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grey day

Revenge is a dish best served with rocksteady beats. But first I will tell you about my trip to Kirribilli. the last time I was there, well, I can't remember, but I was a child. Somehow, maybe because it's posh, it had escaped redvelopment, at least, around the station were all nice little old art deco buildings, comtemporary with the bridge which slams through the place like enormous battlements. I had a few hours to kill, having seriously overestimated the time to get there, and standing on the train going over the bridge I was feeling more than a bit wobbly. I was really regretting not being able to take my back pack (ladies are to be in posession of a handbag no bigger than an A4 piece of paper) because at least I could have kept it on my shoulder and not have to worry about it all the time. Because I was really, really wobbly and should have been abed but this was a special day.

And it was lovely. I found a nice cafe to sit at and i had a chicken and rockmelon salad (so there) and a glass of wine and an expresso as I read my book (my precious TH White) and it was, well, lovely. Then I wandered down to a bookshop that stayed open to seven and there was a book of Arthurian lore and I was offered a nice hot pot of English Breakfast tea as I purused. Of course I bought the book, even though it was pricey. It was just there. And somehow, it managed to fit into my handbag.

Then I wandered around the edge of the harbour and watched the sun set over the Anzac bridge and the lights came on at Luna Park. Which is where I was going. Because I was going to se a band I'd loved since I was a kid but had been banned from seeing. a band who had signed my schoolbag once. A band I simply adored. At long last, and two fingers up to those who banned me, I was going to see Madness.

And it was so worth it. Oh man. They were just brilliant. Still brilliant. Just the way I'd always imagined them and they played all the hits, no pointless revisionism accoustic versions on madrigal here. Nope, just perfect Madness. I'd been waiting with a lady of similiar vintage and we'd gotten chatting so much we were onto David Tennant's Comic Relief performance when the house lights went down and it was straight into One Step Beyond and we just squealed at every favourite. I danced my fool feet off and I was dripping sweat by the end of the night but it was so brilliant. Best show ever. Seriously, I've never had so much fun or danced so much. I still heart my band so much. They pretty much played all the hits, so I was in heaven. I got to see House of Fun played at Luna Park. Whee! By the time they got up to Night Boat to Cairo I was ecstatic. Then I bought a t-shirt and pretty much got straight into a taxi cause the place had called them, which was thoughtful.

That was the best night ever. And after an especially shitty day at work, too.

Had Friday off. Spent it being all snuffly and in bed catching up on sleep rather than dvds as planned. I even snoozed through Maverick, Rebus and Vincent.

Saturday: More Madness. And the Human League. and the Kaiser Chiefs. Yup, instead of staying home in bed I was off again. First to the docs who happily read me out someone elses's results then couldn't find mine. I was furious the rest of the day but what can you do? This is the crack team who diagnosed my mother's stroke as a cold, but there's no other medical service available and it takes two buses just to get there. Grump.

So I gots online for a bit then headed out again for the V festival. I wasn't in the best mood, but I went anyway and I did have fun. Madness were just great, again, just great. Then I raced the five miles to the stage were the Kaisers were playing. Couldn't get anywhere near close and I was constantly buffeted by drunks and bored teens so I didn't enjoy it at all like I wanted to. Nor was it really going off, to Ricky's annoyance. Still, the boy had lost a lot of weight and was looking mighty fine. Took years off him, so it did. Too bad, eh? I stayed til the bitter end though, then raced the 10km back to see the Human League who were brilliant, just brilliant silly fun. More a caberet show than anything else it was just silly fun, and I loved every minute of it. I was also banned from seeing the Human League, so I danced my fool head off.

Then there were the cool, hip, now bands and I loitered for a few songs but I was done in so I hobbled back through the park (and those lit up griffin statues were well spooky in the dark) to Oxford St and rather aggressively got myself a taxi (I get mean when I'm tired) and home.

Came home to a pitch black house, Himself had thrown the switch for Earth Hour and gone to bed. So there was me smashing into everything until I collapsed in a fit of giggles because it was too daft for words.

Sulky Sunday: Himself went off to 70s Day while Cinders laboured over the washing, watering and weeding. Eventually sulked big time in sunbed, as I was feeling peaky, with cushions, throw rugs and episodes of Bones taped but unwatched in the portable dvd player. Bliss, or would have been had not the neighbours decided on a big backyard barbie, and me with all my nana knickers on the line. Sigh.

Himself at least came home with pork pies (yum) which I practically swallowed whole during the Saint (a cool ep, too, Simon was actually hands on in this one, and it was chockers full of the usual suspects, like Annette Andre and Ed Bishop and Peter Vaughan). He also had a cook book of particular awfulness tucked under his arm.

Then I fell asleep during Rebus again (one of these days I'll see it, and not just my pvr), watched some Devil's Whore (the episodes I never saw) and a rather pointless Poirot. We also had a rather good spag bol for tea, it being 70s day and all.

Okay, Devil's Whore, gets a bit bleak in the later eppies. Was sad to see Fassbender leave at the point of a sword, though that wicked grin of his was somewhat disconcerting when playing a reasonably straight up fellow. That grin of his is much better emloyed playing demons, criminals and martyrs. Which I suppose Thomas was, when you think about it. Certainly I've come over all Leveller, disputing the divine right of managers and directors.

And John Simm over does the moody a touch, but you can't help but feel sorry for the poor bastard, though he seems oddly proactive in some things and a bit of a follower in others. The scenes in Ireland were disturbing. It was like, oh so that's why they blow up pubs, then? A lot of this is sort of new to me as we never did it at school and though I've tried to eddicate myself a bit (and it's helped) I've not finished my big Civil War book (with pictures) like I should have. I thought I had months, and I did, but I've not had time to, well, do much in the way of reading.

I had to retire my beloved TH White to the bedroom because it was fragile, far too fragile for public transport here. Um, if you ever see the Top Gear chaps bouncing around off road, that's what it's like, and then some. Not a day goes past that I don't end up bruised.

That's of course when there actually are buses. There were none last night, at least not for hours. I missed Top Gear entirely and most of the Ipcress File. Was not best pleased.

So I watched something else, boldly breaking my no blondes after ten pm rule, cause I just don't care any more. I watched Lewis. It was the one with Bingley and Wickham in it, well, Bingers from Lost in Austen and George from P&P '95, at any rate. Alas, poor Bingers came to a bad end, Hathaway teased Lewis mercilessly, they posed in front of many touristy spots in Oxford and somehow solved the spot of homicide that only mildly preoccupied ther days. My only complaint was did they have to stage the gruesome crime scene in that lovely spot, that favourite spot, down by the river? Sigh.

Fear not Hathers, I'm still very much a fan. I really enjoyed it, pointless fluff that it was. Just the ticket.

Must have still been asleep, though, this morning. I am really off my game today (due to a blackout I didn't get home til LATE last night, missed young Caine in Ipress File) that I entirely missed the ad for Merlin in the paper that WAS RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE. After about ten minutes I finally did see it and spilt my tea, which is great cause I've got big meetings today.

Just another day....

Oh dear, I appear to be doing nothing today but humming Kaiser Chiefs songs in my head. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, especially as I have a ticket to see the Kaidser Chiefs tonight, but there are...complications. Huge, whacking problems. Oh dear me, whatever am I to do?

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