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Not going to talk about work or home merde at all today. Suffice to say I do my best but it is never good enough, fast enough, whatever enough. I run myself ragged trying to please everyone, but please no one, and am punished for it.

They can all go and squat in a prickly pear bush as far as I'm concerned. I have far more serious matters to consider. Matter of Britain matters, even. Like is it a convention that Arthur is often portayed as fair. If so, when did this tradition begin? This all started from our nodding of approval at the classic blond/brunette combo they've got going in Merlin, but then we wondered, is there a tradition?

I'm not sure, but I am curious. Currently, I'm reading The Once And Future King, in which Arthur is fair (and dumb, but keen, heh) and The Winter King, where Arthur is a kind of brown. I've yet to find any other references because most of my books tend to skirt over such trivialities. It's an interesting question though, to my mind, and I was just reading an article in the Sunday papers about how most people think of Darcy as being dark haired, he is conventionally played as dark haired, yet Jane, the minx, never actually decribes Darcy, leaving him to our imagination. The article then went on to wickedly suugest that old Darcy could be a fully functioning ginger for all we knew. Boggle. (And you know I'd post the article here but it's not online, alas).

Anyway, I'm curious as to whether or not there's a tradition, or is it more of a fashion thing. Can't find anything on Arthur so far, but Gwen is cast as a blond fairly early on in the myth making process (which just goes to show how strong some traditions aren't).

Supernatural. Still having trouble reconnecting with the boys. It's like waking up and suddenly discover you no longer like caramels, but there it is. I think, Castiel aside, this arc sucks, as far as my personal engagement with the show goes, and I find the girls pointless and ugly (Ruby with her rubber lips that make her lips, and that hideous rotting skeletal creature that Dean shagged for no adequately explained reason and I could hardly bear to watch). Maybe if we could have a non-arc episode with just the boys? But that seems a faint hope. Sigh. Look what they've done to my show...

(And it's not like I'm down on all actresses, I quite liked Mina and Ruby in Demons, and the gals in Merlin are adorable, but over in Supernatural, it's always skanky crack ho city).

Infidelity. I've spent two night on the couch now curled up with my new mini pc. One of those wee cheapie bastards but I had to get a new net account with another telco while I struggle with my old one so I thought I'd get a wee pc to use just for net stuff should I be disconnected out of spite, and poor old Dell Boy, he's taking so long to start up now (despite my best efforts to keep him clean) and it's quite a commitment to boot him up and I wanted something I could just noodle away on, you know, just check my mail now I can't at lunch time. Such a trial to get it though, because I paid $85 for Dell to deliver it afterhours only they wouldn't so it eventually arrived on my day off after an accunulation of sorry we missed you notes (and follow up irate phone calls, can nothing go right?). Anyhoo, got it up and running on Sat evening, despite being so upset I could barely see what I was doing, and I only had him going for like, ten minutes max before he downloaded his first willy. Daniel Craig's, as it happens, and it wasn't on purpose, it was just a pic spam of Dan in tux, Dan in cardy, Dan in bath. Oh dear. My poor baby's pr0n cherry popped in under ten minutes. Tsk.

There was more Dan last night: Dan with frog, Dan messing about in spandex according to Simon Pegg (see last night's Brit News post for all the links).

Of course, mucking about trying to get a very tardy link list out meant I was only paying scant attention to Maverick (we've gone back to the start, back to young James, looking every inch Troy Tempest, and all the womens done up in their fifties fashions and it is such a fifties show and it was another very, very Hustle episode and I'm afraid I lost track of who was conning who again but I don't think it really mattered).

Ditto Time Team and Top Gear. It was the Oz version of Top Gear anyway, but to give the boys their due, it was much, much improved, James Morrison is a much better fit and I found myself giggling at many points, especially during the challenge (though their comments weren't quite so funny as the nearly choked on my tea and bikkies comment from an old Top Gear repeat the other day when Hammond announced he'd just been wedged between Jeremy's thighs in a Dutch three wheeler). So yeah, I liked last night's episode and I hope the show is given another chance now they seem to have found their groove, but probably not. I mean, come on, even first season of Top Gear 2.0 had that lump that wasn't our beloved James in it. I really liked the bit with the truck, though. That was ...evil. Heh.

Speaking of evil, I see a few of the ol flist are watching Apparitions. Despite my shifting in my seat and wishing they'd get on with it towards the end, I think that was just a girl with a load of washing waiting rather than any fault of the program. I did enjoy Father Doyle the meddlesome priest and the very scary bits. Seems to have been more of a hit with my catholic friends so I'm probably missing something with the blah blah blah get on with it bits. I was seriously into it when I first saw it in the UK, in fact I remember one night racing from a Bach recital at St Martins in the Field just so I could get back into my hotel room in time to catch the end.

That was rather fun, actually. It was my first night in London and I'd deliberately not booked anything due to the insanity of the last few times I had (because I know I've seen certain plays but can only remember the run to the theatre, not the performance) and left myself open to serendipity and as I excited the National Gallery I was handed a leaflet for the old Bach and though why not? To be honest, the Bach wasn't quite to my taste and the wooden pews were hard and I got scowled at everytime I moved and creaked my seat, but the church was pretty and some pieces I liked and I figured I should try and suck up as much culture as I could, to tide me over, you might say. But I did kinda get bored and did the bolt the moment the band downed tools, flying down to the tube station, getting straight on a train and then making a dash to the old hotel at the other end. Did it in a very impressive time, for me, landed on bed, switched on telly, switched on kettle, excellent. Tea and biscuits and rebel priest Ray Doyle and me still smelling all churchy. Excellent.

Well, it was a bit different from work, woolworths, bus, home or work, bus, woolworths, home (sometimes I mix it up, crazy kid that I am).

Yesterday I nipped into the ABC shop instead, redeeming my points on something I'd not normally buy in a pink fit. That's what I use my points for, buying dvds that are just for the hottie totty. I mean, usually I'll lash out on dvds that interest me, subject/story wise, any actors of note being a happy bonus, but sometimes, sometimes if I'm having a flail over an actor du jour, I just gotta catch up on the back catalogue, and having, still, an expensive, limited and slow net account, the dvds are cheaper than torrent (crazy but true) but we're talking about back catalogue so unless I'm very, very lucky we're also talking the dire, the challenging, the experimental. And that's where using the points come in, so I feel less like I actually spent money on that future drinks coaster. And that's what I did last night. No, I won't say who or what but I bet you can guess.

I found a place near work that sells takoyaki. The first time I went it was, well, wasn't the best I've had, but I was desperate today, real craving, and the weather was a bit grey and grim for the park (it was lovely before, but by the time I stepped out it had switched into full bleak winter mode) so I went and got some. Glad I did. They hit the spot in a salty savoury way that'll get me arrested one of these days (by the fat police if no one else). Yummo.

Oh, and Arthur is turning into such a needy bottom in this fic. He needs slapping, or something. I did not intend to write him this way but the boy is nothing if not majorly insecure, the poor petal (and not without good reason considering the way his nearest and dearest treat him now and in the future).

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