mockturtle (hellblazer06) wrote,

spiders from mars

I've just been doing a spot of gardening. Sadly it's always more Indiana Jones than Rosemary and Thyme, alas. A spider just dropped off me and crawled across the keyboard and I'm no doubt rocking a Worzel do and I'm scratched to bits by the roses. It's all fun here.

Yeah, a bit sulky. I was feeding birds and thinking how cute they are when one of them evil cats sprang from nowhere and killed one right in front of me. My inner five year old is still going WHARRRGH! and I'm not best pleased about it myself, to be quite frank.

I also didn't get my hoped for trip to the cinema and wasted all of Sunday waiting for the phone to ring. Okay, so I fell asleep waiting for the phone to ring, but the point still stands. Hence the running around like a blue arsed fly today. Didn't make a dent in the to do list, but I tried.

Ah, Roger Moore in Maverick. i might go gets me a cup of tea and go and enjoy that.

As I was at a loose end on Sunday I caught Demons again, Life on Mars and a Simm episode of Dr Who. Despite having its moments, those episodes really annoy me, especially the "Ï do believe in Timelords, I do, I do" ending, but the Superman, Terrahawks and Captain Scarlet ripoffs having me grumping too. Also, who made Dobby Doctor's wee little suit? Not that I want to see a 900 year old Timelord running around naked in that state. Perhaps the Master? On those long winter nights together? And who told the Master about the companion and the time vortex? Don't tell me that whole year spent on Skybase, I mean the Valiant, was spent having to hear about Rose this and Rose that. The poor Master, no wonder he's crackers.

After that it was Mr fry in America, making me all nostalgic for San Francisco and Seattle (hey there!) and then it was Midsomer. Barnarby really is a crap cop, and yet I keep watching. Oh well, who wants challenging tv on Monday eve?

Inglourious Basterds

Santa Landa... (a little bit of Geddy.)

Slash between Gedeon and Til


Jensen & Jared on set


Milo at Fashion Week

PM apology after Turing petition

Merlin/Arthur - Remember me

Trailer "Slashy Merlin" - Merlin/Arthur

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