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Last week: Is raining and the server has eaten pretty much a week's worth of work, again, but yesterday was sunshine and sushi in the park. Yep, my exile was reprieved for a day and I had lunch in the park with a friend. That was nice.

That's pretty much it. It's been an austerity menu at home, but tv has been more welcoming. Ashes to Ashes re-introduced several serious earworms, the bastards. The plot wasn't much chop and poor Mr Millson looked as seedy as could be but it's Ashes, what are you going to do?

True Blood had a sufficient (just) level of Swedish vampire, and from the local press I'm not the only one watching solely for tLA. Oh, and I've finally twigged that Beel was Jack in Ultraviolet. For some reason this has amused me so much it even popped up in my dreams. Maybe because there's an unfinished Ultraviolet fic sitting on a long forgotten disk somewhere. Okay, so now he has my attention. Bit of form in the old fang department, Mr Moyer?

Is it weird to have prior form with an actor, like sloppy slashy seconds, you know, you've slashed them once, ages and ages ago, and suddenly they turn up as one half of a pair you're currently having not right thoughts about? Just me? Oh well. Man, I really wanted to write that Ultraviolet fic. Oh well, any excuse to blow the dust off my dvd box set. Crap, where is my box set? Last time I saw it, it was sitting high on a table that isn't in my room any more. Crap, crap, crap.

So yeah, suddenly remembering I have form with Mr Moyer. Of course that was him. Oh dear.

Also watched the volcano day episode of Dr Who, but more about that later (like in another post).

Meanwhile, the old fragile self esteem, never a wholesome creature at the best of times, took a definite serve last week. It was another rough week, workwise (see shitty server and how it's all my fault). Anyways, decided to drown sorrows so I trotted into the local bottle shop and asked for their best Margaret River white.

"Oh, we have one, madam", sniffed the shop clerk. "But it's $23 and you can't afford that. There's a twelve Here, have this $7 bottle of possum piss. Some people are quite happy with that."

So there I was, in my best designer office ensemble, being told I couldn't afford a $23 bottle of plonk. And bloody oath, I've grizzled ever since. A hit, sir, a palable hit. And this in a shop where the rest of the clientele were in grubby blue singlets and footy socks. Humiliated much?

See if I ever buy my twelve year old scotch from them again. Bastards. Oh yeah, did I tell you I've invented Scottish hot chocolate? One big spoon of Ghirardelli drinking chocolate and a dash of Glenfiddich. Magic. (Waves to my SF based pals).

More later (probably much later) as the internets went bung and then I ended up doing two exhibitios, two festivals and two cities in four days. Phew. Can it be sleepy time now?

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