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Oh, hi. I've had a week. Even the present a dear friend so very kindly sent got backed over. That's the sort of week I've had. Sigh.

Still, if I'm to attempt to find a few littles gems in the steaming tsunami of merde that is my life right now, I suppose there was Saturday. I got up late because it was a bit grim, so I watched a dvd (yay!) while I waited for the weather to decide which way it was going to go. It went windy as hell, but I still managed to watch some Bergerac on my wee dvd player, though I could barely hear it and I swear the dvd must have skipped a whole scene in one episode, while I sat and kept an eye on the greywater buckets during the laundry cycles. Then a friend showed up mid washing and I ran away to go see Star Trek.

Not quite Cinders and the ball but I'll take what I can get. We went to a sushi train place for lunch (because Trek was so sold out we had to wait till the 3pm session) then we wandered about Borders (saw a few things but could not do the long walk of shame to the teller with taunting mate with me, so I left 'em on the shelf) and then we ended up in this tea shop that looked very posh and fancy and all that but the tea was very average and the service was dire so it was a bit disappointing, but the decor was cool. If I was just after decor, great, but I was desperate for a cuppa. I thought for sure I'd be watching Trek cross-leged, the way I was sucking down tea, but no.

The Trek. Hmm, where does one begin. It was sort of a weird experience, very good cop/bad cop as they'd stomp on Trek one minute, then have an in-joke, then back with the stomping, then another in-joke. It was...bracing. And confusing. The Guardian complained that it was the gayest film they'd seen all year, but to be honest I didn't see that at all (quite the opposite with the shoehorned but I understand it's canonical het going on) but that's just me. And the re-booting conceit - well, I'm flabbered and gasted. Okay, yes, it's a sly cheat, but... jeebus. And there was way too much bloody George Lucas in there, especially the opening car chase.

But that said, I gotta say, and it was probably just the whiz bangery going on, but I liked it. The Khan rehash was kinda painful, Pegg was still Pegg, Sulu and Chekhov were still just a bunch of quirks wishing they were fully fleshed characters, but McCoy, oh my god, Karl was the distilled essence of McCoy. More McCoy than McCoy. He just cracked me up big time. I loved Karl in this fillum. Somebody give that boy a film career, because he deserves better, Still, he McCoy'd his little heart out, bless. The new Kirk and Spock? Hmmm. Spock, yes. Kirk? Not so sure. Aside from the fact I was grinding my teeth over some rather huge changes (I'm sure they had their reasons but if you unpick a few stitches the whole fabric may unravel, as now Kirk has no brother and the flying rubbery pancake episode was a childhood fave) and he seemed more piss take than homage (though when the primary source is the Shatman I understand it'd be a really fine line to tread in the first place, never mind over forty years worth of lampooning of said character since). So I didn't mind, but I will admit childhood nostalgia will always hold the high card, much like one's preference of Doctor, it takes a truly awesome performance to trump childhood memories. Tennant managed it. I'm not sure about these new boys.

Sunday was Tony Head day. Well, he popped up in Bergerac, was in Merlin twice (Ten are playing Merlin twice on Sundays, not that it does me any good, whimper, wail, gnash, but it's the thought that counts) and I'm sure he was in Buffy somewhere on cable. I didn't get to wallow in Merlin quite as I would have liked but the boys are pretty and they have such a great chemistry and the moments when they catch themselves agreeing or sharing a joke, etc, are really quite sweet. Aw. I don't care what anyne says, it's a lovely little romance and I delight in the moments I get to see it.

The boys are also very good actors, they play it just right, and get far more from the script than they should, like Bradley giving Arthur a shrewedness just in his eyes that the script belies. And oh, those two boys sparkle together.

And yeah, the safety rails in the dungeon are a crack. Uther is very big on workplace safety, you know.

I also liked the bit where Arthur arrests Gwen because he has to, dragging her along the hall while she protests her innocence. Portentious much? Arthur does the stormtrooper bit rather too well, scarily well.

And I promised myself I wouldn't squirm when I saw something not quite right but I gotta squirm over how trusting Arthur is with letting other, in Merlin's case demonstrably inexperienced, folks buckle him into his armour, because his life depends on how good a job they do. Too damn trusting, one of Arthur's fatal flaws, alas, and haven't they picked that up and run with it. Vanity, too. It's more to like, the hidden . complex oand broody depths of young arthur.

