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So I didn't go and see the Kaiser Chiefs. I'll always regret it but it was an impossible situation because I had tickets to the Human League too and they moved them onto the same day so had to choose. How could I possibly choose? Two of my fave bands playing on the same night - this never, ever happens. How unfair How unkind (and I can't even get a bloody refund, nor would himself decamp to the Kaisers with camcorder).

But, well, I have seen the Kaisers before and I'd wanted to see the Human League forever, especially since I got banned from seeing them last time (a school night, horrors! And that man is wearing lipstick!) so sentimentality won out. Sentimentality had a reasonably good time though (but as the Kaiders are on the radio right now I'm having a deep wallow).

Bill Nighy and Nick Frost were also doing a red carpet and the Who were playing across town. For fuck's sake, it's gonna be tumbleweeds and crickets chirping in the empty wastes for the rest of the year, did it all have to be on one night?

All whining aside (it's lashing down and I'm all wet and unhappy), I did enjoy last night. Not as much as I enjoyed seeing them on Saturday, but that was 98% squee and I was perhaps a little jaded from a long shitty day at work and an extraordinarily lacklustre veggie curry. And being wet. I did pop into the local bookstore (which I will have to brave again today in the downpours) and there on the first shelf I looked at was another book on Arthur. Okay, this is getting freaky, because there was nothing to be had the last time I looked. I am to go back and, if able, grab up the couple I left behind, if they're still there (it does a roaring trade, being the sole supplier of cheap-ish second hand books of some intelligence to the govt offices scattered about the immediate area). Either that or the secret to finding the books I want to to go shopping sans bag.

So anyway, bookshop, tea, but far less golden hued than Thursday. Far more Blade Runner, what with the rain and the gaudy lights of the local Korean/Japanese zone and people shuffling past in the dark. Yep, exactly like that. So going to the Human League worked, I guess, mood wise. They also played stuff off the first album, which I dared not hope for, so way cool. I got to see "Empire State Human" live. Neato. They also played "The Things That Dreams Are Made Of" and I was bemused that since I last danced to that song as a kid I'd ticked quite a few of the things off. Yay me. Well, I was bemused, wondering if I'd used the song as some subconcious template, the way I've been busily ticking off seeing stuff that was in the kiddie encyclopeadia I had as a bub.

Actually, it was fun dancing away to fave songs. It was a good show. I was just a bit tired (no real surprise there, been burning the candle at both ends and in the middle). I think I was also a bit too close this time, and the age was showing on the lovely Human League folks. It was fun, though, and I did dance and I was happy and I got to see the Human League at bloody fucking last. Tick. Next....

Ha! They just played "Baggy Trousers" on triplej. Only now to they decide they've heard of Madness. Oh yeah, and where were you last Thursday? I was there. Best. Show. Ever.

I was raving about it to a friend over lunch who got all pouty and trembly of lip as in "You saw Baggy Trousers? Live?" Oops - I never thought they'd want to go in a pink fit. I actually thought of inviting them on Saturday but thought they'd hate every minute of it, so didn't. Ooops. Then I mentioned the Human League did "Electric Dreams" (what a crack up) and realised I'd better stop, as they darkened visibly. Double ooops.

Still, it was nice to have lunch with an actual human being and we managed to get into the always has people on the street shoebox Japanese restaurant down the road. It had octopus balls! (Sometimes, the octopus, he loses). It was pretty damn good, and authentic, I gotta say. Then we retired to a very crap cafe across the road to chat (or me bragging about Madness and my friend sulking - oops). That was such a crap cafe. Judging by some of the very rough looking clientele, and the very crap service, I suspect their primary business model isn't the serving of coffee. Just possibly, mind (but if I hadn't been on home turf I would have been very nervous).

Oh, I went back to that bookshop and those books I was after were gone, dammit. Told you it had a fast turnover. The quick and the dead, that place. Although the shopwench did apologise for having the gall to actually sell stuff. Just couldn't help herself, it was what tended to happen in bookshops, she said. Cheeky bitch (but I like her, I'm a semi regular now).

Okay, from now on it's back to the quiet life of weeding and washing socks, I promise. For one thing, the bank balance has taken a bit of a hit, but it was worth it, every cent. I've waited so long to see these bands, and, now, at last I have. And best of all, they were worth it. And I never expected that.

Oh yes, there were also cupcakes. Less than crap day (though my cold is making me pay through the nose, literally).

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