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Thanks to sleeper_frost as always, but especially this week.

Arts celebrities join fight against asylum seeker benefit cuts (Isaacs)

"Murdoch Mysteries" (Craig)

Michael Gambon bows out of Alan Bennett's The Habit of Art

Q&A: David Oyelowo

New Poster and Images from BOONDOCK SAINTS II: ALL SAINTS DAY (Connolly)

Casualty to take on The X Factor in one-off move to Sunday

Picspam: Room With A View (Fox)

Cairo Time (Siddig)

TV ratings: Doc Martin boots out Emma adaptation

'Nine' and 'A Single Man' slated for December (Firth)

Tom Wilkinson and Camille Belle Hang Out AFTER THE WEDDING

The Domestic Trailer for Me and Orson Welles (Christian McKay, Ben Chaplin)

New stills from 'The Continuing And Lamentable Saga Of The Suicide Brothers' (Friend)

"The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus" UK Premiere - Inside Arrivals (Hollander)

Winstone etc

Connery 'refused to quit drinking'

'Grey's Anatomy': Paranoid schizophrenic meets paranoid residents (McKidd)

David Suchet Stars in All My Sons Revival???

Inherit the Wind, with Spacey and Troughton, Opens in London Oct. 1

'The Hobbit' is Safe ... for Now

New clip from Bunny and the Bull (Barratt, Fielding)

John Cleese launches his How to Finance Your Divorce tour

Stratford Actor Douglas Campbell dies

Corrie star Craig Kelly ready for Strictly debut

Jamie Campbell Bower: "I'm not prepared for something like Twilight"

Hobbit reunion! (Boyd)


Sean Bean regular at trendy Newcastle store

Jane Tennison and Gene Hunt turn down dinner with real detectives (Glenister)

Criminal Justice - Abuse in the system (Macfadyen)

You can't slag off the leading lady when she's your wife, reveals Hollywood star Paul Bettany

THE LAST STATION Movie Clip with James McAvoy & Helen Mirren


Actor Paul McGann criticises TV drama as ‘samey’

Actor 'frostbitten' on Roman film (Clarke)

Doctor Who star John Barrowman dresses as a lady - see pics - and more in's Monday gossip round-up

'He's a natural': Torchwood star John Barrowman delights audiences as he takes to the West End in drag

I'd do... ANYTHING

Barrowman Wants Wife

1st Night TV: Barrowman's Back on Song in Cage

1st Night Photos: Stars Out to Judge Barrowman

Latest Casting for John Landis' 'Burke and Hare'

Opening: Barrowman in Cage

Doctor Who's new assistant Karen Gillan shows off her long legs in sexy policewoman's outfit

Doctor Who's new assistant Karen Gillan is arresting sight in police outfit

Under the Radar magazine interview

Dr Who: new logo unveiled

Dr Who logos and the actors that played the part over the last 46 years

New Doctor Who logo for Matt Smith's Time Lord

In pictures: Doctor Who in the Sarah Jane Adventures

New Doctor Who logo is revealed: See it here

In pictures: How Doctor Who logo has regenerated down the years

Fans to redesign Tardis console

Live in Studio 5! John Barrowman - in a frock! caps!

Who is getting serious, Doctor? David Tennant and young girlfriend join celebs at theatre

David Tennant on THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES First Look (Photos)

David Tennant and his girlfriend Georgia Moffett support their pal (Simm)

Iron Man 2 Photo, Predators Casting, Crazy Doctor Who And Lost Set Reports, And Action-Packed Caprica Footage!

Doctor Ow! Trademark Tool Burns Time Lord


Clip from Doctor Who Series 5 Filming

Still No Eyebrows: New Spoilerific Photos from DW Series 5

New Doctor Who Set Pics Are Arresting, Thrilling

New Doctor Who logo revealed!

