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"But Ken realised it would be quite a small amount of time and would enable him to grow one of the many moustaches he hopes to grow over the course of his career." - Richard Curtis, BBC

Monday: Ow, my head. I have a thumping headache, and I actually managed to turn off my alarm in the twenty minutes of kip I managed to squeeze twixt committments, and I shoulda listened because I've been here three hours now and the best I've managed is to open notepad. Lousy technology.

So in lieu of doing something useful I'm going to tell you all about my weekend. Not that what kept me back late last night and yet more unpaid overtime was in any way useful. But I digress.

So, Friday, my RDO (and boy, I paid in flesh and blood for that one). It was the far too rare trip to Manly for fish and chips. My fault on that one, where it went wrong. Lovely trip over and the very iffy weather held, but, as I was shouting the hordes and lacking the supernatural ability to rustle up a bit of battered flake on my own, I baulked at the posh, pricey cafes for something a little more, um, well I was hoping for cheap and cheerful was it wasn't good. Sigh. Never go where the sticky tables. I do know better, I do, I just get flustered in company, and the other places were really, really pricey. Oh well.

Couldn't fault the company though. It's fun when it's an old friend and the conversation resembles a friendly yet slightly competitive tennis match, with the occassional zinger hurtling past one's ears. I find that fun but I know others who just take their bat and ball and go home (uh oh, mixed sporting metaphors) but you know what I mean. A good friend knocks it back over the net.

We walked up and down the beach and sat and watched the waves and I had a gaytime. No, that's an icecream, really, it is. They played the old ad during Life on Mars and suddenly there was a hole in the wall cafe selling them and kismet. I'd not had once since, well, the 70s, and it was good (though not as good as I remembered). We walked back up the other end of the beacj where Himself pointed out the fat weird looking kangaroo statue that used to be the tourist attraction in Manly. A little worse for wear now as over 150 years of vandalism, including another artist taking potshots at it with a shotgun back in the day, have taken their toll. I like it, it's just like all those old paintings were the artists just couldn't grasp the concept of kangaroos and kept drawing them as giant upright rats.

We wandered through the shops then out the other side to the ferry wharf and I begged and pleaded to be allowed to go to Oceanworld. I can barely remember the last time I went. I think I must have been five or six, when my grandmother came out (the only reason my mother's bony hand would ever crack open her purse, I'm sure). I can't remember my grandmother, but I can remember my wee little brother being extravagantly alarmed by a skate that slid up the glass he was pressed against.

No such luck this time, though the sharks were very impressive and very creepy and I still felt alarmed and protective when they slid up the glass behind him (damn hardwired instincts). I think this is the first time I ever saw all the fish. Here's a tip, to get the fish actually pressed up against the glass, tuck a large stuffed lobster under your arm. Yep, we got there five minutes before the last vistors discount kicked in so I perused and there was this stuffed lobster and I just had to have it. It's drapped over the couch arm at home now. I was kinda going for quirky but I think I bypassed quirky and ended up straight into weird again. Oh well. And what's the deal with making him the colour of a boiled lobster? Never mind, all the fish had to have a perve and emerged from their myriad hidey holes and I felt I got my money's worth (instead of staring at empty tanks, as I usually do). The sharks, the big, big sharks that slithered over the top of the glass tunnel, were particularly curious. Yikes.

It was very, very cool though. Very pricey, but worth it. Byo stuffed lobster.

Then it was into a cafe for a restorative tea, then home. A grand day out.

Saturday was grey and murky looking and it rained three times during the Sweeney, so I declared it a no washing day and got through a few episodes of my backlog, mostly my House/Life disks (yes, my poor old pvr has no hard drive). They're very, very fluffy compared to Rebus and Vincent (though I only got through one disk of that). Even with Brit thesps in the lead, I think I prefer my Brit cop shows, though Life is pleasingly daft, so long as I'm watching it in the afternoon and not waiting up for it at night.

Mind you, American cop shows are preferable for watching while doing the washing/ironing. They're shorter than the washing cycle thanks to their many ad breaks, and they have really simple plots that don't stress you too much and they repeat everything endlessly so you can multitask and still follow the plot, such as it is. Sample dialogue:

"I think we better go interview that woman in the red dress."
"The woman in the red dress?"
"That chick in the red dress, she was kinda hot."
"Who? The chick in the red dress?"
"Yeah, whatever. Hey, Lt, we're going to interview the chick in the red dress."
"Maybe you should bring her back here."
"The chick in the red dress?"
"She was kinda hot."

And so on and so forth. Bloody annoying, usually, but a godsend when only watching with one ear (if that).

Despite a cracking thunderstorm all night, which got me out of watering the garden, I did have to do the washing and mow the lawns. Just when I'd settled down to my sunbed and dvd (while keeping an eye on the greywater buckets which I ferry to pathetic cot cases around the garden) my dvd player batteries ran out (grrr). Then a friend rang and we went off shopping.

