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Why Shaw turned his back on drink

Interview with 'True Blood' vampire Stephen Moyer

Bill Nighy cast as the absent father

Happy Birthday, David Morrissey

'Eli Stone' Off to Broadway (Miller)

Laurie: 'Kissing Edelstein was peculiar'

First Sneak Peek Video from Stargate Universe! (Carlyle)

Sapphire & Steel Screencap Recap. Assignment 1 pt.1

'I want adulation' (Hardy)

Writers' rooms: Simon Callow

Twilight star Cam Gigandet talks about 'Priest,' Paul Bettany (video)

Rhys Ifans gets role in film ex Sienna Miller was axed from

Whitechapel Monday to Wednesday (Penry-Jones)

Neeson's costume for 'Collins' fetches €3,700

So would Colin Firth take on Piers Morgan?

Here's Lenny … Henry spoofs Psycho and The Shining for Premier Inn ads

In the Loop (Hollander)

Early Reviews & Information on ABC’s FlashForward (Davenport, Fiennes)

A life in the day: David Walliams

98 More Photos From the Robin Hood Set!

First pic of Cillian in "Perrier's Bounty"

First Look: Ricky Gervais in Cemetery Junction

DAYBREAKERS Trailer - Sci-fi Vampire Movie Stars Ethan Hawke and Sam Neill

Focus Features Delays The Boat That Rocked Until November

matthew goode at leap year wrap party

2009 Los Angeles Film Festival - "I Sell The Dead" Screening (Monaghan)

Life is beautiful

Alexander Armstrong was banned from hosting Countdown by BBC - now he lands new quiz show Pointless

STV faces £3m cash hit if ITV drop Taggart

Midsomers' Barnaby not to be killed off

'Mighty Boosh' stars to split?

BBC eyes 'Emma,' 'Cranford' sequel

Alan Cumming is Broadway's Green Goblin


Housewives star to play Irish criminal

Dougray Scott's heaven on earth: Argyll and Bute


'The Street' returns for third series

Keith Allen's Robin Hood return

Julius Caesar, Courtyard, Stratford-upon-Avon

What to watch this weekend

Scan of that SPOILER interview from TV Times

Something Worth Fighting For - Part 2


New preview for Torchwood

‘Doctor Who’ blogging: “Father’s Day”

Second trailer for 'G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra' online

Spoiler: Doctor Who's final episode will include ...

Doctor Who exclusive: All 11 timelords to unite for mission

Doctor Who NEWS-Matt Smith’s Doctor and SPOILERS for David Tennant, the final episode, and Weddings?

Doctor Who's Tennant and Davies Heading to Comic-Con

Bond star Timothy Dalton to appear in Doctor Who

David Tennant And Peter Jackson, Plus No Heroes Panel, Make Comic-Con Perfect

It's the beginning of the end of David Tennant's run on 'Doctor Who'

Baby!Tennant Picspam

John Barrowman Talks Torchwood: Children of Earth

BBC America: ‘Torchwood: Children Of Earth’ Info And Interviews

Friday's TV: Torchwoowd

'Doctor Who' Comic-Con news, plus hints about the new season of 'Torchwood'

Torchwood shifts to BBC1

Dr Who's David Tenant joins other 10 Time Lords for one-off show

We Are Coming: Torchwood week on TV Today


NBC Conjures Merlin, the Once and Future Sorcerer

Colin Morgan Talks Challenges and Characters of 'Merlin'

'Merlin' & 'Killer Hair' work surprising magic

Bradley James - Interview with French site [translation]

8 new vids from the set in Pierrefonds at youtube!

BBC's Merlin launches on NBC with 5 million

MERLIN Debut is Magical with 1.1 Million Viewers on CTV

Merlin Series 2 - 18 new pics from the Set [June 2009] SPOILER!!!