La Cage aux Folles London cast change! (Barrowman)

R.I.P. Barry Letts, The Man Who Made Doctor Who Transcendental


'Brilliant send off' for David Tennant's Dr Who says John Simm

Dr Who send-off for David Tennant

Dr Who end a 'brilliant send-off'

Simm: Working on 'Who' was 'such fun'

Men are from Mars in Speaking in Tongues;jsessionid=B4B684D6A70ADA3D618D197BB7D56135

Speaking in Tongues

1st Night Photos: Simm Sets Tongues Wagging

Review Round-up: Simm Twists Tongues & Minds

A fine ensemble production that leaves you lost in thought

Review Round-up: Simm Twists Tongues & Minds

Speaking in Tongues, Duke of York's Theatre, London


Hugh Jackman, Daniel Craig sell out on Broadway

Craig, Jackman shine in 'Steady Rain'

Weedy men attractive? I'll take a hunk like Daniel Craig any day

Hugh Jackman, Daniel Craig hailed for 'A Steady Rain'

Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman's Steady Rain is a fair cop

Daniel Craig play has opening night

Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman's showstopping performance an internet hit

Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig in Broadway phone rage incident

Serious Entertainment, Chicago-Style

A starry evening with Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig

Celebs sign up for 'Courage' (Craig)

Updated: Fox Not Acquiring Distribution Rights for James Bond Franchise

Liz Smith: Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman – Hot in the City

Craig and Jackman: Shaken and stirred

Fans' screams can be heard clear across Uptown. Or across a New York street.

Craig & Jackman Struggle to Stay Steady???


ENRON And SPRING AWAKENING Garner U.K.'s TMA Nominations

TMA Announces 2009 Regional Theatre Nominees

Enron's fall takes the stage: A searing new play about the scandal is London's latest hit. Theatre Review.

Electrifying Enron at the Royal Court

'Enron' set for Broadway bow in April


Clive Owen loves housework

The boys are back

Clive Owen Acts on His Paternal Instincts

Clive Owen and Kanye West visit party thrown by U2 in The Breslin Bar & Restaurant at the Ace Hotel

Clive Owen turns to his inner regular guy

Dads Clive Owen, Scott Hicks chat about 'The Boys Are Back'

A few new stills featuring Clive Owen in The Boys Are Back

Clive Owen on The Ellen Show


Carlyle’s lost in space

SGU Week: Robert Carlyle's 'Stargate Universe' rush

Robert Carlyle on British film

LIKE A BAD MOVIE ; Carlyle Blames Government for UK Film Decline

Stargate: Universe – the new Battlestar Galactica?

Stargate Universe Premiere Overnight Rating Numbers

'Stargate Universe' Opens To Franchise's Best Premiere Since 2005

Next SGU Clip: Carlyle Is Still Bananas And Now Hates Your Dad

A newbie's look at Stargate Universe

Desperate survivors get lost in 'Stargate Universe'

Robert Carlyle: "I’ve had it with British films"

Stargate: Universe

Extensive Portal-Hopping Out on the Final Frontier


Jonny Lee Miller: interview

Photo Preview: Sienna Miller, Jonny Lee Miller and Marin Ireland In AFTER MISS JULIE

Jonny Lee Miller & Sienna Miller: Strollin' With Buster

Jonny Lee Miller has 'no regrets' about short marriage to Angelina Jolie

Emma: episode one

TV Review: Emma

Miller & Miller: West Village Walk

BBC launches Emma adaptation


Nicholas Lyndhurst to star in Only Fools and Horses spin-off

Lyndhurst returns as Rodney's dad

Nicholas Lyndhurst to play Rodney Trotter's dad in Only Fools prequel



Henry Cavill Covers Neo2 Magazine

Henry Cavill behind-the-scenes of Tristan & Isolde.

Dunhill wises up and makes another fragrance (51.3N) just to use HENRY CAVILL for the advertising.

