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Roll up! Roll up! This week it's all about the Comic Con circus, with just about everyone out there performing like the tumblers of old, trying to entice the paying public into their travelling shows. Out touting included Michael Fassbender, Paul Bettany, Dominic Monaghan, Robert Carlyle, David Tennant, John Barrowman, Stephen Moyer, Aidan Turner, Russell Tovey...every man and his dog, in other words. In other news, Ioan Gruffudd and Jude Law and in the club, so to speak, Hugh Dancy has a new flick out, Desperate Romantics takes a bit of a ratings dip, Jonas Armstrong proves to be twice as popular on another show and Bill Nighy remains bemused by his superstar status.

Thanks to sleeper_frost for the link collecting!

This Life legend Jack Davenport back on our screens

Ralph Fiennes in Chad

ITV unveils autumn schedule

Top TV shows of the noughties

More set pics from London Boulevard (Farrell)

No-one recognised me in my comeback as Slug but I'm still a slimeball, says Corrie star Marshall Lancaster

Will Taggart come to an end?

Clive Owen Talks Duplicity

Tom Hardy-man's girlfriend tears him off a strip

Dorian Gray : Teaser Trailer (Firth)

New images from Stallone's 'The Expendables' (Statham)

Simon Pegg's book pushed back to 2010


Dominic Cooper: Dodgy Dave comes knocking

Video - The Guide: Love Lies Bleeding (Kemp)

Why Did NBC's 'Kings' Fail? (Or Not) (McShane)

Batman 3 shooting in 2010: Oldman

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje Might Be Marvel's Black Panther?


Pick Of The Day: The Street - BBC1, 9pm (Armstrong)

Armstrong's 'Street' appearance draws 4.4m


Arts & Leisure Preview: Hugh Dancy

Love Interest Breaks Type, Uses Brain (Dancy)

Review: 'Adam',0,7038955.story

New York Moves Presents The 2009 Design Issue

The Cinema Society And Brooks Brothers Host A Screening Of "Adam" - Arrivals

review of Adam: Desire and Disability: An Engineer's Inner Battle (Dancy)

The Cinema Society And Brooks Brothers Host A Screening Of "Adam" - After Party

Review: 'Adam',0,2699739.story

Hugh Dancy and Rose Byrne are two of a kind,0,6045563.story


The new supernatural 'Being Human' is a Saturday TV pick (Tovey, Turner)

Friendship, Thicker Than Blood

Oh Brotherhood, where are thou?

A date with Desperate Romantics

Live: 'Being Human' panel at Comic-Con

Razorlight with a paintbrush

Dante's pique

Desperate Romantics - BBC2/BBC HD, 9pm

It's desperate all right, but is it art?

Desperate Romantics

BBC2 drama Desperate Romantics on icons among Pre-Raphaelites

Desperate Romantics: picture perfect in art of love

Desperate Romantics: a Bit Too… Desperate?

The Desperate Romantics' muses pose problems in episode two

TV ratings: Desperate Romantics jilted by 500,000 viewers on second episode


In the Loop (2008)

What’s So Funny About War?

Review: 'In the Loop' and out of touch with war

In the Loop

In the Loop: Stinging Strangelovean Satire,8599,1912854,00.html

Exclusive: Armando Iannucci Keeps Us In the Loop


Comic-Con: Get a Taste of the Rest True Blood's Season

TB Spoiler

Comic-Con: True Blood Q&A

Comic-Con video: 'True Blood' love triangle ignites!

True Blood season one, episode two: The First Taste

"True Blood" Press Conference

'True Blood' Vamps Revealed

Anna & Stephen Visit Sea World

Anna Paquin & Stephen Moyer: Bloody Birthday


"Torchwood"'s Russell T Davies on Day 4's shocking plot twist

David Tennant and John Barrowman Kiss @ SDCC:

An amazing run-in at Comic Con! (Tennant)

David Tennant Tells Us Why His Doctor's So Sorry, And What's To Come

David Tennant: I may return as Dr Who

Comic Con 09 - Day 4

Doctor Who And The End Of Time: Tennant's Last Moments


Tom Baker: 'Doctor Who is an easy role'

Comic-Con: David Tennant Denies 'The Hobbit' Casting Rumor Interview

Wimbledon 2009 - David Tennant

Rolling in the pictures

Doctor Who: Comic-Con highlights

Comic-Con: The Doctor Who, Being Human and Torchwood panels, liveblogged

Live: 'Doctor Who' panel at Comic-Con

John Simm Returns for the Finale!

A gift from Jonathon Ross

Doctor Who named as 'most successful sci-fi show ever'

'Torchwood' Getting a Fourth Season

Comic-Con: 'Doctor Who'

Comic-Con: David Tennant Denies 'The Hobbit' Casting Rumor

Doctor Who And The End Of Time: Tennant's Last Moments

Tennant Bids Farewell to 'Doctor Who' Fans

Live: 'Torchwood' panel at Comic-Con

Fandom Divided Over Look Of Matt Smith's Doctor

David Tennant: I may return as Dr Who

A Doctor Who movie with Zac Efron and John Barrowman!?

