mockturtle (hellblazer06) wrote,

same old, same old

Just read this in The Times: New jail ships as Blunkett runs out of cells. I wonder where they're going to send their convicts after they run out of ships. Here? Again? Oh well, it's interesting to here the convicts on the ships described as low risk. Being descended from same it does prove the theory that they did send out the lesser cases for the world's biggest community service project. I'm proud of my ancestors. They were city slum dwellers sent out here where the wood was too hard for any of the saws or axes they'd brought with them and the soil too poor and hard for crops and yet they made a bustling port town in 40 years. You want Survivor, just look at what my ancestors had to go through.

Re yesterday, She has decided not to get a new modern washing machine because she doesn't understand anything with buttons or knobs and we'd have to get a plumber out because the laundry only has the one tap for the tub as it is. Arrrgh. So I'll still be washing everything by hand, wringing it out and then hanging it up. It takes hours. And it's so cold in winter (yes, no hot water allowed).A proper machine could do it all in 40 mins. Arrrgh. Ditto dishwasher, vacuum cleaner.

And then I'll get in trouble for not checking that all the Ewan pictures went up because I did it late at night, the line was so slow and I was so tired and cold...

Okay, on with getting these templates done. Too bad about my Ezra fic.



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