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Eee, but I have some great friends. Last night I found an enormous parcel awaiting me on the couch/lounge/sofa containing a wonderful ratty t-shirt, to go with the rat effigy sent by another dear friend, but also those elusive TH White books that could not be had, not even for money, in this old town. They are perfect, and old classic 70s issues, just like Dad's were, so they're better than perfect. Thank you so very much. You've no idea, just the smell and the feel of them...

Thanks also to the friends with the rats, Rome books, box sets and digital fun. And, lawks, I was even given a potted cycad by someone I'd never expected a civil word from, let alone a potted cycad. Whee! What can I say, I'm a complete child and I love presents.

You know, if the servers actually, you know, like, worked around here you'd never get the Brit News bunch o'links every so often because then I wouldn't have hours and hours of downtime to kill every week. It's an ill wind and all that, I s'pose.
If it was in a nice solid block I could use my time far more constructively, but as it's 2 mins here, 20 mins there, and every fraction in between, and, well, I've found (through bitter experience) that there's no time to do anything really but browse a newspaper or three while I wait for technology to do whatever technlogy has to do.

Also, it keeps me calm, because I've not a nature to cope with constant checks and delays, so it's always deadline, deadline, no connection, here, lookit at the pretty boys. And it's all better. Well, until people get to the standing at my shoulder and screaming at me phase. Because the buck stops here. Always has. Always will.

Meanwhile, I actually copped a compliment on the skirt. I like it. It's a bit new romantic, but as I never got to do that the first time round (more from poverty and being stuck in the boonies than anything else) I figured why not. Works best with boots though, even though the best I got is what Payless's Chinese shoe slaves think biker boots might look like, ie not at all, but they were cheap, they fitted and I can walk in 'em, which is all I ever dare ask for in footwear.

Bit bored today. More than a bit, it's quiet as ze boss is away, and this mouse is playing. I've done all my browsing through my bookmarks and scampered up to Borders to find Clive in GQ, Fassbender in Dazed, RPJ in Now and Mads in some Euroflick but it was in the bargain bin and, well, I need me some Mads.

Apparently I was really hanging out for that Mads dvd, because after a week of prickteasing, the endo is suddenly biting down hard now. I felt it grind into gear the moment I picked up the dvd. Holding out for a Mads flick? Apparently so, and I keep think he's nowt to do with King Arthur and then relise I'm repressing all memory of yet another rather rubbish Clive film (the very film that made me have a boyfriend bonfire of all my old Arthur stuff). I gotta say, with few exceptions, I've not really enjoyed the bulk of Clive's big screen work, and his tv nutguard is wearing perilously thin. Better do a film I like soon, Clive. Something bonnety, per chance.

Okay, going home now, doubled over. Can't believe I was actually missing this (I thought this is it, crone-hhod, but no, it was just waiting until now so it could really eff up my week).

A new view: is this the real Shakespeare?

Mystery relic found during London excavation is linked to Shakespeare

Caravaggio used 'photography' to create dramatic masterpieces

What are your fantasy channels?

Generation Kill: Episode Seven: The End


No More ‘Life on Mars’

'Life on Mars' producers grateful to have closure

ABC builds 'Castle' on sand - fluffy formula

Policeman killed in new Ulster attack

Could Alexander Skarsgard Be Marvel's Thor?

Thor Thor and more Thor

Ross Noble: how my family survived the Australian fires

Crushed by the tyranny of the nipple: where it all went wrong at Arena

ITV: Any light at the end of the tunnel?

Garbage singer Shirley Manson terminates singing
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