Gareth David-Lloyd reflects on "Torchwood" and Being One Half of Janto.

Fifth Gear’s Tiff Needle and actor John Barrowman crash in a Prodrive-prepped Subaru Impreza rally car: Video

STAGE TUBE: John Barrowman In Concert - DVD Sneak Peek

'Doctor Who' honored by Guinness

Burke joins Barrowman in La Cage

David Tennant: I might return to Doctor Who

Ianto ‘memorial’ fund helps Children In Need

David Tennant & John Barrowman Kiss - SD Comic Con '09

Comic-Con 2009: Bask in the Audio Charm of Dr. Who, David Tennant

David Tennant and Julie Gardner discuss final year on Doctor Who

David Tennant kisses co-star

Torchwood star’s marathon effort

Story behind John Barrowman's Fifth Gear crash

They Are Coming - The Torchwood Team Touch Down in Cardiff

Doctor Who: old before his Time Lord?

Torchwood fans flock to Cardiff Bay to see heroes

Doctor Who - first picture on first day of filming

New Doctor Who Matt Smith lands on Welsh beach

David Tennant of 'Doctor Who' the love at Comic-Con

David Tennant: The TV Squad Interview - Comic-Con Report

Fangirl POV Picpam: Partners in Crime

Doctor Vs Predator

David Tennant Tells Us Why His Doctor's So Sorry, And What's To Come

The Doctor in Doc Martens? Yes please

Matt Smith's Doctor Who proves a fashion flop

Comic-Con: The Doctor Who, Being Human and Torchwood panels, liveblogged

Tennant to make Doctor Who comeback?

Live: 'Doctor Who' panel at Comic-Con

Doctor Who : Latest News from Comic-Con


John Simm returns for Doctor Who finale

BBC confirms Simm's 'Who' return

John Simm Takes To The Stage


Jennifer Connelly Kills It At Comic-Con (Bettany)

The Ancient Angel Language on Paul Bettany's Neck, Decoded [Legion]

Comic-Con: Legion Footage Debuts

SDCC: Bettany, Tyrese and Doug Jones Dish 'Legion' Secrets


LEGION Comic Con presentation

SDCC: Stewart and Bettany Talk Priest

Jennifer Connelly Is Unimpressed By Paul Bettany's Good Looks

2009 Comic-Con International - Day 2

SDCC: Bettany, Tyrese and Doug Jones Dish 'Legion' Secrets

PRIEST Movie Poster with Paul Bettany

Comic-Con 2009: Legion Panel Videos of Paul Bettany and Doug Jones


SDCC: Robert Downey Jr. and the Case of the Holmes Watson Love Story

Exclusive: Sherlock Holmes Empire Cover

Law facing legal action over snapper attack

Three New Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus Clips

Law 'to become dad for fourth time

Jude Law to be dad again

Jude Law to be father again: statement

Jude Law to Be a Father for Fourth Time

Law in snapper row

Is an unknown actress the mother? Jude Law refuses to name woman carrying his child

Robert Downey Jr. jokes Jude Law's "stache" in Sherlock Holmes at Comic-Con

Sherlock Holmes, 9, and District 9 - Comic Con Friday Highlights

SDCC: What Warner Brothers Wants You To Watch

Jude Law as Dr. Watson

Woman Smacked By Long Arm of Jude Law

Police set to quiz Jude Law over attack on female photographer

Jude Law socked with official complaint after hitting photographer Harsha Gopal in face in London

The power and pull of Jude Law

Actor Law to become father again

Jude Law expects fourth child

Report: Law Insisted On DNA Test Before Announcing Baby News

Jude Law to welcome fourth child with mystery woman in autumn

Jude Law Knocks Up Rachel's Sister?

Samantha Burke -- Jude Law's Baby Mama

Brilliantine Mortality


Comic-Con: Sneak Peak at David Goyer's New ABC Series, FlashForward; Dominic Monagan Joins Cast

Dominic Monaghan On Charlie's Return To Lost: Will It Ever Happen? [Exclusive]


It's Official: Dominic Monaghan Joins 'Flash Forward'

Dominic Monaghan Sums Up FlashForward: "Head F-k!"

‘FlashForward’ Is ABC’s Most Anticipated New Show

Dominic Monaghan joins 'FlashForward'

Dominic Monaghan in Flash Forward - Theo Procopides?

