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Friday: Our MPs rock, do yours?

Sorry, just am bemused. Not much to amuse a gal today, but that does.

I finally finished watching Being Human. I liked it. Mitchell, the formerly baddest of the bad vamp with a heart of gold, saved by the love of his friends. Sounds trite, and to be honest, when I told the peanut gallery about this show about a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost flatsharing in Bristol he was thinking of some unholy mashup of Pulling and Rentaghost, and we've seen the repenting vamp plot so many times before, and yet (and maybe it was the being unwell and miserable in bed with tissues and teddy bear) I was putty in their hands. I really was. I was their emotional bitch and I fell for it hook line and sinker.

I dunno, I just liked it. I liked the way things never quite went right, I liked the way it seemed so much grittier and real than Buffy (or Dis/connected or Skins, for that matter). I really liked the fact that, aside from the whole monster thing (and thank you very much for killing the vamp war arc), it was decidedly unfantastic (problems with exes, partners, porno, etc). In fact, I'm still giggling over George's squeaky keeping the German scat in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang rant. Yes, George did seem to channel his inner Yorkie a little much in the series, but I did like the way the whole loyal doggie to the one who was kind thing played out to its obvious (yet satisfying) conclusion. Beware of the dog, indeed.

I loved the way the got Owen back (not sure about the next plot arc, but I suppose they have to have more menance that the local garbage collector's strike), because, my god, was that piece of shit channelling some put down kings of my aquaintance. I love the way they fucked him up, and I loved the way the policeman went to get the 'other form' when Owen started raving about vampires.

In fact, the guest stars have all rather rocked. I was sad to see Seth go, because he was perfectly reptilian and the only one to survive the pilot. I also loved Mitchell's ex, it was so touching the way she gave herself to him, so sweet and sad. Ah Mitchell, if one is to be judged by one's friends, you're not at all as bad as you think you are.

I really liked the sarcastic priest, too. Will he be back, I wonder? I'm not sure where he's going, but I liked him, and I liked his completely shit scared but standing up anyway (a lot like George). I liked his smart mouth, and the line about forgiving himself afterwards - heh. He was sort of chanelling Bill Nighy in that little scene - keep it up.

And yeah, the fact that George arranged the showdown with Herrick was predictable, yet I was totally along for the ride. Less so with the Nina plot development, but that had to happen, eh?

So yeah, I liked it. Finally, a show that was dark, adult, spooky and sexy, and it never even gave itself airs of being anything of the sort. I really liked it, a very British, very kitchen sink version of Buffy. Well done.

Meanwhile, a bit miserable really. Everyone nasty and I'm all crampy and miserable. Yesterday was bucket day and worse, I fell asleep on my hot water bottle and gave myself second degree burns. No, I don't have a hottie cover, they don't sell 'em here (a quick google will post results like 'make your own' and 'where do I find one'). I have desperately tried to buy one in the UK but they're always out of stock. My own silly fault, I guess four hours of upchucking was exhaustive work, and I never even noticed, until it came up all blistery. Hurts now though, but sadly, way down on the list of things that are pissing me off today.

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