mockturtle (hellblazer06) wrote,

the winter of our discontent

It's back to winter again. Back to long days again. Which is severely cutting into my tv time. I've been watching the Sarah Jane Adventures, but only every third episode (if that), so if I say I'm not delighting in this season quite as much as I did the first it'd be mightily unfair. It's still fun though, and quite old school, which appeals to my overdeveloped sense of nostalgia. The odd references to days of yore also make me wonder if tv writers with over fond memories of the Andy Pandy jumpsuit aren't lining up to write for this show. Whatever, its still more my idea of Who than actual RTD Who.

Still digging the old tv westerns, though I've not seen many. I did see half an episode of Gunsmoke with Bette Davis no less in a rather extraordinarily gothic tale, in fact it reminded me of every claustrophobic gothic western this country has ever produced, only less body parts in the Gunsmoke version, naturally. It was glorious, shrieky fun. The Brothers Maverick are still adored, it's just that we seem to be getting around to the episodes that I jumped on board with. And I should admit to it and saying it just plays away while I'm on KP duty probably won't cut it, but yeah, caught five mins of Bonanza last night where Little Joe seemed to be acting out and all the boys were sent to their rooms. How old are they? I hate to side with Team Maverick, but I think they're right about the Cartwright boys while being loaded, are just a little bit this side of creepy.

Not that I can talk, being a tragically gothic shut in who withered her looks caring for a shrewish auld crone, but at least I can spot the signs.

Other than that? Saw ten seconds of Inspector Rex, missed the start of Pushing Daisies and fell asleep before the end (it's hard, my not job), saw all of The Tudors, with poor Suffolk going unconvincingly, but very prettily, off his nut with guilt, and poor Jane Seymour (aka the decent one) carked it. Then I switched across to the end of Life on Mars and caught Live and Let die played over the end credits. Was bemused.

Also saw Supernatural which was all about Castiel. Now I know Misha is a delightfully crazy young chap, but it's just not coming across in his one note happy clapper and/or his no note angel. Oh, whatever happened to my show, which used to be a delightful and silly spooky version of The Rockford Files. Sigh. Plot arcs are evil: discuss.

Otherwise? Been surving on green tea and strong Yorkshire tea. It's been that sort of week.

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