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It is ridiculously, unseasonably warm. This hot sultry wind blew in during the night and now it's pretty much summer. I guess winter is like so last week. Mind you, last Thurs was freezing.

Speaking of tropical, I'm now the proud owner of a mango tree. We've got it sitting beside the banana tree to see how it goes. I'm hoping to turn it into my tropical fruit section. Said mango tree was picked up in Cabramatta. Went on a day trip which involved poling about in exotica, getting ripped off mightily and noodles. In fact lunch was defiantly Python-esque when the maitre'd of the noodle emporium briskly informed me that the menu was off, luv, and there were only two dishes available: the chicken or beef. I went chicken pho and it was pretty darn good. I suspect he was sheilding our delicate red faced barbarian sensibilities, and if I were younger and hot blooded I'd have ordered the klingon dishes as a matter of honour, but I ain't, so I just ordered the chicken.

Meanwhile, I've been watching far too many old westerns on telly (and loving it). This time I caught the end and I was bemoaning the somewhat jarring effect of having some overwrought New York method actor grunting and gurning in a cheesy old tv western when I realised omg it's Pete. Mod Squad Pete. Hilarious. A few days later Gunsmoke coughed up a murderous Martin Landau. Alas, the best Maverick could offer so far has been Adam West and Troy Donahue. Oh well. My fave episode so far was the one with the spurned good girl deciding to be unspurned and demanding that Bart kiss her and pretty much breaking into Franz Ferdinand lyrics to my bemusement. Bart looked pretty bemused too, apres pucker. I kissed a girl (and I think I liked it).

Elsewhere, the world stops to discuss bow ties. Suddenly wars, economsy, the anniversay of the moon landing were old news. LOOKIT! TWEED!

That said, as much as I resolve to remain pursed of lip until at least episode three, the sight of the blue box on the beach made my inner six year old squee with delight, and they're right, the outfit is a bit Troughton, which pleases my inner four year old very much. I'm hoping SM, being of an age, will look more to the Troughton/Pertwee/early Baker years, and the outfit, at least, is an encouraging sign. Less of the Colin Baker, at least, which can never be a bad thing, imho.

I know, it's just tweed, fer fek's sake, but it's national treasure of Britain in tweed, and I suppose, that makes it a matter of concern - grin.

And besides, I thought it made a great statement that the Doc is now an old man in a young man's body, hence the quaint clobber, and anyway, hello, isn't that Indy's daywear?

I've finished reading Black Butterfly, which was very, very silly, but I enjoyed it, even though some of the puns bordered on painful. I shall have to avoid all things Bond for a couple of months though, lest I find myself inadvertantly tittering. I'm re-reading the Hound of the Baskervilles right now. Cracking read. Yes, I know you're all off reading great and difficult literature, but crammed onto my horrid bus for hours, I need something pulpy to get me through. And, ye gods, that bus ride. Rattly old buses so ill maintained they offer no protection against wind or rain, bumping over third world style rutted roads, cram packed so much I can't breathe, and the other day there was a screaming brat all the way home (that's nearly three hours worth). Throw in some chickens, and maybe a pig, and it'd be totally there.

Meanwhile, I've been reading edited highlights of the memoirs of my favourite spy, Anthony Blunt. Why? Aside from also having been a red hot socialist in my youth, I like his taste in pretty piccies. As shallow as that (shallower, being portrayed by young Mr West didn't hurt). Besides, the very idea that the curator of the royal art collection was a commie spy means that however silly Spooks might get, they can never hope to touch upon the quirks of real life.

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Last week:

It's a bit brisk. We'll. okay, only by local standards, but still.

And thus, my quiet week comes to an end. I was hoping to get more, um, typing done, but alas, no, it's Friday so it's a busy day. At least getting home early has let me fill the garden waste bin and the recycling bin and I've caught up on Maverick, True Blood and the Tudors.

Ah, the Tudors. "What's that about?" asks one of my "I only watch reality shows' colleagues. Sigh. Now you know why I have such difficulties relating to said colleagues. None of them have even seen the Princess Bride (which was referenced in the Herald today). Inconceivable!

Anyhoo, The Tudors, which was all bit blah blah blah isn't young Mr Cavill cute as he tries his best to muster "Deeply conflicted" but really looks about as concerned as one would normally be over choosing a particular coffee. The pretty, pretty dear boy. At least he tries. And he's pretty, and he enlivened a particular cold, grim winter's night so what's not to love.

Weirdest of all is the way Showcase is playing Tudors all over the place sio one sets the machine in hopes of getting S3 but gets S1 instead. They're not wrong when they say JRM has grown into the role, in most alarming yet also pleasing ways. I don't think one should go method when playing old Hal, but these actors, what is one to do (adopts Mr Cavill's vaguely concerned look).

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