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Band of Brothers: Revisiting "Carentan" (Warren)

First Promo of Sci-Fi's 'Stargate Universe' (Carlyle)

Irons has the Bard’s mettle

Interview: Tom Hardy, from East End gangster to romantic hero


Set Visit Preview: IESB Visits BOOK OF ELI in New Mexico - What Could Possibly Go Wrong? (Stevenson)

Alan Rickman and Colin Firth at a thing, being fierce

Daniel Radcliffe will quit acting, Potter colleague says,22049,25605954-5006013,00.html

Vinnie Jones: a fame of two halves

Helen Mirren teams up with young Dominic Cooper for her triumphant return to the stage

Clive to play Robin Hood's TV brother

Drama Moving On wins BBC evening slot (Armitage)

Lost (Monaghan)

Flash Forward new promo photo (Fiennes)

Ardal O'Hanlon interview: A new kind of wide boy

Paddy is set to star alongside Scorsese

Our Man in Havana by Graham Greene, read by Jeremy Northam

From Kabul with love: James Bond 'to take on Afghanistan' (Craig)


Law Dane Disproves Doubters

Opening: Sister Act, Law Hamlet, Arcadia & Tonys,%20Law%20Hamlet,%20Arcadia%20&%20Tonys

Jude Law Gives Us His Hamlet

Jude Law: Hamlet Promos!

A Bracing ‘Arcadia’ and a Fierce ‘Hamlet’

Jude Law Plays the Prince

Looking Sessy?

Hamlet, Wyndham's, London


Jude Law, Prince of Denmark

Jude Law and David Tennant - just the star turns we need for Shakespeare


What to say about ... Jude Law's Hamlet

A Law unto themselves

Jude Law's people v the internets

Jude Law Wants You!

No denying strength of Jude Law's Hamlet

Jude Law as Hamlet


Hamlet at Donmar West End, Wyndham’s, WC2

Hamlet at Wyndham’s


Hibbee Dougray thanks Hearts supremo Romanov

Scots star Dougray Scott sets sights on Macbeth movie

Film review: New Town Killers

New Town Killers

Summer of facts & drama on RTÉ


Final series of Ashes to Ashes will 'reveal all' about Gene Hunt

How good was the 'Ashes To Ashes' finale?

'Ashes To Ashes' to end after next series

Ashes To Ashes returns to tell all

Ashes to Ashes gets third series (video)

'Ashes To Ashes' finale draws 6.5 million

Ashes to Ashes – but not dust to dust

One more series for TV's Ashes (video)

Ashes to Ashes back for third series

Ashes To Ashes Exclusive: Series Three Confirmed

Can Alex escape the 80s?

Ashes To Ashes: Guns And Roses

TV ratings: Smouldering performance from Ashes to Ashes

Gene back for third series

His Royal Huntness

Gene's on the Warpath As Series Draws to a Close

Ashes to Ashes finale attracts 6.5m

Hunting for Gene's secret

Your views on Ashes To Ashes

Ashes to Ashes – but not dust to dust

Who will rise from Ashes of drama?


Doctor in the House at Almeida

Is Anybody There? (Caine, Morrissey)


Christian Bale: I Love Goldfishes ‘Cause They’re So Delicious

Contrary Christian Bale

Going back to the future

A series in terminal decline[_id]=23727

Terminator with a temper


Paul Bettany and Cam Gigandet to Star in PRIEST

Twilight star joins Bettany's comic film

Paul Bettany-Starring 'Creation' Gets Promo Trailer

Gigandet joins Bettany for the vampire Western Priest

Movie Trailer: CREATION with Paul Bettany & Jennifer Connelly


'Primeval' ends run with 4.3 million

Primeval 3.3: The Two Sides of Dionysus

'Primeval' creator talks finale, future

'Primeval's shocking third season


Jonathan Rhys Meyers: Gala Glam!

Raisa Gorbachev Foundation Fundraising Gala Dinner 2009 - Inside Arrivals

Raisa Gorbachev Foundation Fundraising Gala Dinner 2009 - Outside Arrivals


Tony Robinson interview for the DVD reissue of Blackadder

Blackadder's best barbs (Laurie)

Laurie swears off stage return

Hugh Laurie and his beard talk to Ross. 5th June.

