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We live in fictional times

Salutes to the two friends of mine who did attend a peace rally. In Seattle, mind, but it's nice to see not all of the US supports Bush and his illegal invasion, as reported here in the papers. Of course, they, and their friends, are people I've long admired and respected. As I said before, people I respect are standing up for peace. People I've always regarded as a tad shallow are, well, not doing anything to prove my assessment wrong at this juncture. Ah well, such is life and all that.

Oh goody. According to the paper my Dept is to be disbanded. Sigh. Sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve my life. I certainly hope I bloody well enjoyed it.

I think I just put back those centimetres I'd lost off my hips through a liberal application of chocolate. What can I say? There I was, overtired, hungry, sore, wet, cold and abandoned and just when I think my day can't possibly get any worse, it does. I read in the morning paper my Dept is to be disbanded and I discover I'm 100% out of a job. Now don't you dare tell me it's a frelling "opportunity". I've got debts to pay, bills to pay, food to put on the table. Now, normally in this situation I'd be scrambling to do 200% and re-training, only I'm sick and tired, so long hours and shining at work ain't gonna happen. I can't afford to go back to uni, as my first two degrees didn't earn me the stunning wages they were supposed to and, as a mature age student (excuse me while I choke on those words) I'd be paying huge fees up front which I just can't afford. Not to mention not being able to hack studying three or four nights a week. All through my teens and twenties I studied all weekend and every night while I worked. No movies, no music, no friends. I never got to live, and just when I thought it was my time, I get responsibility, debts, and sick. Ack. My life is in ruins and I can't see that I did anything to deserve it. Some people fuck up and get paid billions. I work hard and get kicked in the head. Sometimes I really, really hate my life.

So I went home and had a bit of a weep to a very unsympathetic audience and then just sniffled during Roswell, tried to pay attention during 24, sorted the rubbish during L&O and watched Buffy, which was another remember when you used to love this show eisode, but actually had one or two moments that made me giggle, Spike wrestling the rocket launcher off Buffy being the highlight, imho. Oh, the SMH agreed that last week's plane crash in 24 was a pile of old hokum. 24 is a pile of old cobblers, but served up with such flourish that you're inclined to overlook its flaws, rather like the spiel of a flim flam man. The Americans excell at serving up rubbish with a huge amount of fanfare and making it seem fun and exciting. This is okay for disposable entertainment. When they behave like this in the real world, it's not just a worry, it's the stuff of nightmares.

Saw a trailer for Angel. Looks like we're catching up to America. Cue me singing "we're catching up with America" in a manner that gives away the fact that I spent most of my school years in musicals. Not that I wanted to be an actor, it was just a good way to avoid being bashed up every lunch time. No, I wanted to be a tv writer, since I was seven or so. Too bad, cause I reckon I'd be a much better tv writer than I am a web apps developer, ie, shithouse.

If only I could afford to go back to uni and do that communications course I always wanted to do - it was cancelled after a year of pre-reqs, and I've been floundering ever since. I could join the enemy, the marketing dept. I've never seen a marketing dept axed in a restructure.

Soldier, cowboy, cop, spy:
Speaking of childhood dreams, or just last night's, and why oh why do my Colin Farrell dreams have to be rated PG. It was like Seven Days, the movie, weird. I think I was Olga. Anyways, I was going to say, it was inevitable that young Mr Farrell would cross my sights. First he gets a role in the movie adaptation of my fave comic ever (and while the movie wasn't as bad as I'd feared, it still wasn't as good as I'd hoped, rather pedestrian actually, with only a few moments that make it worthwhile, and that's me being generous) but now he's starring in what looks like a blasphemous adaptation of my fave tv show from when I was a kid. Now there were lots of shows I loved, some more than others but this one has a special place in my heart. It was the actual kind of childhood summer that American writers and directors eulogise over. We'd just come back to school after our summer holidays and the grass on the lawns hadn't been mown that whole time, and it was taller than we were, so either it was very tall or I was very young, take your pick, but I think the Vietnam war must have still been going or wrapping up because we used to sneak through the grass sniping each other with our ruler rifles (with an elastic band stretched along the length to let fly as ammo) but the best game was when we ran about playing SWAT. Fuck, I loved that show. I loved Robert Urich the way only a little girl can, you know, the way you see wee things squeal over boy bands these days. I was devastated when he died. I remained fond of him, no matter how many bad tv movies he inflicted on me. So, yeah, associated with golden childhood memories as it is, this new SWAT movie is treading on some very sacred ground here, and, of course, it's starring Colin Farrell. Of course it is. He's everywhere. Every poster in the local cinema has Colin's face.

Hmmm, that's what I miss. Irish temps about the place. This Dept has a criminal lack of young Irish temps and I grizzled about it when I got here, and I'm grizzling about it now. Oh, they're also going to rip into my old Dept, but that's cold comfort, as far as I'm concerned. At least Dubbo isn't an issue for me any more.

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