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There was a wild colonial boy

Heath Ledger was his name...(chortle). Can't wait to see the film. I did a paper on Ned back in uni so I'll no doubt be nitpicking when I'm not ogling the lads. Maybe I can dangle an Orlando in front of Best Friend and lure her into the cinema with me. We'll see.

Meant to see a film last night on half price day but it was not to be. Evil Marketing Man sent through stuff that was supposed to be up before 9am but he didn't send it until after 3pm. On CD? As if. No, as word docs, unproofed, typos galore, no links listed (had to find those myself) from which we had to turn into html and pdfs and extract and retouch the images, which were all colour coded wrong and the formatting in the docs? Not the formatting he wanted. Had to re-organise tables, re-format text and headers etc. So, one 15 hour day later...

Managed to get home to see most of Relic Hunter (singing she's trying to get home for Nigel) though why I bothered I do not know. It is soooo awful. My Invisible Man dvds had arrived, much squealing, but I was too tired to watch those. Missed most of Farscape while I had dinner and showered and stuff, which was a complete bitch because it was the episode where Scorpius completely takes over Crichton, with tragic results (but she gets better). Season three next week, yay.

I know people have other things on their minds, but there's just no email or fic coming through to read between updates. I'm bored. Bored enough to think about actually reading how I can become hung like a horse in just seven days. Okay, yeah, there's a war on, but I done my bit. Again, the hypocrisy of the Americans is staggering. Now they're whining on about war crimes and international law when they refuse to sign the war crimes treaty and they ignore the UN. It's enough to make you want to slap the first American you see, it really is. Damn Yankees.

Speaking of puritanical prohibitionist wowsers, leave Colin the frell alone. The constant gasping from the US media is not going to make that young man bend to their will, quite the opposite in fact. He is Irish, afterall, qv the Ned Kelly articles. He's just a typical Irish lad, having fun, and good luck to him. Certainly his reported behaviour is nothing compared to what some Irish backpackers get up to out here. Back when I was Colin's age (when dinsoaurs roamed the earth) I worked almost exclusively with Irish packpackers and they were a fun bunch. I learnt to always fill up on tatties before heading out on a pub crawl with them, to cushion all the beer. I loved them dearly. I guess my 20s weren't quite so barren as I remember them (what with the work, the study and being ostracised by the fannish community). There were mighty pub crawls, and the odd supercalifragilisticexpialidocious party thrown by my gay friends. I would have gone out more only I had duties and I could barely keep up with any of them, anyway. I am, and remain, a deep and abiding shame to my own hard drinking and hard partying family of Celts. I did, afterall, zig zag across Scotland completely arsefaced for the bulk of it. Must be those horrid teetotalling Anglican genes I get from my mother's family. Sigh. Pout. I guess Colin reminds me of some happy times before everything went pear shaped. Gotta love a man for that, if nothing else, and excuse all the dribbling, but filum is the only place I'm ever likely to see young, gorgeous, unclad Irish boys these days. Heavier sigh.

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