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Marc Guggenheim Discusses Flash Forward (Fiennes, Davenport)

Profile: JJ Feild

NCIS pathologist David Mccallum cut up dead bodies,22049,25704350-5006014,00.html

Sheen reveals his secret for crying on camera

Do Your Patriotic Duty and Know Your American TV Imposters

Occupation: James Nesbitt

Prince of darkness: A rare audience with Sir Christopher Lee

Doomed Eli Stone offers intelligence, energy (Miller)

Last Night's Television - The Secret Life of the Airport (Glenister)

The world according to Danny Dyer

Bill Paterson for new BBC Four season

Trotters to return in Only Fools and Horses prequel

Judge John Deed (Shaw)

Gavin & Stacey stars spotted on location

Robert Pattinson reveals he 'felt like a bit of an idiot' at 'Twilight' audition

McGann joins Globe's Helen

Rob Brydon claims his Twitter identity


TV Choice Awards

Hugh Grant under the spell of soap star

Cable girl: Heartbeat

A "Poirot" mystery on PBS is a Thursday TV pick

Are we there yet? Around the world with Michael Palin

Alistair McGowan - Ariel Tennis Ace ID Day - Celebrity Finals

Daniel Day-Lewis

International Trailer For Gamer Online (Butler)

Ben Barnes is Valediction Vibrant

Jamie Campbell-Bower Talks New Moon

Mackenzie Crook: from The Office to Jerusalem


New preview for Torchwood

Russell T. Davies talks 'Doctor Who' & 'Torchwood'

John Barrowman slams Torchwood cut

Preview: Henley Festival 2009 (Barrowman)

22 miles for charity (Barrowman)

Sci-fi Nige

Dr Who's David Tenant joins other 10 Time Lords for one-off show

DT and GM at Wimbledon

Doctor Who: Torchwood spinoff 'punished' by BBC, says Barrowman

Should Torchwood star John Barrowman be stripped?

A Doctor Who Christmas! In June…

Also On Tonight: 'Doctor Who' Special

Exclusive - Torchwood's Rhys speaks!

Torchwood Week: Russell T Davies, part 2

Exclusive - Captain Jack speaks!

Gallery: 'Torchwood: Children of Earth' ep 1

Torchwood Week: Torchwood Online

Torchwood Week: Russell T Davies, part 1

Exclusive - Torchwood's Ianto speaks!

Doctor Who: 11 Time Lords In One Spot!

Torchwood star John Barrowman hits out at BBC

David Tennant and Doctor Who Quiz

Doctor Who: The Next Doctor Review

Doctor Who's David Tennant: A lion in winter

Dr Who star John Barrowman blasts BBC over Torchwood chop

Review: 'Doctor Who': 'The Next Doctor' on BBC America

'Doctor Who,' 'Torchwood' lead BBC America's big summer,0,661065.story

John Barrowman V Russell Crowe. Who’s the real Robin Hood?


Torchwood: Behind the Scene

Torchwood Week: Square Eyes Special Preview

Fancy 45 minutes of new 'Torchwood' today?

When Owen Shot Captain Jack

Torchwood's John Barrowman reveals Children of Earth details and why the show may not be done yet

Barrowman blasts BBC for Torchwood miniseries

Exclusive: Torchwood actor on epic new story and possible Season 4

‘Doctor Who’ blogging: “The Empty Child”

Torchwood: The race to save Earth

Torchwood Week: John Barrowman

A welcome from John Barrowman


Jude Law's Donmar Hamlet Transfers to Broadway

Jude Law is a Frappuccino Father

Law to play Hamlet on Broadway

Law's Hamlet to be on Broadway

Review: Jude Law in Hamlet

Law's Hamlet to move to Broadway

On the grapevine...

Jude's Hamlet is a thriller

Jude Law's Donmar Hamlet Transfers to Broadway

New Sherlock Holmes Posters Released

Jude Law & Jonny Lee Miller: Wimbledon Watchers

Broadway's the thing for Jude Law's Hamlet


Christian Bale stuns daughter with 'Public Enemies' accent

VIDEO: Go Behind the Scenes with Public Enemies Johnny Depp and Christian Bale

Christian Bale and Johnny Depp Stayed 'Public Enemies'

Christian Bale, You Need Career Advice

Bale wouldn't fraternize with the 'Enemy',SHO-Sunday-public28c.article

Watch: Christian Bale and Johnny Depp in 8 intense 'Public Enemies' clips

Christian Bale keeps mum about Batman

Public Enemies premiere

Why Christian Bale rarely talked to Johnny Depp


New RTÉ crime drama starts tonight

Slaughter and the city


John Simm Returns to Stage to Speak in Tongues

Simm Proves There's Life After Mars

John Simm, Ian Hart, and Kerry Fox to Star in West End Speaking in Tongues

Mars star returning to West End

John Simm's Speaking In Tongues

Speaking In Tongues with John Simm at Duke of York's from 18 Sep 2009

Life On Mars star John Simm takes the stage to be near his children

Simm, Hart and Fox to star in West End debut of Speaking in Tongues

Simm stars in Speaking In Tongues

John Simm Returns to Stage to Speak in Tongues


Daniel Craig Linked Sheridan's ‘Dream House'

Daniel Craig's New House Ruined by Ghosts

Daniel Craig Builds His ‘Dream House'


In which Mrs Leary goes to Pierrefonds, and Colin says 'G'day!' (Merlin)

Flooded film set all in a day's work (Hurt)


The Magic of Merlin

Battle of the 'Merlin's!

