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bad moon rising

I seem to be jinxed again today. I did manage to catch my bus this morning, but I tell ya, if you can spill it, walk into it, trip over it, entangle oneself in it, drop it, break it, delete it, rip it, soak it, stain it or otherwise variously fold, spindle or mutilate it, I've done it. In other words, I am a walking, or rather stumbling, bad hair day wardrobe malfunctioning disaster area.

Sigh. I make Maxwell Smart look suave.

Speaking of spies, I've started (finally) on Black Butterfly, which I should have saved for bedtime reading than rather on the bus, because it's dreadfully hard to maintain one's composure when perched sidesaddle on the edge of the seat (because the tradies have to sit akimbo and take up 98% of a ratty of bus seat that was too small to start with) while bouncing over third worldy rutted roads and not flail about with repressed giggles. Because I was repressing so hard I thought my eyes would pop. I'm not sure if you're a lifelong Fleming freak like me (old 60s paperbacks, 60s annuals, posters, dvd box set, ticket to the IWM exhibition, etc) but oh my, Mr Gatiss had it spot on. I was writhing over the introductory pastiche/homage (and ticking of the references) with all the casual racism and sadism you'd expect in your average Fleming pulper. Glorious, brilliant stuff. I shall enjoy reading the rest of the book, no doubt (I would have made more progress but the bumping bus caused me to constantly lose my place).

I only wonder know why I was talked out of writing similiar, er, homages, when quite clearly, one can get published. Harumph.

Meanwhile, I've written my very first stern letter to The Times. In the matter of them referring to Mr Crowe as the first antipodean to play Robin Hood. Are you out of your freaking minds??!! Then again, they never even mentioned Paddy players Bergin and Armstrong (Irish are okay?) But, well, really. And, if one were to draw a long bow, ahem, and count Jason Connery on account of his Queensland upbringing and heritage, well, that'd make three. But let's not quibble. Just don't forget the Tasmanian devil, 'kay? Alrighty, then.

TV? I fell asleep. I'm sorry, I'm just really tired this week and feck knows if I got Supernatural as it was wandering all over the place re kick off time (Foxtel kept revising the starting time back and back and back again and I had to keep manually adjusting the timer) and then I just went off but I woke up when the pvr ground to a halt (which horrible grinding noises) and it was some sport show so I'm not sure I got it. It was only the aptly titled "Jump the Shark" episode. Oh dear. Not the sort of thing I'd joke about given the way the show has vanished from my flist of late. Possibly I'm not the only one fed up with it. The whole sub par Hellblazer schtick is just not working. I miss the show with the two boys just roaring about in the Impala and the whole urban myths/folk tales are real ethos that worked so well. Why stick with just one brand of monotheism when so many beliefs and belief systems were on offer. Losers. You're totally betraying the ideas behind original source material like American Gods. Now that, that was cool.

What can I say, I like a little more British style pagan spookery and a bloody lot less Jesus freakery in my entertainment. They got it right at the start, now they've got it so wrong. And there were so many more stories they coulda told: walled up nuns, phantom blood stains, moving stones, haunted forests, ancient myths, all that cool stuff.

Not that the Brits do any better these days, but they used to, and the stuff I read and watched as a kid, way scarier than anything I see these days. So scary that even now I get shivers just thinking upon some of my fave stories (the very same sort of stuff I deeply suspect Mr Gaiman imbided as a child).

Cool creepy stuff include: The Signal Man, Children of the Stones, The Dark is Rising, Doctor Who (70s vers), Charlotte Sometimes, A Traveller in Time, oh, and several anthologies and a fistful of cheesy films (like terrifying myself by watching Hammer films on telly when I should have been abed). It's moments like these that you think all that reading you did as a kid will pay off, but I've suddenly gone a complete blank.

Oh well, the point still stands that Supernatural is doing itself a disservice by restricting itself to a very limited pallete and I'd personally steer well clear of anything involving the various strands of monotheism because those bastards take offence real easy and they've got bombs. But that's just my views on the matter, of course. Castiel is way cool, though.

"This is your lucky day." Really? Today? Thus spake the wee chappie behind the dvd query counter when I asked, at my most pathetic, where were the True Blood dvds. They's sold out but he ripped down the display copy stuck to the wall for me. Last one in this stupid town. Yay me. Now I can play back those eppies I missed. No Tudors though (but he swears they've more ordered, yeah right), nor anything else on my list, but at least I got True Blood.

I suppose I'll get moved again just when I get used to the idea that I've got a dvd shoppe close by. I never get to it usually because I always have lunchtime meetings but TEBQFH is away this week, and so there was shopping. Well, some shopping. A shopping? Whatever. I have my fave blond vampire in my hot little mits (so to speak). Too bad tomorrow's rdo got cancelled, but c'est la vie.

Worth Watching - July 9: Danish WWII Flame & Citron Trailer

Danny Huston Joins Robin Hood

An offer you can't refuse.


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