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Friday: look at the wallaby
The work situation is still all topsy turvey. One thing I'd like to know is: where in the manager's manual does it say if a team is happy and
productive and creative, break them up? I don't make friends often or easily at work, but whenever I manage a good if not great working relationship with one or several members of my team, they break us up? Where is the sense? It's much hard work to mesh work practices, why ruin it? Two years of work, down the drain. (see, I might have well have just watched tv, for all the good it did me, slaving all those hours).

Oh well, at last I've scored co-worker and I tickets to an X-men premiere (not the stars one, the one where they shove fans and some press into a room to the press can report that the audience was at least
enthusiastic). Our last hurrah.

I wish I could write like other people who just churn fics out, but I suspect they don't have punishing day jobs or houses to keep a step
ahead of being swallowed entirely by chaos. Strangely, I want to craft this one I'm working on. Usually I just get bored and post it, whatever state it's in. Alas, people prefer the stories I write in three days to the ones I worry over for weeks. Oh dear...

The E! crew seem vastly tickled with Colin's candidness. At least Colin's doing wonders for Australian actors. Everyone used to think Heath was a cranky uptight interviewee but now we know the poor boy was just trying not to say fuck a lot. Released from his verbal prison he's just being charming and himself and he looks so much happier in interviews these days. Roll on the Farrell Revolution. Besides, somebody needs to take a stand against Orwellian censorship.

Speaking of Heath et al, I'm still not sure I really liked Ned Kelly, though maybe even I was going huh a lot as things are glossed over without proper explanation for newbies, Rachel Griffiths is dreadful but mercifully brief in appearance and the constant inserts of wildlife footage I found distracting from the narrative, especially as we cut from high dramatic moment to two lorikeets on a tree doing the old "if I said yoou had a beautiful body would you hold it against me?" thang. Maybe it's because I can read lorikeets too well these days, but it was a big what the fuck
moment for me. They also whimped out at the end but I guess they didn't want to traumatise the teenaged girl audience.

ASIDE from that, Heath, Orlando and Joel et al are excellent and there are a few great moments. Could have been better. The best version of the Kelly story is a mini-series made in 1980 that had the luxury of time to cover all the aspects in sufficient death, because the Ned story has a lot going on, poverty, rebellion, class struggle, corruption, prejudice, larrikin humour, Australian spirit, family values, Irish issues (a whole chapter or two in itself), racism, betrayal, loyalty, class values, the politics of empire - that last at least makes it contemporary for Americans and their imperial ambitions. So many issues makes the legend endure, with something for everyone. Simple western, crime and punishment, or poverty driven rebellion at the very edge of empire?

They at least manage to touch on all those issues, though this makes
the movie more of a sampler of Colonial Victoria. They should have picked one or three themes and stuck with them, imho.

Oh, and you get extra points if you can recognise at least ten native birds in the sound mix :D - though the bush can be that noisy. Certainly my backyard is noisier - ten times a Tarzan film because we've got ten times the birds in the soundscape :)

At least the kangaroo wasn't talking, grizzles Bro. "What's that, Skip? Dan's fallen down a well?" - oh dear lord, no.

Re Angel, Connor & Cordy just makes me go ick. Maybe because they have the chemistry of housebricks. If I believed, it wouldn't make me feel the need to scrub quite so bad. Connor is a good actor but Cordy has always sucked. Catty comments, yes. Anything more, no.

Of course I watch the show through my Wes goggles. I kept telling people wait'll you see Wes unload all that inner angst, then you'll see. At last, I'm vindicated, though there was a moment of
this Wes in S3 Buffy, when he was willing to hand over Willow (he was right of course, thinking big picture, needs of the many, etc). Just for a moment he stood up to all of them. I squealed when he got out the shotgun last episode, though. There's my bad boy.

Can't wait to see Buffy's face when she finds out about Jnr (snigger).

Crap. I've got to go change the Department's name on every friggin' page in the intranet and internet. Fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck. Oh well, that'll keep me off the streets for a while.

Stargate: The Fifth Race. Consider if you will the first good, long, real up close and personal high definition look the Asgard ever get of Jack O'Neill. Yep, I'm talking that, long, lingering, loving arse shot of our boy. If not the most magnificent arse shot of Jack in the series then certainly the one of almost uncomfortable duration as the camera just hangs there, hovering over Jack's prone form. It's almost pornographic. And then he starts wiggling. Somebody save this as a vid clip for me - grin.

I gotta say though, Daniel's excuse about staying behind to because he's the only one who can communicate with Jack? What, flipping through a dictionary and the odd bit of mime? Come on, who hasn't managed that in their travels? Yep, highly praised linguistic skills, our Doctor Jackson. We all know why he really hung around though. This episode is home to some classic scenes, least of all the "Did not" "Did too" argument, which shows us just how very professional Earth's frontline of defence are. Our lives in their hands, people. Be afraid, be very afraid.

  • Not in Our Name

    Friends of Dorothy:
    Ran into one of the few other women who work on this floor in my little coffee/loo circuit (I know, this close to the red zone I shoulkd be having soothing tea but I have mega projects to it's jittery coffee time. Besides, I was craving it - probably not a good sign). Anyways, she's quite nice but I'm so intimidated by her. We're standing in the mirror and she looks like Galadrial, and I look like Gimli. It's not good. It's not good at all.