I suspect this was not appreciated because when I came home with snacks there was such a hissy fit. I could quite happily wear slinging the unwanted snacks in the bin, but the hissy fit I did not need (inexplicable as he'd been waving the menu from the very snack emporium around for a fortnight and I have a witness that we were asked to check it out). This is what I get for trying to be nice (or empirical). Okay, running off with friend probably not nice but their partner is overseas and they're bored and I'll be back on the shelf in another week or so, anyway, so what did it matter? I hadn't been to that mall for so long all the shops had changed. I was looking for a teapot, a nice one, but instead ended up with a remaindered cup/saucer Wedgewood set that I fell in love with. What they hey, eh? It was reduced by nearly two thirds. It'll go on the vaguely faux Eastern shelf I'm putting together. What is the word for a fake twenties fake Japanese inspired design? Whatever, I liked it.

Dinner was a terse affair, and I fell asleep during Poroit, which annoyed me because it had Jemima Rooper and Tom Mison in it (Tom is popping up all over my tv choices of late, though entirely out of chronological order). I guess I was just comfy, for once, and tired.

Monday was a shocking day from start to finish as no software, drives, servers, connections or anything that ought to work worked, one of my folders had vanished and I had two days worth of work to do (bearing in mind I'm already during the work of nine people) and the tech troubles made everything take ten times longer than it needed to so there was no Maverick, no Top Gear and no Spooks (no nekkid Rupes!) and standing up on the bus, all two hours of it, all the way home. I could have bitten through glass and steel, if I'd not been so tired.

At least I did manage to get online and my flist amused me greatly. The trailer for Ashes to Ashes rocks (would that the show did likewise). At last, the real Gene Hunt. Though now I have Chant No. 1 stuck in my head. Thanks, Gene.

Tuesday: Wot a day. Least of all having to stay back for a report coming from a regional office (because god forbid we should look centralised) that was going to be referred to on telly that night. So I'm waiting, waiting, waiting. Then the phone call as to why no reports on net, bitch. I say cause no emails, bozo. So they send again. Still no emails. Unknown to us, the email network has shat itself (again) and the pointy headed lot can't be bothered to tell anyone who might reasonably care to know. So the backwater hicks ring again and dictate the whole thing over the phone as I type furiously (weirdly, I manage to do this entirely typo free, unlike my usual copy/paste method) and I manage to get it online in the nick of. But....jeebus.

Never mind, smiles all around upstairs since we managed to get it all happening using 19thC tech. All praise Victorian era infrastructure (the last time we had infrastructure put in, though they promise us we'll have broadband in Oz... in 2020. Jeebus).

That meant of course I missed True Blood, well, the bulk of it anyway, and Alex actually had lines, and was walking around looking weirdly bulky and tired in a cut off t-shirt - very unvampy wear imho. Also missed most of Torchwood, and it was the really cool creepy sideshow one. I like that one cause Ianto gets a role, though the peanut gallery could tell some of his lines had gone to Owen (Gareth would have made that line work, he snarked, as Burn failed yet again to arouse any emotions except irritation and impatience).

Ended up doing a half arsed half blind late night ironing session watching Pushing Daisies, in its Oz tv debut, so I'd not seen it before. It is rather gooey and sickly sweet, but I kinda liked it, and there were odd moments were the old Dead Like Me sass and inappropriate humour sliced across the stickiness, and that I liked. So I think I'll tune in again, just to see how it goes. It is awfully silly and I know it's axed but I feel I should support and celebrate anything that isn't wholly in the quirky cop/consultant/doctor/lawyer school at the moment. If nothing else, it's effing different, and there's not a whole lot of different on tv these days.

And I like the gallows humour. That's why I like shows like Maverick (surprisingly dark and quirky sometimes when it's a good script, though much more so in the Garner years than the Moore series, and startlingly modern and hardcore, too, like most B/W telly dramas that I've watched lately).

Needless to say, I've not seen any Maverick all week, whimper. Here's hoping I've not effed up the timer settings. Oh yeah, would that we had proper grown up digital telly here but we don't so I'm still messing about with basically an old VCR set and forgetting to put in new disks and setting 09:00 instead of 21:00 when I'm too tired to think straight and so on and so forth and blackouts don't help.

At least I'm enjoying a manager free day. In fact there is nobody here today except me. Which would normally be a case of yahoo let's go but I'm tired and I forgot my notebook so I can't even type up stuff. Bugger.

