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the prince and the showgirl

And then one day, the prince realised that when his servant was calling him a prat, he was saying 'I love you'.

Sorry, got up to the finale of Merlin, and much with the setting up of next season after much dilly dallying around. Yes, Merlin is still really naive/thick (ouching as making his bargain was, he surely should have known it was going to go tits up), and young Merlin is making enemies. Whether or not Nimhue is gone for good, he's pissed off the dragon and that pulling away from Morgana was something he's gonna come to regret later. Poor Morgana, in desperate need of an ally, but she's just not privy to the boy's club and young Merlin has swallowed the party line and is now all about protecting Arthur, no matter what the cost, and is quite narrow and ruthless in his aims so far as that goes.

Arthur meanwhile has started flirting with Gwen, which we all knew must happen (at the cost of the glorious hoyay). It seems Arthur's small acts of kindness the previous episode have been appreciated more than he knew.

There was another foretelling line where Merlin begs Gwen never to lose her good heart. I do wonder what would happen with Merlin becoming a fully fledged bunny boiler and unlikely to be trapped by Nimhue (unless she reconstitutes herself) upon the upcoming betrayal of Gwen. Seen in that light, it's more a warning than a compliment.

Not sure if that was the grail we saw, but I loved Merlin kinda going dark side while seemingly rejecting same, all very Empire Strikes back when not being Princess Bride. He's a badass, that boy.

Speaking of Princess Bride, I saw Inigo Montoya on Friday night. No, seriously. Went to see Mandy Patinkin at the State Theatre on Friday, and had a fine old time. The boss had packed off early so I had time for pre show dinner and ended up at Rydges, which, while being several blocks from the venue, was about the nearest place that actually does a pre-theatre dinner and I had the quail terrine with a very nice Victorian pinot noir that made me very giddy at the knees (I was fine until I tried to stand up) and the waiter was most kind, seeing as I was alone, seating me somewhere with a good light, guessing that I was going to read (either that or they get a shitload of old spinsters showing up on their doorstep).

Anyhoo, wobbled up to the State, which is a lovely old girl, all gilt and swirls and yet more gilt. One of the few remaining old girls left in the country. I was sitting up in the gods, of course, but my seatmates were charming and chatty and I had a good time. Mr Patinkin was in fine voice and belted out many a show tune and it is disturbing how many I knew off by heart. Like 79%? Something like that. I was thrilled when they touched on a couple of favourites. I'm glad I went out, that was fun, and like being at a proper broadway show.

Other than that? Meant to go out to the Scottish day yesterday but the weather was a bit, well, Scottish and after being cold and grim all day started raining properly when I struggled back up the hills with the shopping, so I settled down with a wee dram and caught up on last week's tv. Caught up on some of last week's tv on Saturday night, too, after all the usual chores and putting the mango tree in the ground proper (Himself is going for the Dr Zachary Smith award for constantly complaining about his back, his delicate back). Meant to do some up-potting (ie moving stuff from small pots to bigger pots) but after dragging the bags of potting mix up hill all the way the rain put paid to that (my martyrdom only goes so far these days).

Stuff I watched? Bones, Castle finale, James May's Moon special (which was fun, him all sweet in his boyish enthusiasms), the last two Oz & James episodes (like I didn't guess which drink would indeed speak for modern Britain, bonus morris dancers) and brace of Time Teams and a few other things I shan't speak to and several Sarah Jane Adventures, which were fun (especially the Sontaran one that at least nodded to some previous canon).

This is probably why we had beans and toast and Eggs Rutan with parsley for lunch (ie poached eggs that have gone a bit wrong and look like the Rutan from the Horror of Fang Rock). Heh. Btw, do you think the new Doc's girl friday's outfit looked vaguely like something Dodo would wear, or is it just me?

What, you're not au fait with classic Who? Don't know a Silurian from a Sontaran? You'd have found us speaking in foreign tongues on Saturday evening then.

I think this is part of my problem (Okay, I have lots of problems, but bear with). There's me, speaking fan at home, and speaking fan online, and even speaking fan when I read the Guardian, various magazines or on those rare occassions when I go out with friends. But fan is not spoken at the office, and sometimes, when I'm tired, I use it as shorthand and no one gets it. Worse, they think I'm taking the piss. Oh well. They're not people I'd normally have anything to do with, which is most of the problem. I'm not a good fit.

The other problem is just me of course. Must be, since I end up going out to these things all by myself, eating my lunch by myself. That sort of thing. Folks said I'd grow out of it. When, exactly, do you think? See, I've already waited too long ...

Meanwhile, I'm kind of bored and unmotivated today. It's like some British SF farce, working for a government dept that doesn't exist. I'm sure that's it, and not the after effects of the DIY whisky tasting we had yesterday, since we didn't make it to the HHT one. Himself was so sprawled out by the end of it tea was just pies and burnt chips. Oh dear. At least there were cupcakes before I ruined him. Why yes, I am trying to lose weight but we just wanted an excuse to turn the oven on really (the only effective source of heating in the house). And I did slog down to the shops and back for the ingredients. Uphill both ways. In the rain. Great cupcakes, though. Vanilla, with chocolate icing and coconut sprinkles.

Anything else? Just a rather melancholy observation, that as I was watering the garden, and the rosemary at that, in bitter irony, two heavy war planes flew overhead, and at first I was thinking I should have bought that spotters guide from the IWM, then I remembered being promised as a child that I would never see such a thing. And then I got all teary. Come back safe, boys, come back safe.

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