    If that wasn't bad enough, the other week when I was coming home from the city two gay guys on the seat behind me were deconstructing me in the harshest possible terms, when at last they decided my saving grace, my only saving grace, were my glases. They thought they were cute. Worse, this isn't the first, or second time this has been said to me. In those 60s fims, women are always cute, but they'd be better without their glases. With me, my glasses are the only thing I've got going, apparently. Oh, wail, oh gnash, oh throw myself under a train.

    I mean, really, whatever happened to a man appreciating a woman for her ability to strangle a chicken? Speaking of which, loving those Brooks boys on Frontier House. Nate just won me over practicising not bashing his new bride's head into the door frame when he carries her over the threshold. Nate Brooks, I salute you. So there is one hertrosexual male out there who doesn't aspire to the sophistication of a baboon, afterall. It gives me hope.

    Not that I ever get anything more low rent Jay and Silent Bob clones. Yes, I said low rent. Speaking of which, we rented Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back and nearly peed ourselves laughing (the three cups of French Roast didn't help, sorry, Belgium Roast for my Orwellian American friends and if truly believed in free trade like you say you do you'd know the EU doesn't let you call things French if you roast, fry or toast them outside France, anyway, dimwads). Oh, it was so, so undergraduate and it took me alarmingly back to my twenties (qv clones) and Marc Blucas makes a much better Fred than Mr Buffy anyway, so there. I'll never be able to watch Faith again without thinking PVC and the Obi Wan pisstake was priceless. Happy, brainless fun.

    Oooh, a toot! alerts me to the fact a steam train is passing underneath my window. Too cool. I've have this view of the railroad since September and I've never seen a steam engine chooof past before. Too cool. My trainspotting day is now complete.

    In between chasing up medical certificates lost by my dept, and I have a brand new cold, thanks, as I spent all Saturday morning in this pursuit, and all Saturday afternoon and evening sneezing my brains out, I did manage some tv.

    First up was Reign of Fire on dvd. I was in the mood for something grim and British and this was at least set in Britain, though you wouldn't know from the sparse locations. All the money went on the dragons and it was money well spent. Whoo, mean looking dragons. I heard this wasn't good but the dragons sure made me jump. Okay, so there wasn't much of a plot besides dragonslaying, but that's hardly the point, is it. It is what it is, and I rather liked it. Plus bonus points for Christian Bale and Alexander Siddig.

    Then it was catching up on a week's worth of telly. First up was Angel, following on from the last episode. Angel is pissy at Cordy and Connor, Gunn is still pissy at Wes and Wes breaks up with Lilah, though of all of them, and here's the rub, they have the most honest and caring and tender relationship of all of them. Strange but true. Fred forgives Gunn for murder but they still won't forgive Wes for trying to save Connor (twice now). Shitbags. Wes was coolness throughout and at least I know why Gavin is in 24 now. Poor Gavin, what a way to go. The zombies were over egging the pudding a little, but like I can talk.

    Enterprise followed on from its previous episode too, with a rather palid baited hook/bodysnatchers story and if you couldn't see how that was going to play out exactly you obviously don't own a tv set. Only the occassional flashes of humour the actors bring to the characters saves this series. It was like a bad episode of Blakes 7, and I'm not a B7 fan, no matter how I've tried over the last 20 years. Watch it, yes, especially when there was bugger else on tv. Love it, no.

    Andromeda: spot the Aussie: one of the Mandylor brothers (I honestly forget which one and could care less). The old evil ex-boyfriend episode. Yawn, and he's a ways to go before...well, lets not go there, but the augmentary surgery was close - snigger. Cute 'how we adopted Harper' flashbacks though.

    Smallville: yes, Lex and Clark, having a bit of a falling out alas, though Clark has a hide accusing Lex of lying. Since when has Clark ever been honest? At least Lex wasn't going to let little things like his possible inheritance, important business matters or a little teenaged pissiness keep him from the side of his best riend. Aw...too bad we know it's a doomed relationship. Just when Lex finally earns future Dad-in-Law's respect by killing somebody too, shucks. Clark, hardly likeable in this episode, also dumps on Chloe and Lana (he'd probably dump on Pete too if he'd noticed he was there). Poor Jonathan unloads all his parental angst onto Evil Journalist (really, was that wise, no, obviously not) - the poor man needs to start a tree hugging support group with Mr Evans from Roswell (I love my gay alien son!) and at least the green rocks only featured in a minor actually part of the plot role. Applaud their restraint. Yes, EC9 is still hacking the episodes to pieces again, but I suspect the missing scenes I want (eg the boys in the dark woods together) are only available in fan fic anyway (urls in an email si vous plais).

    Sunday: Weeding, washing and writing reports. At least writing the report gave me a good excuse to curl up in my room, and sneak peeks at Big Trouble in Little China, Lost Worlds (no, not the one with dinosaurs, the doco that reminds us that Daniel Jackson's diffusionist views on ancient cultures are racist) and Ian parroting on in the Pilot Guides.

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