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red sky in the morning...

Last night we read that Mr Albarn was in the running to do the London Olympics. We immediately imagined an opening ceremony not unlike certain venerable Blur videos with Keith Allen and Matt Lucas being chased about Benny Hill style and we thought yup, that's kinda what we thought London could offer up anyway. Hee.

Anyhoo, it's cleared up now (excellent eerie pictures to follow from the Peanut Gallery, as my poor wee camera died a death in Paris and I've not got a replacement, of all the times, eh?). I dunno what all the gnashing has been about because it only left a thin layer of red dust over everything (and I get worse from the belching factories/refineries/plants out my way) and I kinda liked all my garden paths being rosey hued and if the wind had stopped and dropped instead of heading onwards to Brissie then NZ, we'd be knee deep in drifts so no biggie, imho. I am bemused at all the muddy cars though because it rained the night before (not much, but enough) and then we had the dust and then a baking hot day, so it all stuck and set - giggle.

So, anyways, sorry for spamming you with links n stuff but it was a big weird freaky nature event thing and a little outside the norm (as much as waking up to find the day all black and orange and dark and not being able to see across the road when it's meant to be blue skies and sunshine can be considered, you know, freaky and worthy of comment). To be honest, I'm rather amused at how everyone just gone on with it and trudged into work (my fave pic is the communters at a nearby station o'mine all off to work and none of them bothering to stare up at the crazy orange sky).

It's not like anything else is going on. I've not even watched any tv (exacept for vamp shows: True Blood, Demons and Blood Ties). Oh yeah, and Maverick, sometimes, but lately I've been missing it. I just sorta get home, get some stuff done and go to bed. And going to bed at an hour so early even pensioners point and laugh. What am I? Ninty years old? Still, there is the whole still getting over jet lag/swine flu/restructure/new website/dust storm. I suppose it has been a rough few weeks.

Sat: It's here again. Another dusty morning. Not quite as impressive, though, and I would have been more impressed if it hadn't cleared away by 8:30, thus giving me plenty of time to do the washing. Grump.

Watched some tv. A white jag went over a cliff in The Saint, watched Kev Whately's Who Do You Think You Are (of which the IQ docked the beginning because why would I want to see *that*) and a repeat of Doctor Who, just cause it was on and I was knackered.

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