Meanwhile, from someone else, but too funny not to post, the perils of scanners that think they know better:

… the Beer war…’ [Boer];
 ‘with rose and purple tits…’ [tints];
…roots for two art societies…’ [room];
 ‘… Admiral Suave…’ Admiral Bunce;
… full of sexism…’ [sunshine];
… of BondAge…’ [Bendigo];
… talent for depleting widespread landscape…’ [depicting];
… fun-bottomed wig, of a Supreme Court Judge…’ [fur];
…a distinction highly pitied in the world of art…’ [prized];
… There are a few figures, including a woman washing Ibsen…’ [linen];
… This reduced aunt was received…’ [amount];
… I urged very forcibly the fart…’ [fact]; ‘
… in gunfight and in shadow…’ [sunlight];
…well-to-do poopie…’ [people];
… Archbishop Kelly said be bad…’ [he had];
… the Yahoo Bequest…’ [Felton];
… Rose bladder…’ [Madder];
… a lesbian-plate…’ [fashion-plate];
… Morning lusts, Cornwall…’ [Mists];
… New South Wales artists daring the rear…’ [during the year];
… Ass- trails…’ [Australia: really! how insulting to our country! The word is ‘Arse-trails’, thank you very much, Mr. Microsoft Document Imaging!];
… Sturdy Colonists pashed westward…’ [pushed];
… suddenly polled the bopper from her muff…’ [pulled the chopper from her muff… indeed, the correct reading of the sentence reveals the perils of unforeseen changes in language; or; gosh, those Suffragettes were made of sterner stuff!];
…Rupert Barmy…’ [Bunny];
… I sin, Sir, your obedient servant…’ [I am];
… It cannot be said that the artists were not informed; for the members of the art bodies throughout Australia were circumcised…’ [circularised]
… pictures of European beauty spots destroyed by the invading Nuns…’ [Huns: revealing another problem, this time of inflammatory WWI language which permeates the period in question];
… vague beetle-browed kid of her own intestines…’ [invention];
… While Testes…’ [Tories]
… He saw the British Empire grow till its dag was dying over half the world…’ [flag was flying];
… welcome with open anus…’ [arms];
… Dark Bather…’ [David Barker];
… give it a satisfactory ball-twist…’ [half-twist];
… Roberts exhibited, about 1878, his first successful painting, The Dancing Gut…’ [Girl];
….the “First Federal Pants or bob”…’ [Parliament];
… with Boyd it is the Tarts…’ [Yarra]
… a female figure attired only in a long steak…’ [cloak];
… Society of Women Panters…’ [Painters];
… who at bra heat…’ [his best];
… Thou shalt sit on a sushi…’ [cushion];
… Hans Heysen, the South Australian painter of our tush…’ [bush];
… displayed in puNk galleries…’ [public];
… “Deewhy Death”…’ [Beach];
… Three thugs were the artist’s medium…’ [things].

Ah, those rampaging nuns. How does one solve a problem like Maria?

Meanwhile, discovered too late that the card reader doesn't read the card I bought in Canberra, so no fishy pics, but I thought I'd post a few piccies of stuff I'd been talking about ages ago.

Cockies with bikkies

"Well may they say God save the Queen..." those steps, old parliament house, Canberra

The sunbed of sloth

Thursday was busy, as I had to relearn flash in a hurry (been so long since I made anything in flash and it is so not like riding a bicycle and I never had a bike as a kid anyway, don't get me started, so what would I know...). I did go and have my octo-balls from that sushi place but they're not the best (and they're very mean with the sauce which is the best bit, imho) and more than a bit daring pre-bucket day. Or close, as bucket day happened an hour later, once I'd finished my flashy file.

Went home sort of on time and saw one of the best Mavericks I've seen in ages (not that I've seen Maverick in ages). It was all about Bart (sigh) and his very, very BFF Doc Holliday. Oh yes. And I gotta say: Best Doc Ever. Seriously. And oh my, could he lean up against Bart any more? A delight all round. And did I mention this was the best Doc ever? He and Bart shoulda had their own series (only I still don't think the world would be ready for it. Maybe HBO or Showtime). Can you have an entire fandom just out of one episode? If so, this'd be it.

Anyhoo, that was pretty much it. Faded in and out of two Midsomers, House, Life and woke up for an old Spooks episode on UKTV (but at least I get some RPJ as my planned RPJ fest is disappearing like the morning mist, sigh) and Lie To Me, which I'd seen some of before, and featuring the dishy Mr Millson, and Angel, again, in yet another secretarial role (ironically sprouting anti adultery philosophies).

And now I am here, unwell, but I have hot, not too hot, water bottie and cups of tea and a chocolate bunny (pressie from a colleague) and some stale hot cross buns (which oddly hit the spot). Was hoping to get home in time to watch Maverick today but that hope is fading fast. Nothing like a holiday weekend to bury bad news, eh what? Would that my job was more West Wing than Thick Of It, but there you are.

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