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I'm seeing my reflection, I'm looking slightly rough

It's always a shock to duck outside during my break and be suddenly struck with a memory of school, because all the sights and smells and sounds are the same, school being only a few clicks away. Memory, huh.

Speaking of ancient history, a friend was recently mocking me rather primly over my excessive and non age appropriate drooling. I was beginning to wonder if anyone had noticed. While a few actors I fancy actually do share my year of birth (yeah, right, like I'm gonna tell), I really don't care. These lads are no more real to me than paintings, and I appreciate them as the works of art that they are. Besides, like I'd actually have anything to do with the local guys of that age around here. Eeeew. Nah, my drooling is entirely abstract, and as it's the only fun I get in my enforced celibacy we'll just let me be a dirty old woman in my imagination, shall we? Best let her get her jollies somehow or you'll all be paying the price. What does it matter if half the actors I'm dribbling over are a decade younger? Or as Best Friend once said: "Half my age and still legal!" :D

The other thing is that while I used to fancy older actors, quite a few of them are dead now, or, let's be frank, getting past it (yes, Michael Biehn, I am looking at you) and even my contemporaries are dropping like flies, or dropping bits, like The Fly. What's not to love about scrummy young toy boys, at least to admire from a very great distance. Actors quite a bit older than me that I still fancy include Michael Biehn, Sean Bean, James Marsters, Peter Wingfield, Dougray Scott and Sean Pertwee. At lot of the actors I've been buying magazines pictures of are actually the same age as me, and yeah, there a few who are quite a bit young and in a few cases, very much younger than me. So what? It's not like it makes a jot of difference to the world.

Speaking of Best Friend, Gordon Jackson cameoed in my dream for no specific reason other than to ask if I'd ordered the Profs on dvd. He was gratified to learn that my friend was such a fan, and I spared the old dear from hearing about BF's more lurid fantasies - and I won't even begin to describe that Cadfael one of hers which still has me choking with horror and laughter at the very thought. Two words: daisy chain.

Note to self: I must really invest in better lighting in the kitchen. My lunchbox turned into cockroache surprise (think that scene from The Mummy) and I'm convinced that a stronger light would let me be able to spot the buggers lurking in my grapes and/or lunchbox. I managed to corral the suckers and, well, applied the ultimate solution but, well, eeew. Yup, my home is a roache motel, deal with it. I have to. They're in all the walls so I just can't get rid of the buggers.

One of my Dad's old friends called, which was lovely. He expressed solidarity with both my wish for peace and the whole work situation, having a good insight on both. He noted that Dick Cheney's companies will benefit from the building projects (as seen in US ads) and oil fields (as noted in the New York Times) in Iraq. How nice for Dick.

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  • Ah, another 14 hour a day another...whaddaya mean unpaid overtime?! Yup, only got paid for half my hours yesterday. Oh well. Everyone else had things to do and I only had a tv to come home to so I volunteered to stay back late and do what needed doing. So I missed Buffy and drat cause it was the psycho ward one which is actually rather good, for S6, and I really wanted to see Angel because it's the one where Angel tries to suffocate Wes with the pillow, as well as casually torturing W&H execs. It's a really rocking episode, DB actually acts and there's angst and guilt and pain and suffering and I missed most of it as I was doubled over crying with my own private misery as the old endo kicked up again last night (it usually does when I get severely overtired).

    Clutching a hot water bottle and a fistful of panadol I sat down to Boomtown and this week they got me. There was Joe Penny and I was thinking frell, look, it's the guy from Riptide (Best Friend was such a fan and inflicted many an episode upon me), whatever happened to him and so this is where he's ended up and ha!, 'cause the whole episode was about the guy from Riptide and where he ended up. When they had the Riptide flashbacks I was squealing with laughter instead of pain, so that was cool. I loved this episode. Ray finally won me over and the Riptide thing, what a hoot. Oh, and Neal was looking simply stunning in his all too brief scene. They don't seem to know what to do with Neal, especially now he's not shagging the reporter. Oh well. Riptide, heh.

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  • Oh, I am writing, btw. At least the lack of any email at all to wade through has left my mornings, on those rare occasions when I'm in here all alone, free for creative pursuits. I'm editing a story together and having fun while I go. Right now I'm just stitching scenes together and, well I'd guess you'd call it writing pickups to bridge over scenes I've cut or re-ordered, that sort of thing, and writing a bit of filler to putty over a few holes. Like should I bother writing the boys getting from A to B or should I just do a Laura Norda switch? I love the L&O switch but I'm aware that some of my friends really, really don't. Though the scene with Vin off tracking was boring me witless to write it so I think I'll cut it down and employ the old scene change. I mean, I'm not writing an epic, nor am I being paid by the word, and these days nobody reads anything more than 4 pages long, let alone writes it. Well, that might not be strictly true but certainly you don't get any feedback if you've sweated blood over a long story and it annoys me, and it also annoys those of my friends who also labour over long stories. At least I'm having fun fleshing out some of the earlier scenes, and I've got that big gun fight to spice up. Hmmm...hopefully Ned Kelly (the fillum) will give me a few tips and pointers.

    Just saw my reflection. I look worse than I feel. This can't be good.



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