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it never rains but it pours

Borders is gone. That was....sudden. It was there the other day, I swear it was. It was just a bit too damp for the park and I desperately needed to get out of the office so I waddled up to Borders as per usual to find it shut and empty. Brusque. I wasn't the only one staring at the locked doors open mouthed, either.

Bugger. It was, since the other newsagency is now a hole in the ground, my sole source of magazine-age from foreign climes. Just as well I have a massive and mighty backlog to get through then, I suppose, but blast and botheration, that is distressingly inconvenient.

Meanwhile I bought a new saw. I'd really like this damp weather to last over the weekend so I could watch dvds instead, but I could never be that lucky (I seem to be rather unlucky of late). Speaking of which, I finally opened the concertina'd package and congratulate the US postal service on their superior choice of carboard ply as the contents had somehow survived intact. Happiness.

TV? Not much I had a mountain of ironing to do, despite being walk into a wall exhausted, all of it belonging to the person who just curled up in a chair and read, I might add, just to stamp my poor Cinders credentials. I did listen to Pushing Daisies, which I think almost entirely endears itself to me by being so thoroughly narrated and stupid that I can easily follow it while engaged in menial labour. Worked through Hood but it was a stupid episode amyway (the S2 finale) and I find myself less and less enamoured of that particular fandom every day. I don't know when the fairy dust faded exactly, but faded it did. No, I know, it was when Merlin and Arthur walked back into my life. Apparently I can only juggle one band of medieval pretties at a time. Well that and Merlin is the better show, imho.

Passed out during Dr Who. It was the coronation one which doesn't rate highly with most people but I don't mind it. And there's the hair. Surely worth the price of admission, that hair.

Oh, Maverick, what I saw of it, was a rather complex tale of cheating and revenge (aren't they always) but so long as Maverick finishes up even or ahead it's all good, but we had riverboats, buried loot, skunks, rigged fights, Deadwood and Effram Zimbalist Jnr. Mercy.

Oh, yesterday I thought I'd take my faux Victorian black velvet jacket for a spin since I'd found up the back of the wardrobe and wore it over my vaguely old fashioned white shirt and Victorian inspired skirt, just for fun, but no one noticed or cared. Worse, even though I could see the rain/rainbow coming I got held up at work and got completely soaked through to the skin on the way to the bus stop and the dye in the cheap faux Victorian faux velvet coat ran like a running thing and my fave shirt is ruined/tie-dyed. Sigh. And I was all cold and wet, but nevermind about that. So I'm one shirt down. Brilliant. Just...brilliant.

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