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This week the Harry Potter kids get drenched, Simon Pegg becomes a dad, Torchwood is on telly, Robin Hood is still cancelled, Jude Law is still treading the boards, John Simm will be treading the boards, the BBC has unveiled its Autumn line up, David Tennant has put his hand up for St Trinians (why, David, why?), Bill Nighy reveals his favourite song, James McAvoy sells himself for Samsung, Richard Coyle is doing Terry Pratchett and Dominic West gets weirdly protectionist.

Thanks to sleeper_frost for the link collecting!

BBC ONE Autumn 2009

Pattinson sick of obsessive fans in New York

Teenage Del Boy comes to BBC in Only Fools and Horses prequel

ITV commits to another long run of Law & Order (Bamber)

Drinking Games: 'Midsomer Murders'

Sci-Fi Channel Panels At San Diego Comic-Con ‘09 (Carlyle)

Aidan Gillen - A slippery player you can bank on

Band of Brothers: Revisiting "Points" (Lewis)

Brian Cox brings Le Carre's classic back in from the cold

Tickety boob for Billy Connolly fans left fuming after website crashes

Keira Knightley & Rupert Friend taking romantic stroll in London -June 30th

Funny Scot joins Kiwi drama cast (Sessions)

Fry, Jones take 'Walk On The Wild Side'

Stills from Dorian Gray (Barnes, Firth)

TV Review: Classy British actor out of his comfort zone in clunky FBI drama (Sewell)

Film stars descend on Hammerwood (Farrell)

Op for Equalizer Ed

Cowboys For Christ Shooting Now (Christopher Lee)

Film Independent - "Adam" Preview Screening (Dancy)


Walking on a Thin Wire

'Father and Son' filmed in Co. Wicklow

RTE may find crime really does pay


BBC cancels 'Robin Hood'

BBC axes Robin Hood as viewers abandon show

BBC axes Robin Hood,news,death-knell-for-saturday-tea-time-tv-as-bbc-axes-robin-hood

In Conversation with: Richard Armitage.

BBC axes Robin Hood

Robin Hood axed after viewers fall

Fare-thee-well Robin Hood, you've been cancelled

BBC kills off Robin Hood as viewing figures fall


All grown up: The Harry Potter gang nine years on... Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint begin the long goodbye

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe says he was bullied at school

Harry Potter star Rupert Grint 'thought he'd die',23739,25745157-5003420,00.html

Hairy Potter: Radcliffe Proves His Maturity

Potter fans brave rain at premiere

Harry Potter vanquishes the big delay

Daniel Radcliffe glad to be hanging up Harry Potter broomstick

Half Blood Prince Premiere - Red Carpet

Daniel Radcliffe - Esquire

HBO's first look at Half Blood Prince

Daniel Radcliffe celebrates Harry Potter graduation by becoming art collector

Stars glam up for latest Potter film

Grown-up Harry walks the red carpet

Grown-up Harry Potter walks the red carpet

Potter premiere

Harry Potter stars attend film premiere


Daniel Radcliffe's new direction

Emma Watson shows how much she's grown up at Harry Potter premiere

From Potter to poet: Daniel Radcliffe unmasked as a budding creative writer

`Potter' cast reflects on a childhood at Hogwarts

Audi Arrivals at "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" U.S. Premiere

"Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince" Premiere - Outside Arrivals

"Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince" Premiere - Inside Arrivals

"Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince" Premiere - After Party

Daniel Radcliffe and Sacha Baron Cohen Visit "Late Show With David Letterman" - July 9, 2009

Potter stars drenched at premiere

"Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince" UK Premiere - Outside Arrivals (Simm, Lewis, Isaacs, Strong, etc)

"Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince" UK Premiere - Inside Arrivals (Simm)

Stars get wet at Potter premiere

Life after Harry Potter

Rupert Grint and the prison of Potter


Simm, Hart and Fox to Star in Speaking in Tongues at London's Duke of York's

Mars star returning to West End

John Simm Neck!Porn Picspam

John Simm Life on the West End Stage

Simm stars in Speaking In Tongues

Mars star returning to West End

Life on Mars

Catch up with ‘State of Play’

John Simm Returns to Stage to Speak in Tongues


Jude Law hearts his fans!

Jude Law: Tank Top Taut

Jude Law is coming to Broadway

Shakespeare lives among the stars in New York

Jude Law is a Happy Hamlet

Broadway-Bound Jude Law's Tryst With Mystery Lady

Jude Law to play Hamlet in New York

Jude Law: Post-Show Dinner Date

Jude Law to play Hamlet on Broadway

Two British 'Hamlets' to come stateside

Jude Law has been Violated

Jude Law heading to Broadway in 'Hamlet'

Jude Law Hamlet to Play Broadway in September

Law’s Hamlet to be on Broadway

Jude Law Coming To Broadway

Jude Law’s Donmar Hamlet Transfers to Broadway


Doctor Who movie about to be confirmed?


'Who' movie to be confirmed at Comic-Con?