And Merlin. Colin makes him so very likeable, so puppyish, so keen , so hasty in action. It's just perfect, a young outsider, all awkwardness and desperate to fit in and make his mark at the same time. It's just perfect, and I love the dimples. Sigh.

I heart that show so much.

What else? Tony Booth was on The Saint. Sunday night is Whedon alum night with Bones followed by Castle, which seems to be just an opportunity for Nathan to run amok with the smarm turned up to eleven, but I still kinda didn't mind it. Nice to see the boys doing well, at least. Not sure what's going to happen if the ABC goes back to playing stuff I actually want to watchon a Sunday night (especially as all the other channels are snapping up stuff one would normally expect to see on old Aunty). Never mind, I'll just IQ it and watch it back later - in theory.

Right now the dvd odf the week is Moving Wallpaper. Yes, Christian Cooke is in it, yes, he tends to spend a lot of time wandering about half nekkid in the soapy bit (and my dvd collection is no longer a Jason donovan free zone, whimper) but the Moving Wallpaper bit has Ben Miller, aspiring to be as cruel and capricious a manager as some I've laboured under. I keep cracking up. Especially the bit about soap fever (so true, spot the symptoms, the SPN writers all need to be sent home, stat). And the taking in vain of dear Ewan's name.

Ah, Ewan. There was Ewan on NG Adventure (your all Ewan and Charlie channel, all the time) on Saturday night. There was Ewan on the IQ on some ancient adventure doco he did like a decade ago being trundled out on BBC Knowledge. Ewan wears an ill advised boonie hat throughout and looks a complete dork and whines endlessly but he's still so cute (and so bloody young in this, I felt so...dirty). And no, Ewan, you never will master the art of getting a tent up. At least, not so far, on the evidence. Still, it was fun to catch that, even if I didn't get to watch it back properly. Had to be doing stuff at the same time.

Ditto Oz and James which started up on the Food channel. I missed it on Sat but caught (sort of) the Sunday repeat (I was indoors, hiding from the neighbours). It was fun to watch as they bickered and bickered and bickered some more.

And that's pretty much it. Didn't get online, well, hardly at all, and prising my new PC out of the peanut gallery's grip is proving more and more difficult, whimper (so Dell Boy isn't being ignored). Didn't get the ironing done. Didn't get all the tree branches chopped up. Didn't, didn't, didn't.

And work sucks. But at least I have my mates.

Came home halfway through an early Maverick that stareted rather woefully with an Elvis impersonator (I kid you not) but then got cracking. I missed bits, but I do hope they explained that the lads were brothers, otherwise you've got two guys sharing a room with a lot of towel flicking going on. Even by Winchester standards the Brothers Maverick were sailing pretty close to the wind, but it was dearest Bart. Poor Bart, he always gets beat up and never gets the girl (never mind, Doc'll kiss it better, but much, much later in the series, alas). Once again they raise eyebrows with lines like 'when you want to get rough you should always have a couple of men with you', or something like that, I'm afraid I was too busy coughing to jot it down verbatim in my stenographers pad. So imagine my heartbreak when I discovered the red light of recordy fail later that night. Whimper, wail. Always the best Bart episodes, too. Please, please WB, can you put it out on dvd, just for me?

Then I worked through Top Gear AU, which had a few cool bits, including getting Mr Stig to take a Model T around the track, silent fillum style. That was cute. I was still messing about with the flist when Supernatural started. Once upon a time, I used to just have SPN on while I messed about with the flist, then I found myself watching the show, then I had to buy the dvd to watch back the episodes I'd missed. I was hooked. Now, well, I found the boys distracting ut when i stopped and paid attention...sigh. Turning those Austrian cases into a crappy ghost story was kinda, I dunno, a bit off. I'm usually not so squeamish but still. And enough with Dean bleating on about bad stuff he's done. I miss old Dean. I want my old Dean back. This tortured, haunted Dean is, well, boring, quite frankly. There's only so much you can do to the poor guy before it becomes a joke, and they've overdone it. The boys are no longer guys like us, so it makes me care less. And also, they're just not funny any more. That was one thing the show had going for it, the humour. Now it's just cruel and soapboxy. The writers have soap fever. The writers need to go have a Bex and a lie down.

Oh, it's cloudy. No parklife today? Sigh. No time for writing Merlin smut. Now that really is depressing.

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