a waste of a Sunday. Then, the dvd player decided it couldn't recognise the files (it had no problem last year but is clearly now out of date). Okay, so I'll watch back the eppy of Red Cap I'd taped the other night because it was full of known actors. Nope, it crapped out about ten minutes before the murderer was revealed - I've been having dire probs with Foxtel all week. So pretty much all the progs I'd set to watch back later had failed. I did see Wuthering Heights, which I wasn't expecting much of it, so I found it tolerable. It did have Burn Gorman in it though, yikes. Not even Egg could redeem that.

Funny things? Aside from looking like a crimson and russet walking nightmare? Not so much. Birds hate me, possums hate me. I found a poor wet wee possum on the tree when I went to hang out the seed bell on Monday, looking like a drowned rat with those big stary marsupial eyes. Wonder why he was out after sun up? Hmmm. In any case it the seed turned to porridge in the rain, which was all my fault, of course (and those birds can be so vindictive). Planted some apple cores because I'm desperate for an orchard but, lacking a car, can't get to any nursery. It probably won't work but I'm ever the optimist, stupidly so, but I forget my last desperate grab at putting a positive spin on things, but trust me, it was bitterly sad. It was one of those things going wrong where I tried to shrug and say it didn't matter (without really convincing anyone).

Everyone else is going to Halloween parties but I find myself staring down the bleak abyss of a lonely night in and a cuppa in front of Midsomer Murders (unless I decide to get down on my hands and knees amongst the hairballs in the bathroom again). I find myself really resenting the times I was made to work overtime back when I used to have party invites. I should have bought those plastic heads I saw in the $2 shop and bought myself a bag of jelly snakes and settle in front of a select dvd programme of suitably scary viewing. It's not too late for the snakes and dvds...any suggestions?

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