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Monday: Hey ho. Rather rubbish weekend, but at least it rained some of the time, which meant dvds! (Okay, it should have meant other things but it was bucket day so dvds it was).

And so much for my vow of no Christian Cooke. I'd entirely forgotten he played Richard Armitage's sweet young thang in the first episode of George Gently. Oh yeah, I got my mits on some George Gently and I had other stuff to watch but I caught Lee Ingleby being period copper in a Marple I'd not seen before and I was happily diverted so I decided to stay in the grove.

What's George Gently? The bastard child of Heartbeat and Lewis, by the look of it. There's grouchy old by the book copper (Martin Shaw, for once all twinkly and not looking pained and as though he'd rather be off doing earnest theatre and besides, Gently is earnest enough for anyone, I would have thought) set in the early 60s, you know, before "England changes", so there's lots of Life on Mars references to the the times, they be a changin', like one day, homosexuality will be legalised, Catholics won't the only mad bombers loose in the land (and how come we never had all these privacy and freedom destroying laws when it woz just the micks lobbing bombs, eh?) etc, etc. That said, it's beautifully filmed, and it has its moments, and Lee Ingleby is to die for as the weasel with a heart J Bacchus (especially the hilarious mocking of the RAF).

I quite enjoyed them, though the Richard Armitage gay biker one remains my favourite. I was quite upset over poor old Gunter in eppy three, as I'd met a lot of old ex POWs in my travels and they're so sweet. You know, the ones they sent out to work Scottish farms and the like. Really sweet old guys. I suppose they have to be polite, always being outsiders, but nevertheless, sweet (and always up for a chat, which is important, when travelling alone).

But then I knew I should watch a coupla episodes of Southland. On proper viewing, it's more like Homicide:Life on the Streets than Adam 12, and all very mean streets and angsty, but I liked it (though wee posh boy's mysterious past will be eventually revealed to be something totally banal once the writers have lost interest). Cooper is chiselled from the same stone as Vic Morrow's Sarge in Combat! Which still has me rolling my eyes every time I catch the end of it, mainly because it never ends with the taking of an enemey position but rather with one of the soldiers having a breakthrough: "My dad...he never played baseball with me." Sob, Weep. Group hug. Gordon Bennet.

Thank heavens for The Saint, then, all public schoolboy stiff upper lip, a bit of biffo, and less interest in women than his car and suits. As it should be.

Merlin? Where to start? We're up to the eppy where Lancelot is introduced (so, not the chroncilces version then - grin) and it's all rather fun, with additional dialogue by TH White, or so it seemed, and we're all set up for triangles as is tradition but nothing quite like the boys getting very Marion Zimmer Bradley in front of the cameras at that charity soccer game. Oh my.

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Thursday: I threw my first ever sickie yesterday. Well, I was actually unwell so I suppose it doesn't really count, but far less oogy than Mon or Tues but I've really had it up to here and beyond with backstabbing humourless creeps so I stayed home and wallowed in feverish ooginess. I'd also worked a twelve hour day and had to wait for an hour in the cold rain for a bus. It pretty much finished me off. I was falling down tired, walking into walls blind and stupid.

Didn't crack open any dvd cases in my wallowing, which mostly consisted of feverish nightmares before I got up to feed the rather insistent cockies, dump stuff from the groaning IQ to disk to watch later (ie never) and pootle around online.

I did watch the last two eppies of Southland. I was a bit disappointed by the all detective episode, but I loved girl detective giving it all to the answer to the upstairs twat's question of "just what is your problem with me?" Oh, you go girl. Would that I could do the same. My hero.

Watched a really peculiar episode of Bergerac, or maybe the old noggin was still not making connections. It was all very New Avengers, what with the murderous fencing eccentrics and the fancy dress. Saw bits of a repeated Apparitions which I'd missed the night before before, but I think it'a back to the dvd for a recap, alas. Then I just took forever to work my way through the flist, after a too brief session last time. I guess everyone was back and posting and it looks like it was all happening everywhere else. I was particularly bemused, okay, startled into a coughing fit, by the pics of Bradley and Santiago getting all Marion Zimmer Bradley in those soccer pics. Oh my. Oh my indeed (so much for poor old Colin, eh?).

Also checked out the Torchwood trailer (and I've seen ads for the latest Torchwood on UKTV here - fast tracking?), stage door pics of a rather startled looking Jude Law, the news that David Tennant is filming Hamlet (as well as doing a Sarah Jane episode, some DW animated adventures and putting his hand up for the movie - Matt Smith is obviously going to have to prise the sonic screwdriver out of David's cold dead hands).

Watched poor Bart get tied up again in Maverick (poor Bart, he's always the one who gets beat up in the episodes, heh) and a surreal episode of Bonaza while I was washing up. Either the noggin was still oogy (which is was) or the really good drugs had finally arrived in the US of A when that episode was wrote. Seriously strange. Maybe it'd have made more sense if I'd not been attempting to multitask while it weirded on in the background, but I doubt it. Then I half watched The Invisibles (still attempting to multitask, not very well, I will admit) and was treated to Tony Head in budgie smugglers. That was my cue to turn the tv off, rub my eyeballs, and try and get some sleep, which I didn't, but that can't be helped. Life is sucky right now and I find myself distressed beyond my ability to cope right now.

Happily though I have friends who send me stuff to watch (and glitter stickers) and Himself not only did the washing and ironing this week but made cupcakes and found me a retro Land of the Lost lunchbox. Yes, a shameful merchandisng grab with the new suckie fillum coming out, but as I'd coveted such an item since I was a wee little grub it was a very happy moment to finally get my mitts on one. Of course in the intervening years it's all gotten a bit cargo culty and of course owning a Land of the Lost lunchbox doesn't make my life better. Or maybe it does, because I tell ya, I've been so bloody miserable this week, but then I think of my lunchbox, and, well, life still sucks, but I have my lunchbox at last. And that's something.

Friday: Didn't get to see much of Maverick at all as I was late home again, and it's a pity because it looked a real corker, with actual backstory as to why the lads aren't welcome in Texas (oh yes, both brothers, whee! - and bonus Efrem Zimbalist Jnr, when he was still cool). Sigh.

I did get to see Rex and it looked like Rex was doing the very special episode last night, at least, flirting with A Very Special Episode wildly (and in that coat, Christian? Really?), any way, we were bemused. I still can't believe my Austrian friends are all "Ya, we call that a children's show here". Really? With the kinky gay sex murders? Sometimes even I raise eyebrows at what those crazy Euro cop shows get up to. I was disappointed that there were no satanists or kung fu monks this week, but I think I was getting far to used to the crazy Spooner-esque plots. It'll probably be vack to blackmailers, embezlers and adulterers from now on. Sigh.

Speaking of Kung Fu monks, damn pity about Mr Carradine. I grew up with Kung Fu, as some of you know, so it kinda bites.

And the kerfuffle over the Chaser? Clearly none of these folks were watching last Tuesday night's eppy of Pushing Daisy, which had the very same comment to make, but there you go. Over reaction much? As always, I never saw that episode, so I can't comment, but I find it bemusing that Pushing Daisies has managed to fly under the radar with exactly the same topic. Heh.

Oh, and I bet they're sorry they axed the Echo Beach part of Moving Wallpaper cause the stuff those Home & Away kids are getting up to, well, it just writes itself. Heh.

Oh, and I had a quiet chat with someone and it turns out I ain't Robinson Crusoe re the institutional merde I've been experiencing this last year. It doesn't help but at least I know I'm not being a little petal about it all.

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