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singing in the rain

Friday. It is currently pissing down. In a most pleasing and dramatic fashion. And I am feeling somewhat relaxed as, despite my pc here crapping itself, it's been a reasonably quiet day. The absence of certain persons makes me very happy indeed.

Could have used the time for typing, but after my ill fated attempt yesterday, I don't think so. I'm just content to get some stuff out of the too hard tray into the done pile.

I have had many cups of tea. I used to have half a drawer of teas but gave it up, then a colleague wondered why, so I restocked and I'm glad I did. The right tea for the right mood, it's a good thing.

Yes, as you might have gathered, not a lot going on. I have done my errands, ticked all my boxes, emptied my in tray and am feeling curiously unmotivated to do anything more.

TV? Watched a very odd episode of Inspector Rex last night that, for all the world, unfolded as though it had been ghost written by Spooner's ghost. It was very, very Spooner (or Nation or Clemens, they're all much of a muchness in the daft ideas department). I liked, very much, but it was a very weird episode for what is meant to be a dog and cop show. Anything that ends with mystical and mysterious buddhist monks gets a thumbs up in my book, but it wasn't the usual tale of adultery, blackmail and murder that I was expecting. More Champions than Rex, now that I come to think of it, which is now bad thing, but it was a bit like having men in silvery space suits walk through Law & Order. Just a bit.

Speaking of which, a friend sent me some classic L&O. OMG, it's so Life on Mars, so chunky, so brown. And worse, I remember sitting down to watch these eps (on my own, while my partner cheated on me as his tea congealed, but never mind that). Was it really that long ago? I remember those episodes like yesterday. Still, fun, cause you know I'm no stranger to the period cop show, as my recent indulgence in matters Bergerac will attest.

Meanwhile, just the other day I was counting the sacred texts of my childhood not as yet butt-fucked by Hollywood on one hand, and now I hear another one has bitten the dust: The British UFO TV series is headed for the big screen.

I was so mad keen on this as a kiddie, and considering the hardcore trippy cold war plots, it's all rather disturbing. Oh, UFO is fun, and you might not know it but you've already seen an episode, sort of, as an episode of Dr Who with Martha ripped off an episode of UFO wholesale, right down to the green cordial breathing alien. Gotta love those cordial breathing aliens. And the one shot interceptors. And those string vests. And the purple wigs. And the opening titles. Love.

Okay, when are they going to make The Secret Service into a fillum? Martin Shaw needs the gig.

Maverick? We're back round to the Robert Louis Stevenson one. At least the tv writers of old copped to ripping off old stories, rather than passing them off as their own, and kudos to them.

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