October 2009 issue of NEO2



Two More New Action Photos from Neil Marshall's Centurion

Exclusive: New Centurion Pictures


Ewan McGregor, star of The Men Who Stare at Goats

Ewan McGregor in "Fantastic Man" - Fall//Winter 2009 - scans

Exclusive: Denis Lawson tells of movie debut with nephew Ewan McGregor

Roman Polanski's 'The Ghost' now in jeopardy

McGregor gay film too risque for cinema


BBC’s ‘Primeval’ Saved From Extinction

Primeval Saved from Extinction

Primeval back for more on BBC America, new episodes


Liam Neeson

Exclusive: Clash Of The Titans Pics

'Clash of the Titans': First Look at Zeus and Other Pics

Liam Neeson filling his 'Days'

Neeson To Cameo In Next Three Days

first look at the new a-team

Liam Neeson Knows Where He'll Be For 'The Next Three Days'

Liam Neeson Joins Everyone Else in Paul Haggis' THE NEXT THREE DAYS


Life, death and art….

Grieving Matt Lucas pulls out of West End play after death of ex-partner Kevin McGee


Dominic Cooper Exclusive Video Interview AN EDUCATION

"An Education" New York Premiere (Dominic Cooper)

"An Education" Press Conference

Dominic Cooper Exclusive Video Interview AN EDUCATION

Cooper: 'I regret being a rebel'


Jude Law guilty of 'skulduggery' over his dig at David Tennant's Hamlet

Jude Law: Opening Night And Curtain Call

Jude Law in 'Hamlet': What a Piece of Work

Hamlet reviews

Jude Law: August in October!

Jude Law, Ian McKellen, Alan Cumming, Hair Cast, et. al. Set for Only Make Believe Benefit

Jude Law Takes To The Stage On Broadway

Jude Law Appears On 'The Charlie Rose Show' Tonight, 10/2

Jude Law shows you his 'Poker Face'

JUDY LAW ; DRESSING UP ALL RAGE FOR STAR: Actor Plays Transsexual in New Film

Jude Law's 'Hamlet' Gets RAVE Reviews (PHOTOS)

DNA tests prove Jude Law is father

Jude's the daddy: DNA test proves actor Law IS the father of 24-year-old model's baby

Jude Law is no mama's boy as 'Hamlet'

Ready, Set, Emote: A Race to His Doom

"Hamlet" Broadway Opening Night - Arrivals and Curtain Call

"Hamlet" Broadway Opening Night - After Party

US press reviews: Jude Law's Hamlet

Excellence, thy name is 'Hamlet' on the Broadway stage

Jude Law’s “Hamlet“ Leaves U.S. Critics Skeptical

Jude Law all smiles at Hamlet opening night

PHOTO CALL: Jude Law Opens on Broadway in Hamlet

Jude Law in 'Hamlet' on Broadway: What did the critics think?

Jude Law's Hamlet: a palpable hit on Broadway

Theater review: 'Hamlet' on Broadway

Photos: A Sweaty Jude Law In 'Hamlet'

Jude Law: To Sweat or Not To Sweat


Jude Law's 'Hamlet' - opening night reviews

Jude Law's Hamlet Fails to Impress Broadway Critics


Jude Law crowned prince of Broadway in 'Hamlet'

A 'Hamlet' With Few Surprises


Purefoy, Church, and Strong Join John Carter of Mars

Purefoy and Strong Join John Carter of Mars

Purefoy, Haden Church & Strong For Mars

James Purefoy, Thomas Haden Church and Mark Strong Join John Carter of Mars


An arrow escape (Armstrong)

Keith Allen: confessions of an angry old man

Me, a sex god? Spooks star Richard Armitage on his army of female fans

Spooks: Friends Reunited (Armitage)

Robin Hood: Season 3 fires to DVD in January


The Brits are coming! UK actors storm US TV (Fiennes)

Feeling Strangely Fiennes (Esquire Oct 2009)

5 thoughts on ‘FlashForward’

Monaghan: 'I'll tune in for Lost finale'

'FlashForward': Two D. Gibbons, one conspiracy


Joseph Fiennes...YUM.

