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I am now thoroughly acquainted with Russell Tovey's backside. Far more aquainted than I ever wanted or needed to be, but there you go (and what is it with these supernatural shows and nudity? And why, then is Supernatural itself dragging the chain with the requisite male nudity?)

Thanks to a very dear friend, I've had to opportunity to view Being Human. I'm up to episode three at the moment, but I saw both pilots, and I gotta say, I much preferred Mitchell MKI and Annie MKI, but what's a girl to do? To be honest, when I read about a series about a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost flat-sharing in Bristol, I was thinking it was going to be some sort of sitcom, but to my (pleasant) surprise it's actually quite dark and angsty, with a rather nasty subplot that makes the vamps over at True Blood look like Avon ladies.

But so far, and as I'm only halfway through so I think that's a key phrase, so far I like it. I like it a lot. Okay, the old vampire on the wagon thing has been done to (un)death (but points for using Rehab in the soundtrack) and George's self loathing (we won't have that flith in the house) is nothing new, but I do like the way it's played (far more realistically than Buffy). I like the sense of lonliness, the whole outcasts wanting to fit in vibe, which again, is nothing new, but they've brought in some new twists, or underlined stuff, like the werewolf who misses his family, the being on hello basis with the neighbours (until they inadvertantly kill one, as George pessimistically declares).

Most of all though, I loved Gilbert the 80s ghost. He was so perfect, so spot on, I didn't know whether to cringe or grin. And oi, no dissing my fave songs, thank you very much. Oh, Gilbert, you shoulda had your own show.

But yeah, I really liked it, kinda hooked, can't wait to see what happens next, though I fear the arc will overwhelm the domesticity of the show which is where its real heart and quirkiness lives. I think the big arc was a misstep, but, oh well. I do like it. I like how it's far more domestic and real and messy than Buffy ever was (and that's why I think the arc is a wrong step in the Buffy direction). I like the dark humour. I like the misfits, trying to make their own society. Surprisingly homophobic though (either that or George and Mitchell doth protest way too much). And too bad they didn't keep Adrian Lester either. He had a fine line in sinister going.

Then I'm afraid I went back to mainlining Merlin crack. And how many times have I watched the Lancelot eppy of Merlin before realising the two boys were sleeping in Merlin's room, and to the best of my knowledge, all young Merlin has is a s-s-single bed (sorry, stuck in the 70s this week, quite weirdly, even quoting old 70s jingles, for no adequate reason)? Merlin certainly seemed to be all very Lancelot yay all of a sudden, and that lovely scene where Merlin asks Gwen who she'd choose, we all know it's supposed to be Clang! Future plot point! But watching young Merlin, I'm betting he was thinking sandwich, now, please. And how not batting an eyelid was old Gaius when the two boys emerged from Merlin's room (the one with the one bed) the next morning slightly the worse for wear. Heh.

At least, I was thinking to meself, when dragging thoughts away from pretty medeival boys, that Camelot was a werewolf free zone. Then I cracked open my book again. Au contraire, apparently there was a young werewolf called Melion attached to the court. Well, there you go. A werewolf in King Arthur's court. Hello, is that BBC Wales....

Also, re the source material, the original Gwen seems to be very much a mean girl queen bee of the extreme American soap persuasion. Please don't do that to dear, sweet little Gwen, I couldn't bear it, though, I gotta admit, I can understand how a Brokeback marriage might embitter one, what with Arthur always away on his "hunting trips" (in one version he's even happy other men are keeping his queen um, occupied, while he's off with the lads, I mean, golly). But still, BBC Wales, can you try and avoid turning Gwen into some creature from Gossip Girl, even though it would be technically canon? Ta.

Other than that, a sudden heavy fall of rain pushed the guttering to the top of the to do list (have a wee manny booked to give us a quote, ouch) and I cleaned up the bathroom, though why I bothered just before this week I do not know, but the peanut gallery chirruped that it was so much nicer to be violently ill in a clean bathroom, and I can't argue with that. Did some weeding, but I'd set aside Sunday for the garden and that was called on account of rain (hence the minor Being Human screening).

Could have got more stuff done on Sat but I fell into the thrall of the evil sunbed of sloth again, as in once I'm in it the only thing that'll shift me is a sudden storm or nightfall. Oh, you should have seen it. I think I have corrupted the puritan ethic of clothes washing as much as it is possible: I set the cycle, I've run a hose from the machine down the stairs to buckets which I've lined up against my sunbed (now replete with cushions, throw rug, sunnies, hat, cardy, cup of tea, books, magazines, Saturday papers) and just move the hose from bucket to bucket. Okay, sure, I still have to hang out the clothes and lug the buckets around the garden, but I reckon my sloth is really coming along in leaps and bounds, if that's not an oxymoron.
Okay, I'm starting to feel a little wolfy. Not help by IT playing merry hell with my network drive. It'd be nice if everything was where I'd left it on Friday. but no, they've messed up all my folders. Why, I ask you, why must they meddle.

Oh yeah, also caught an ancient repeat of Jonathan Creek. Is that why Uther is so magic phobic? Is that what happened to Arthur's mother: you mean there's a trick? Sorry, just being silly.

Also, caught an episode of The Sweeney that featured none other than John Hurt. It was all about computer crime and was startling on the money (for a tv show about computer crime). Somebody had actually, gasp, done research. Cool story, too. Bonus points for Arthur Daley guest spot and that airport hotel. Whoo, I'm livin' in the 70s, baby.

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