Monaghan confirmed for 'FlashForward'


Comic Con: 9 Minutes of AMC's The Prisoner Released

Prisoner Writer Explains Why Our New Paranoia Is Different

The Prisoner previewed in San Diego

Q&A: Sir Ian McKellen Takes On The Prisoner’s Number One Tormenter

Meet Rover 2.0: Your First Look At The Prisoner's New Killer Beach Ball


Comic con portraits from entertainment weekly (Fassbender, Fiennes, Monaghan, Bettany, Camblell Bower, Cox),,20213067_20213322_20293715,00.html

Nerd Party '09: PART DEUX (Oldman, Fassbender)

Jonah Hex panel @ Comic Con (Fassbender)

Comic-Con: Wild Things, "Hex" and Miyazaki

Comic-Con 2009: Warner Bros Panel

SDCC '09: Day Two - Fearful Friday

Comic-Con, Where the Wild Things (and Actors) Really Are

Brilliantine Mortality


Ioan Gruffudd can’t wait to play dad

Ioan Gruffudd to bring story of Wind in the Willows author to the big screen


ComicCon portraits (includes Moyer, Purefoy, Carlyle, Fassbender, Fiennes, Monaghan, etc.),,20213067_20213322_20293715,00.html

Comic-Con: Solomon Kane is Surprisingly Very Awesome

Comic-Con: Solomon Kane Footage Debuts

'Solomon Kane' Slices His Way Through Comic-Con

SDCC 09: ‘Solomon Kane’ Panel

SDCC 09: Solomon Kane Panel

Purefoy stabbed on movie set


Theatre reviews: Enron, The Black Album, Dreams of Violence

Enron, Minerva Theatre, Chichester

Enron, Minerva, Chichester



Dominic West: 'I would be marvellous in Batman'

Dominic West backtracks over UK drama

Breaking the Mould and Silverville

Dominic West's name is mud with Olga Kurylenko


Stargate Universe: full trailer released

SGU cast, producers meet the fans at Comic-Con

Stargate Universe Is So Dark They Kill Off The Whole Cast

Comic-Con: Robert Carlyle on why he's perfect for Stargate Universe


Ray Stevenson is Possible Director of Next ‘Punisher’

Comic-Con: Brand New Book Of Eli Poster

First Look at the Book of Eli Trailer


Sarcastic pigeons and sexy cops: The BBC's new comedies

Greenlit Rights wins BBC comedy commission

Greenlit gets first BBC order with cop comedy


Sean Bean signs up for raunchy Game Of Thrones TV drama

Sean Bean Cast In HBO’s ‘Ice And Fire’ Adaptation ‘Game Of Thrones’

Sean Bean fights for the Throne

HBO's A Game of Thrones adaptation gets Sean Bean on the casting list

HBO adapting ‘A Game of Thrones,’ hires Sean Bean

Sean Bean fights for the Throne

Sean Bean Joins Cast Of Game Of Thrones

Sean Bean Joins HBO's Game of Thrones


2009 Cartier International Polo Day (Lewis, Thewlis)

Cartier International Polo Day - Audi Arrivals

The Cartier International Polo Day 2009 - Cartier Tent


The Cartier International Polo Day 2009


Radcliffe eyes directorial career

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe 'grew up surrounded by gays'

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince: interview with Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel's got a Tunnel vision

Daniel Radcliffe lets gay magazine in on his secret


The enigma known as Bill Nighy

Nighy on 'first guinea pig movie'

Bill Nighy: ‘As an actor, I’ve never had a plan’

Bill Nighy: 'Fame Is Sweeter With Age'


Orlando blooms eschews Pirates of the Caribbean for Miranda Kerr,21985,25841093-5012974,00.html?referrer=email&source=HS_email_nl

Orlando Bloom turns down Pirates of The Caribbean for Miranda Kerr,23739,25840305-5003420,00.html

Orlando Not Doing PotC 4 So He Can Hang Out With Miranda


Goodbye Lewis (Fox, Callow)

Inspector Lewis back on TV beat


The Tudors drips charisma, sex ...

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Attends U2 Concert

On the Town: Screen Directors Guild of Ireland (Cavill)



Christian Bale Empire Magazine Outtakes

Before They Were Famous ads: Christian Bale for Pac-Man Cereal

Christian Bale: Holy Start Date, Batman Fans!


Michael Sheen confirmed for Tron Legacy

More Michael Sheen, This Time in the 'Damned United' Trailer


Bamber to guest star on Dollhouse

Law And Order UK (Bamber)

Jamie Bamber tapped for 'Dollhouse' role


Wanted 2 Starts Shooting Soon, But Who is Coming Back? (McAvoy)



Last night's TV: The Scandalous Adventures of Lord Byron (Rupert Everett)

Rupert Everett's Mouth Cost Him A Job


Sean Connery coming out of Retirement?

Sean Connery may come out of retirement


Injured Izzard on 1,000-mile run

Marathon man Eddie Izzard embarks on mammoth UK run for Sport Relief


Gerard Butler hits the gym to get his 300 figure back

Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston are Soaking Wet

Gerard Butler on Jennifer Aniston: Embrace The Rumor!


Last night's TV: Midsomer Murders

Kelvin MacKenzie's Midsomer madness


MERLIN "The Beginning of the End" Episode 8

Colin at Go Belfast Awards '08

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