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Firstly, I'd sent a big whooping squee of joy over the ENORMOUS parcel that was retrieved from the post office yesterday. Trust me, there was sparkly paper strewn all over the floor. It was very, very much appreciated. Trust me, it really was. Thank you so much.

I also got strudel. I coulda wished for a Colin/Bradley sandwich, but no, I wished for strudel, and strudel I have (had a meeting with the exec which meant there was cake).

What brought on the desire for strudel was the overwhelmingly German themed tv last night: I joked I needed strudle. Actually it was just Rex and a German baddie in a very Saint-like episode of Maverick. Well, I say German, but you know how it is. The peanut galery snarked, "Set your cod German accent detector level to: Siegfried".

Yep, your typical tv German, complete with cane (no monocle or dueling scar, though, for shame).

I also popped down to the second hand book shop and picked up a book of primary sources, with pictures, on the civil war. I like history books to have pictures, especially as I can't just buy a tube ticket to Hampton Court.

Still having thoughts about Arthur (not all of them M rated, either). I picked up an Oxford guide to Arthurian sources, which is slightly less dense and daunting now that I've started to get into it, but trying to read about Welsh sagas on the back of a crowded 40 year old broken bus with few working lights wasn't ideal, shall we say. I stopped off at a coffee shop on the way up to work in lieu of web searching for brit boy links, the horror) and had a bit of a read there. Interesting stuff. Okay, so Merlin's quirky humour and cockiness are actually canon (well, as much as can be considered canon considering the number of iterations he's been through) and, interesting, I am reminded (I've not read any of this stuff since school) that Merlin is undone by pride and love (in some versions) as much as Arthur is. In others, it's true, that Merlin goes wacko with PTSD.

Speaking of the various versions and traditions (and I think the BBC might have misunderstood 'the romance of Arthur and Merlin' as a title, but no matter - grin), the series seems to be firmly set in the romance tradition, but Bradley seems to be playing the older, more original Welsh version of Arthur. And why wouldn't he? Good choice. The Welsh tradition of Arthur is apparently an old school Western (as in American west) hero and full on monster slayer. Buffy meets Magnificent Seven, if you will. The romance Arthur meanwhile is so palid he's entirely written out of most stories for Lancelot, Galahad, Tristan, etc. Guess which version I prefer.

Still, interesting, and great that at least some of the writers have actually googled Arthurian stories (which is more than you can say for the Robin Hood rew who proudly stated they had banned any Robin Hood tradition, and I'll never know why). Another erason why I like the show, and any show that hets me cracking open a book (even ones without pictures!) can't be all bad.

That's about it. Waiting around for some late running 'it has to be up today' bullshit. You know, the usual. But at least I have strudle.

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