Merlin's Magical Debut on NBC

Once and Future Sorcerer

‘Merlin’ Is Powerless Against Repeats

Picspam: M/A Series 1 needs no words

Head says NBC's 'Merlin' is Camelot of fun

Sunday's TV: Merlin

John Hurt's so good among the cattle and cane,25197,25686756-15803,00.html

Bradley James


Merlin is coming to NBC

Review: Seeing an old wizard as a young man is just one of Merlin's many charms

Camelot in Crisis: An Advance Review of NBC's "Merlin"

PREVIEWS: When Merl met Art


Series Premiere: Merlin – “The Dragon’s Call”

The Merlin Premiere

Merlin magic coming to NBC on Sunday

1.01 – The Dragon’s Call – Merlin Review


NBC’s Merlin Has Potential But Not Quite There Yet

“Merlin” - Suspend Belief And Enjoy

MERLIN Debut is Magical with 1.1 Million Viewers on CTV

Review - Merlin: Valiant (1.2)

Review - Merlin: The Dragon’s Call (1.1)

Merlin – NBC – Dragon’s Call Episode 1.1 and Valiant Episode 1.2

Oh NBC…There’s lot to be learned.

Merlin: The New Fantasy Fiction On NBC

Merlin: I’m Merlin, and I’m your density.

BBC's 'Merlin' seen by 5 million in US

'Merlin' Has Soft Premiere, But Still Winner For NBC

Merlin – Recap & Review – The Dragon’s Call

Dragons and Magic and Boys, Oh My!

MERLIN Review — TV Premiere Review

MERLIN Review — TV Premiere Review

The Once and Future King’s Manservant


‘Merlin’ Is Powerless Against Repeats

Sunday Ratings: Five Million for ‘Merlin’ Premiere

Merlin just might be a winner

The Magic of “Merlin” was not quite magical

Merlin: Valiant

Merlin: The Dragon's Call Review

Merlin: "Valiant" Review

We're Truly Living in A Golden Age of Male Flesh

Merlin's Magical Debut on NBC

IMHO "Merlin" (1.1-1.2): There's Something About Merlin

"Merlin" Casts Its Spell On Me

Young TV 'Merlin' has sense of magic, humo

Merlin: "The Dragon's Call"/"Valiant",29469/

Colin Morgan Talks Challenges and Characters of 'Merlin'

Merlin -- TV Review

Review: NBC's 'Merlin' a fanciful escape

Merlin brings both epic magic and teen angst to NBC

Merlin Review: “The Dragon’s Call”

Sunday Night Hot List

Make It A Family Father's Day With NBC's Merlin Tonight at 8

Little magic in young 'Merlin'

The best and worst of medieval times

Myth told with dark twist

Adventures of a Boy Wizard

'Merlin' series reworks a legend

BBC hit Merlin comes to America

A wizard arrives, a Knight vanishes and a dog Triumphs at Bonnaroo

New 'Merlin' youthful, dark

BBC's Merlin crosses the pond to air on NBC tonight: teases viewers with new Harry Potter trailer

NBC's 'Merlin' challenges our visions of Camelot

Merlin may not be magic but NBC show will charm

NBC's "Merlin" premieres Sunday

MERLIN on NBC Season Premiere Review

Uneasy lies the Head that wears a crown in ‘Merlin’

Head says NBC’s ‘Merlin’ is Camelot of fun

NBC Presents BBC Import ‘Merlin’

Merlin: "The Dragon's Call" Review

Merlin – US Premiere June 21st at 8:00PM


Was it right to axe 'Primeval'?

Primeval axed by ITV in favour of post-watershed drama


The Extinction Event

Let's do the time warp


Christian Bale Says There Might Not Be Another Batman Movie

Bale's weapon training

Tonight: Johnny Depp, Christian Bale and more on the red carpet

"Public Enemies" Press Conference

2009 Los Angeles Film Festival - "Public Enemies" Premiere - Red Carpet

2009 Los Angeles Film Festival - "Public Enemies" Premiere - Arrivals

2009 Los Angeles Film Festival - "Public Enemies" Premiere - After Party

Celebrity Sigthing In Los Angeles - June 23, 2009

Christian Bale pours cold water on hopes for Dark Knight follow-up new Batman movie

Women Like The Bale

Christian Bale on Public Enemies

Christian Bale Pursues Public Enemies

Christian Bale talks FIGHTER and Says Little on BATMAN 3 and TERMINATOR 5

Christian Bale Getting Ready to Shoot The Fighter Very Soon

HBO Offers a First Look at 'Public Enemies' Plus We Have 24 New Images

christian bale thinks someone is watching him


It's a star turn

Headlines: Jude Law: To Be (Or Not To Be) Hamlet on Broadway

Jude Law: Sherlock Holmes Movie Posters!