Merlin's Keep



[Screencaps] Merlin - The Secrets Behind The Magic

IMHO "Merlin" (1.3-1.4): “Honey, don’t you think Arthur and Merlin are spending a little too much time together?”

S1 Set Photos

Hocus Pocus

picspam: top 10 merlin/arthur scenes

'Merlin' - The Mark of Nimueh/The Poisoned Chalice

Merlin S2 Spoilers Mega Post Pt. 3 - Costumes

Bradley James & Colin Morgan - Secrets behind the Magic [screencaps]

The Secrets Behind The Magic Special [Video]


Recap: 'True Blood' Episode 3, Season 2

Live Chat: 'True Blood' Season 2, Episode 3, Sunday

'True Blood' - it's coming...

Moyer 'not allowed out' for 'True Blood'


Shocked By Sean Connery! ...and Other Retro Upsets

Edinburgh International Film Festival 2009: Awards Ceremony


The international trailer for Inglourious Basterds is so much more glorious (Fassbender)

New Inglorious Basterds trailer online

Michael Fassbender to give film fleadh's actors' masterclass


Ewan McGregor at Wimbledon

Amelia Soars in a New Trailer for the Mira Nair Biopic


To be charitable, NBC shortchanges its ‘Philanthropist'

The Philanthropist: Review & Discussion


The Philanthropist - "Pilot",29651/

TV Show Follows Obama's Lead on Volunteerism

The Deadbolt Interview - Philanthropic Adrenaline with James Purefoy and Tom Fontana of The Philanthropist

From a rich life, a rich plot

'The Philanthropist': New Millennium's 'Indiana Bond'?

Even philanthropy shows off its vices

'Philanthropist's' James Purefoy digs good-guy gig on NBC

‘The Philanthropist’ is mind-blowingly good

TV: The Philanthropist

Doing good

The Philanthropist, "Myanmar": Rubies are forever

The Philanthropist’s James Purefoy Is Pretty Sure Obama Would Like His Show

The Philanthropist brings a new hero to TV

'The Philanthropist' busts out of the gates guns a blazin'


Virtuality TV-Movie stills

‘Virtuality' takes off, but with nowhere to land

Saving Earth and Touching Someone (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau)


Why the BBC dominates TV drama (Turner, Spall)

Desperate Romantics Coming To BBC Two - 'Watch it!'

Feature Interview Aidan Turner

Desperate Romantics – introduction

Desperate Romantics – Aidan Turner plays Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Desperate Romantics – Rafe Spall plays William Holman Hunt

BBC2 drama on icons among Pre-Raphaelites


TV ratings: Andy Murray's win over Viktor Troicki watched by 6.2m (Armstrong)

BBC axes Robin Hood

Robin Hood dropped by BBC

BBC kills off Robin Hood as viewing figures fall

Lloyd leads Arcola Ghosts

Drama series Robin Hood axed by BBC

Ratings flop kills off Robin

BBC puts Robin Hood to the sword

Robin Hood axed by BBC

BBC axes Robin Hood after viewers fall

Keith Allen

BBC axe teatime drama Robin Hood

TV Poll: Was it right to axe 'Robin Hood'?

Robin Hood axed: An arrow into the heart of Saturday night TV

BBC kills off Robin Hood series

'Robin Hood' axed by BBC


Fourth Season Of International Hit Drama Lewis Confirmed (Fox)

Inspector Lewis back on TV beat

Feast for eyes at Ashmolean

Lewis 2-01 screencaps

Dressed-down Billie Piper and Laurence Fox celebrate Father's Day with baby Winston


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: Jim Broadbent disguised as armchair

Under the spell

Exclusive: Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe on how he wants to be a bigger star

Jim Broadbent enjoys wacky new role in latest Harry Potter flick

Harry Potter - still working his magic

'Ron Weasley' catches swine flu

Daniel Radcliffe: a cool nerd

Dan the man

Daniel Radcliffe celebrates Harry Potter graduation by becoming art collector

Actor Jim Broadbent drives into his latest role

Harry Potter hard to film, Daniel Radcliffe kept laughing,21985,25705593-5006023,00.html

'Harry Potter' countdown: Dan Radcliffe talks about life at Hogwarts and beyond

Radcliffe signs up for dance class


Armstrong, Freeman for BBC '80s drama

Alexander Armstrong and Martin Freeman to star in new BBC Four comedy drama


The Wire star Dominic West appears in Jane Austen coffee ads

British roles for British actors, says Wire star Dominic West

Dominic criticises Hollywood actors


The Stars Are Aligned, and They're Playing It Big (McKellan)

How We Met: Sir Ian McKellen & Jonathan Hyde


Sunday Fare: A New Miss Marple

'Masterpiece Mystery!: Miss Marple',0,5617880.story

A new Miss Marple is on the case for 'Masterpiece Mystery!'
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