Exclusive: Meet House's new roommate!


Stephen Fry: the joy of plaques

Stephen Fry: Lucky Man

Scenes We Love: Tristram Shandy: A Cock & Bull Story

Stephen Fry: the day the comedian became Humphrey Lyttleton


Liam Neeson in A-Team film talks?

'A-Team' plan comes together for Neeson

Liam Neeson touted for Hannibal role in A-Team movie

Liam Neeson to star in The A-Team remake

Neeson And Cooper Are The A-Team

Liam Neeson in negotiations to play Hannibal in The A-Team movie

Liam Neeson in talks for A-Team remake: report


Danny Dyer: Most women are lunatics

The guidelines: Why Brit Geezer movies don't really work

Question Time


Original Movie Alert: Sean Bean Battles ‘Black Death’

Sean Bean Has the Black Death

Sean Bean Starring In Period Adventure Film Black Death


Entire cast:

Premiere Of "True Blood" 2nd Season - Red Carpet

Premiere Of "True Blood" 2nd Season - Arrivals

Premiere Of "True Blood" 2nd Season - After Party

True Blood: Where Were We... and What's Coming Next?

TV vampires cloak Friday's Los Angeles Times cover

TV review: Vampire soap opera bloody good

Our Favorite TV and Movie Vampires

Review: 'True Blood',0,1512060.story


Gerard Butler is a Bounty Hunter

EXCLUSIVE Image for Neveldine/Taylor's GAMER


first photos from "PAUL" set (Pegg, Frost)

Paul script preview


Grey's Anatomy doctor 'McHottie' homesick (McKidd)

Homesick for Scottish weather – You must be Kidd-ing

Scots star Kevin McKidd admits he's homesick for the weather

New McKidd in town


New Doctor Who Titles Will Look Old School, Big-Headed

Doc Said Scots Are Like Time Lords..Out for World Domination ; TENNANT INSPIRES TV STAR's BIG BREAK

Dr Who fan has flashing blue light on Tardis coffin at his funeral

Luft, Hateley, Ruffelle and Barrowman Will Celebrate Judy Garland in July 1 Concert

Davies says Torchwood's season four is ready to go

Picspam: David

Love in the 21st Century Picspam


Colin Farrell Starts Filming In London…

Is Colin Farrell turning into Susan Boyle?

Knightley, Farrell join London Boulevard


SFF 2009: Teri Hatcher Attends "Coraline" Screening (Nesbitt)

James Nesbitt: ‘I’ve always felt I was 17’

James Nesbitt may be forced abroad for work

James Nesbitt: Soldiering on

Nesbitt: 'British TV in desperate state'

James Nesbitt: I'm one of Elton's 750 best friends!


Video: Hugh Grant kicks photographer in New York

Hugh Kicks Photographer Where It Hurts!


Arise, Sir Dracula... and other assorted stars: Christopher Lee and Delia Smith awarded Queen's honours

Arise Sir Dracula: Queen knights Christopher Lee


Moor to Lenny in bard tragedy

Dawn French and Lenny Henry drop asking price of their home by £650,000 after lavish mansion fails to sell


BBC drama Merlin to air on NBC

Merlin Series 2 - 14 new pics from the Set

Sword Spam

Picspam: Colin and His Hands

Entertainment Weekly

The 'I'm in ? with Bradley James'

Merlin cast interviews - Series 1

Anthony Stewart Head Interview: King Arthur Screwed Up My Nintendo!

ANGEL COULBY & ANTHONY HEAD from Merlin Exclusive Interview

The Deadbolt Interview - Designer Cloaks and 'Merlin' Chainmail with Anthony Stewart Head

TV Week

Summer series puts new spin on 'Merlin'


London Expo 2009

Colin Morgan, NBC's Merlin, on talking to dragons and casting spells


Different worlds (Bamber)

Law & Order extends to U.K.


Ian McShane and Rufus Sewell Join Cast of TV's Pillars of the Earth

Donald Sutherland, Ian McShane, Rufus Sewell doing 'Pillars of the Earth' miniseries

'Pillars' nabs McShane, Sutherland

Kings: Universal Announces The Complete Series on DVD (McShane)


Digging up the past

Tom Hanks and Ewan McGregor star in Dan Brown thriller at Clevedon cinem
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