Who’s Who (including the Doctor) turn out for semi-final

Tennant Could Bring Who Movie News to Comic-Con

Torchwood: Children Of Earth episode 5 review: the finale

SPOILERS! article round up for Torchwood/Barrowman

Torchwood/John Barrowman article round-up

John Barrowman

Torchwood: Children of Earth: Day Five

Torchwood/Barrowman article round up

Torchwood: Children of Earth: Day Four

Barrowman Blasts Bigoted Bishop

Doctor Who movie to be announced at Comic-Con?

Torchwood's Day One - The Verdict

'Torchwood's Day Three - The Verdict

Gallery: 'Torchwood: Children of Earth' ep 3

'Torchwood's Day Two - The Verdict

'Torchwood' retains strong audience

Last Night's Television - Torchwood: Children of Earth, BBC1

'Doctor Who: Waters of Mars' preview clip!

Barrowman, Klass for Children In Need

Torchwood gets a shake-up

David Tennant Joins St Trinians II

TV ratings: Torchwood BBC1 run starts with nearly 6m viewers

Torchwood: Children Of Earth, Day One

Torchwood/Barrowman article round up

Last night's TV: What to Eat Now | Torchwood: Children of Earth

Tennant for St. Trinians

Torchwood move sees ratings boost

Tennant to star in new St Trinian's film

Tennant joins St Trinian's film

Right, that 'Torchwood' twist...



Last Night's Television - Torchwood: Children of Earth, BBC1

New 'G.I. Joe' Trailer Gives First Look at Cobra Commander (Eccleston)

Will Euros Lyn Direct The Upcoming Doctor Who Movie?

David Tennant Joins St Trinians II

Torchwood lights up the small screen

TV ratings: Torchwood BBC1 run starts with nearly 6m viewers

Who are the 456 in Torchwood: Children of Earth: the answer may be in Doctor Who

Dr Loveless (Smith)

What to watch on TV tonight

Who special has the fear factor

Torchwood: Children of Earth

Watch BBC1's autumn drama showreel

Time for Doctor Who fans to hide behind the sofa

Torchwood: Children Of Earth, Day One

Torchwood: Children of Earth: Day Two

Torchwood: Children of Earth: Day Three

Fans await news of Doctor Who movie at Comic-Con


Christian Slater Gets Forgotten

Top TV with Barry Ronge

Christian Slater in talks to take Rupert P-J's role in The Forgotten


Crowe, Depp 'stole my heroes'

Dominic West hits out over foreign stars playing British heroes

Hollywood actors 'stealing great British heroes' says Wire star


True Blood is biting into the Buffy effect (Moyer, Glenister)

True Blood is latest in the vampire trend

TV preview: True Blood


New Inglourious Basterds International Trailer! (Fassbender)

Screencaps of the latest Inglourious Basterds trailer


James McAvoy voices Samsung ad shot by Skins promos director

James McAvoy voices Samsung ad


Daniel Craig conquers his fear of heights

Daniel Craig & Satsuki Mitchell: London Lovers

Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman set for Broadway

Jackman and Craig to share stage


First teaser trailer for the Prisoner remake (McKellen)

Gay celebrities pick heroes for National Portrait Gallery


TV adaptation of Terry Pratchett's novel Going Postal (Coyle)

Sky1 goes back to Discworld... this time it's Going Postal (Coyle)


Christian Bale: ‘Hollywood Has Gone Girlie’

Christian Bale Interview PUBLIC ENEMIES

Christian Bale's Rollercoaster Career


Jennifer Anniston Handcuffs Herself to Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler Covers 'Esquire' August 2009

Gerard Butler Points a Gun at Jennifer Aniston


Simon Pegg welcomes baby daughter

Simon Pegg welcomes a daughter


Orlando Bloom

Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom 'buy $13m mansion',23739,25747878-5012980,00.html?referrer=email


Ned Kelly Uncovered®ion_id=73

Unmasking the Glenrowan legend

Questions hang over Ned



Inspired by music: celebrities on the songs that have inspired them


Cumming to bring one-man ‘vaudeville’ show to the UK

Cumming makes West End return in Blue Car

Alan Cumming Parks His Car at Vaudeville, 1 Sep


Desperate Romantics (Turner, Spall)

BBC2 drama Desperate Romantics on icons among Pre-Raphaelites

TV preview: Desperate Romantics


Staring down the barrel of a gun: Is this David Jason's dramatic exit from A Touch Of Frost?

Chilling end for Frost?


'Merlin' - Lancelot

Merlin Series 2 - 25 new pics from the Set [June 2009]

Merlin S2 Spoilers Mega Post Pt. 2 - Supporting Characters / Guest Stars

Bradley James & Colin Morgan - SFX magazine pic in super HiRes [pic]

Can you keep a secret..? The magic is back! Merlin returns to Saturday nights on BBC One

‘Merlin’ Star Bradley James Is Our Latest Hump Day Hottie!

Bradley James & Colin Morgan - Secrets behind the Magic
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