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I could be happy

Hmmm, how to update the old lj without whining about how miserable I am. Tricky. Let's just take it as read that I'm bloody miserable and being back at work is compounding said misery. Moving on...

At least I know now that if I were sitting in the sun by the river at Hampton Court watching the bees buzz from flower to bobbing flower right now I could be perfectly happy, blissful, even, so long as I was on the other side of the damn planet to those who would grind me down. So it's not me, it's them. That's something, anyway.

TV? Some, but not what you might expect because the jetlag is still biting hard so I'm either watching stuff back later (and never finding out who murdered who and why because the shows always start anything from 5 to 55 minutes later than the damn guide says, and that's checking the electronic guide before I go and crash. Grump), not watching at all tv shows I promised to watch, and watching guilty secret crap at midday like Blood Ties (nothing like a cheap Canadian vampire show when you're home with the flu). Ah yes, Blood Ties and a vegemite sandwich, oh how I miss you.

Also erractically watching the Sarah Connor Chronicles although as I only caught one episode out of three it made little sense but I liked some of the ideas it toyed with. I'd like to get it and watch it properly, but I'm half worried my feverish flu goggles version was more fun.

Caught up on the end of the Tudors S3. Was it just me, did I miss something, or was that a short season? Oh well, Henry le magnifique, as the lovely Froggy mag I found at Gare du Nord declared (yes, scans as soon as I'm upright properly). Cue swooning and unseemly drooling over Mr Cavill and his broodfest. It was ta ta to Mr Frain and I gloated for about ten seconds until I was brutually reminded that now I'd have to keep track of post Tudors projects for Frau Frain Fan, she of the brusque emails tsking my inability to find sufficient Frain news for her reading pleasure.

Which brings me to another point, and to spare any others from the shock and horror of discovering that the League is not put together by an entire floor of severe secretaries in stilletos and pencil skirts like some Mad Men fantasy, but it just me in my grubby trackie daks and ugg boots on a Saturday morning (I can't speak for sleeper_frost's sartorial savoir faire, however). There, illusion shattered. Moving on...

Top Gear is back on telly. Yes, old episodes to the rest of you but I don't care, very hilarious, and for some reason they seem to have upped the hoyay content, Mr Fry's spot on cruising notwithstanding. Never mind, the 1949 race was a hoot.

What else? Demons is on SciFi and I must confess I've been watching that more than Ashes to Ashes. Mainly because it's on earlier, but mostly because I'm shameless. Burn Notice was on for a couple of episodes, then gone again, which was a pity because it took me a few episodes to get back into it again. Have been watching old Supernaturals on Fox8 and enjoying them, so it's the show's crappy arc that is annoying me, and I still love the show it used to be. Because, man, I've been loving the old repeats. George Gently has been on, series one and two. Not sure I like Mr Ingleby's Beatle hair, and the plot was very much the Case of the Obvious Mystery but never mind. At least Mr Shaw looks less grumpy that he usually appears, though I note the days when Mr Shaw could fit into those jeans are long since past. I watched back a block of them on Sunday arvo while I sorted the recycling.

Midsomer's been on, but I haven't caught that at all, ditto a brace of other shows I dare not mention. Did catch some of Law & Order UK, even the one with Mr Pertwee (oh dear, L&O guest spots now?) and I don't mind it. And it's a good thing they are anglicising old familiar plots because no matter how much leeway I give, the bloody show always starts five minutes later still. Grump. Still, it's kind of tried and true and while others might reasonably rail against reheated old episodes and cookie cutter formats etc, I found the familiarity of the odd mashup of my two fave cop genres quietly soothing to my poor flu muddled self. Plus I like most of the actors, I like looking at London, I like spotting the guest stars and giggling over how the old plots are updated and Britishfied. It does me well enough for watching while stretched out on a soggy tissue strewn sofa.

Other than that? Lots of Antiques Roadshow and other pensionable fare because it's soothing and nobody shouts or blows stuff up (nerves seem to be a bit raw and jangly at the mo'). Housework is the bare minimum (and probably not even that) and I tried weeding in the garden the other day but had to stop because the garden started washing up and down in gentle waves and I thought it probably shouldn't be doing that. Pity because it's thistle city down by the back fence right now. Anyone got any good recipes for thistles or dandelions?

Still, it refuses to rain properly, even with last night's storm (which I managed to work through, thank you wireless tech) so I suspect even the weeds will find it hard going shortly. Pity, because my wee azalea walk is looking absolutely smashing for once, with all the surviving azaleas out in a most glorious fashion (startling too as many had not flowered in years so I had no idea they were so pretty).

That's it really. Still having problems with the telco and fence but I'm putting them off until I'm back on my feet properly, because if my work today is any indication, I'm not up for slippery customers. The poor brain is just porridge right now. Hence the comfort tv and soft reading choices. Run, Spot, run.

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