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We'll just pretend I'm talking about Tara if you've not seen it yet.

You know what I was saying about Torchwood being progressive? Scratch that. Poor old Ianto. I'm really hacked off, becaue he was pretty much the only reason I was watching, for his quips, his feats of brilliance, his voice of erason, or at least the bottom line. He was the best character. You bastards.

And it was such a pointless, stupid death. I mean at least Owen and Tosh went out being heroic. Though I suppose they were all sacrifices to Jack's follies. Nice one, Jack, going in guns blazing. I suppose that's what Jack does, the whole shoot first and ask questions later, the stupid, showy brash actions, the dark actions, they're all part of Jack. I mean, he's been part of Torchwood for over a century (so what was that guff about turning it around?) and goodness knows what he got up to before.

As for sacrificing his grandson, I understand there is much debate over that, and having read the Guardian reviews, I suppose Jack had to pay for his part in the 1965 trade, but I'm also thinking it's been pretty implicit that the Doc did much the same thing with Susan (whom I never really liked) in the time war and I've never read a peep about that.

I hope PC Andy is okay, at least, last seen being throttled. But I suppose all these questions will forever remain lose ends because that sure looked like RTD taking up his bat and ball. And like the Guardian said, how ironic, that the show bows out like many of the characters, just when it was getting interesting.

In other news, Maverick coughed up Robert Conrad on Friday. Heh.

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