FlashForward: season one, episode two


'FlashForward' Episode 1.02: 'White To Play'

‘Flash Forward’ reveals a mixed bag of science fiction

TV ratings: Channel Five's FlashForward debuts with 3.2m

Will FlashForward be the latest US TV import hit?,news,will-flashforward-be-the-latest-us-tv-import-hit

Flash Forward: Preview of Episode 2 "White to Play"

Q&A: 'FlashForward's Dominic Monaghan


"Law Abiding Citizen" Los Angeles Premiere - Red Carpet

"Law Abiding Citizen" Los Angeles Premiere - After Party

Gerard Butler: Elephant Project Proud

"Law Abiding Citizen" Press Conference

Gerard Butler: 'Nice to show butt'

Gerard Butler on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Just One

Gerard Butler is a Voyeur

Gerard Butler in Sin City 2!?

Extended Law Abiding Citizen Clip

9 Movie Clips from LAW ABIDING CITIZEN Starring Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx

Philly Film Fest Boasts Packed Line-Up

Gerard Butler Premieres Law Abiding Citizen

Gerard Butler grabs lunch in LA


Things to watch on TV when you're gay (James, Cooke)

This Week's TV: Merlin spells magical entertainment!

John Hurt to be made BFI fellow

Colin Morgan - portrait in November's SFX magazine [HiRes Scan]

Bradley James Fan

Merlin - German teaser trailer

Merlin - Magical Distraction [preview for 02.04 Lancelot and Guinevere]


"The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus" UK Premiere - Outside Arrivals (Moyer)

Talking Shop: Stephen Moyer

Spoiler chat: Moyer on 'True Blood'

Moyer 'hoping for gay True Blood plot'

True Blood: season one, episode 12

Paquin plans family

Moyer: "I've done a lot of sex stuff"


Michael Sheen Exclusive Video Interview THE DAMNED UNITED

"The Damned United" Press Conference

'Damned United' is pretty darned good,0,6598646.story

Versatile actor Michael Sheen cuts a 'Damned' fine figure

'New Moon' turns Michael Sheen into a vampire

Sheen: 'Alice had a huge impact on me'

Michael Sheen: 'I just love Aro'

Michael Sheen Has A New Generation To Scare With 'New Moon'

Review: The Damned United

Exclusive: The Damned United 's Michael Sheen

Michael Sheen Exclusive Video Interview THE DAMNED UNITED


HUGE NEW PIC of Ben Whishaw + His Emmy nomination + A POETRY ALBUM?!

This is a Ben Whishaw Post

Ben Whishaw Post


Orlando Bloom: Trench Try

Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Boathouse Bunch


'Believe: The Eddie Izzard Story' goes inside the character and the man,0,1887001.story

Izzard, Barr join Showtime comedy series

VIP Screening Of BELIEVE: The Eddie Izzard Story


Must Watch: Terry Gilliam's Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus US Trailer

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus UK premiere

New French 'Dr. Parnassus' Poster Featuring Colin Farrell

all character posters

The Polish press needs to do its homework.


'Harry Potter' star Dan Radcliffe looks for stage success without really trying

Daniel Radcliffe to return to Broadway?

Rupert Grint and Robert Pattinson rumoured to play Prince Harry in new film

Weasley does it: Harry Potter star Rupert Grint, 21, and his £9.2m property empire

DanRad is going back to Broadway

danrad is doing more than crashing weddings.


Stephen Fry and the Y2K bug that failed to bite: radio review

ITV axes Stephen Fry's 'Kingdom'

British Twitter Lord's Email Slip (Fry)

Fry's fears over Tories' anti-gay links

ITV axes Stephen Fry's Kingdom

Stephen Fry saved my life: The touching letter comedian wrote to fellow depression sufferer


Marc Warren's Little Voice diary: Getting into character

Marc Warren's Little Voice diary: Meeting the press


McKellen to star in drama school comedy

Sir Ian McKellen and former Doctor Who team up for mockumentary

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