Jude the Obscure

Jude Law & Jonny Lee Miller: Wimbledon Watchers


Brand New Inglourious Basterds Poster (Fassbender)

Michael Fassbender Actors Masterclass at Fleadh


Now TV's Demons is scrapped

ITV deals killer blow to Demons

Summer crime drama viewing #3: Life on Mars


Dressed-down Billie Piper and Laurence Fox celebrate Father's Day with baby Winston

Billie and the kid

Screencaps episode 1-04

Lewis returns for fourth series


TV review: Classic Agatha Christie

Settle in with a scone, a cuppa and dear Agatha

Agatha Christie's Poirot, Marple back on the case


'The Philanthropist' gives until he hurts

A Billionaire's New Bottom Line

NBC's "The Philanthropist" Pilot Premiere At The Paley Center For Media

NBC's new 'The Philanthropist' is a Wednesday TV pick

How a Very Rich Man Grows a Conscience

It's Good to be the King

A Do-Gooder With a Potential Image Problem

Ready for 'The Philanthropist'?

Your next box set: Rome

NBC's new 'The Philanthropist' is a Wednesday TV pick


Audi Clean Diesel Dinner - Arrivals

Audi TDI Dinner - Inside

Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Out for Audi!



Sixth Bond, Daniel Craig - more than a double Ohhhhhh...

Daniel Craig's massive zit - and pics of more spotty celebrities

Daniel Craig eyes psychological thriller

Daniel Craig to Star in Jim Sheridan's Thriller Dream House

Daniel Craig Leaving The Ivy Club


Rhys Meyers arrested in 'airport fracas'

Jonathan Rhys Meyers in airport punch-up,21985,25688213-5012974,00.html?referrer=email&source=HS_email_nl

Jonathan Rhys Meyers handcuffed after fracas at airport

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Detained After Airport Brawl,,20287309,00.html

Check This Out: Pierre Morel's From Paris with Love Poster

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Gets Banged Up

Tudors actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers arrested in alleged airport attack


New Red Band Clip From The Ugly Truth (Butler)

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler filming 'Bounty Hunter'

Gerard Butler Puckers Up


McGregor: 'Angels' no challenge to Catholic faith

Ewan McGregor in Shanghai

A long time ago in a theatre far far away...


Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Clip and Interviews on Chéri (Friend)

Michelle Pfeiffer and Rupert Friend on The View

Rupert rises above being Keira's Friend

Keira Knightley & Rupert Friend in London


Simon Pegg & Nick Frost Answer What Is Paul?

photos from the set of PAUL!

Sigourney Weaver Joins the Cast of Paul

Simon Pegg is deadly serious about his Hollywood ambitions


Pull Back The Cape On Hogwarts

A Darker Look At The Epic Battles Awaiting Harry Potter (new extended preview)

Dumbledore's a daddy: Sir Michael Gambon, 68, becomes a father again - with his mistress

Harry Potter hard to film, Daniel Radcliffe kept laughing,22049,25654971-5006013,00.html

Harry Potter star prefers older women

Daniel Radcliffe magazine scans - Tu and Starpics

Daniel Radcliffe Parades With Older Women


Law & Order to return to ITV (Bamber)

'Law & Order: UK' gets second series


Smallville Casting News: Callum Blue Has Zod Complex

Callum Blue joins 'Smallville' cast


Sci-fi Nige

Nigel Havers to guest on 'Who' spinoff


Colin Farrell's brother marries

Take a break with Colin Farrell


Henry Cavill makes the Must List

'Whatever' makes Henry Cavill tick

Henry Cavill as Sir Charles Brandon

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