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Brit News part 1

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Vampire Bill! True Blood - Set Photos - 24th Jan (Moyer)

Highlights from the 2009 Baftas

Who will be your Top of the Cops?

Actor Russell Tovey graduated to Dickens, Doctor Who and Gavin & Stacey. Now starring as a modern-day werewolf in a new TV sitcom, he's headed for the top of the class

Donmar leads the way with 13 Olivier nominations

Rupert Everett's Broadway debut

Third Star Trek Trailer Announced (Pegg)

Antony Sher on The Tempest, Stratford

Malcolm McDowell speaks out about what's in store for Rob Zombie's H2

Steve Coogan slams 'pathetic' David Cameron

James Corden exclusive: Gavin and Stacey star back with Sheridan Smith

Chiwetel Ejiofor Exclusive Video Interview ENDGAME

Jacobi and McCormack to star in BBC radio’s sci-fi season

Lost in Austen to be Hollywood film

Phil Davis wishes he had scooted off with props from Quadrophenia

Our civil liberties are eroded 'under a blanket of fear' (West)

Kevin McKidd's health scare on hospital drama Grey's Anatomy

'She moves like a Dalek': The Shakespeareans who failed to impress (Rhys)

John Simm

Homeless is where Simon Callow's heart is

Movie star Cillian reveals love for music with DJ role

First Pic From Mr. Nice (Ifans)

Wilkinson And Hinds Have A Debt

Lenny Henry on playing Othello

Charles Dance Books Room at The Inn

1st Night Photos: Stott's Bridge, Postlethwaite's Lear

Could Kings be the next Battlestar Galatica? (McShane)

Richard Harris was caught drinking Elizabeth Taylor's perfume.,,12643~1541784,00.html

In pictures: Bafta arrivals (MacFadyen)

Top 10 Bad Boys of British Cinema

Pierce Brosnan Goes to Bollywood

Alec Guinness, master chameleon,0,6203132.story

Rowan Atkinson takes the stage to play Fagan in Oliver!

The Name's Fleming, Ian Fleming - Biopic of Bond creator coming

William To Conquer The Big Screen - In new film about the battle of 1066

Screen Actors Guild awards 2009 arrivals, ceremony, backstage (Anthony Hopkins),0,6274457.photogallery?index=45

Dominic Monaghan Exclusive Video Interview

Dark Days at Sun Hill

BBC to remake Jane Austen's Emma

The Big Interview: David Troughton


My body & soul (Horne)

Matthew Horne: Fom Gavin & Stacey to leather-clad psycho


Heartbeat falls victim to ITV ad slump

ITV suspends Heartbeat production

Moors village in shock at lossof 'Heartbeat'

ITV's Heartbeat in pictures


Doctor Who: diagnosis amnesia

Matt Smith is the new Dr Who

Not quite the new Doctor Who

Sonic screwdriver won't fix that, Doctor

New York Comic-Con: Anglophenia Meets Torchwood's Eve Myles and Euros Lyn

Time...lord at the bar

Doctor Who heads off to Dubai for Easter special

David Tennant - behind the scenes of his first day back in Cardiff

Location, Location, Location!

Who's that girl? Matt Smith in the cross-dressing role that helped land him role of the new Time Lord

David Tennant is the greatest Hamlet of his generation

Tennant's Hamlet misses out on Olivier award

David Tennant misses out on Olivier award nomination for Hamlet

David Tennant shares Critics' Circle award with Sir Derek Jacobi

Mail helps Robin Hood become a Hippodrome hit

Barrowman to host new BBC talent series

Matt Smith has only just started watching 'Dr Who'

Doctor Who Matt Smith waxes lyrical about scarves and monsters

A Who's Who of Doctor Who

Don't Give David Tennant Your Credit Card Number, No Matter How Nicely He Asks

I made can too (Clarke)

Doctor hunts for new Tardis

Doctor Who wants to be a millionaire

Time...lord at the bar

New Doc: I'm not a Doc fan!

Is David Tennant really our greatest Shakespearean?

Doctor Who: See David Tennant and Michelle Ryan on location in Dubai

I'll be stylish in the Tardis

Doctor Who will be a millionaire in five year BBC pay deal

I think about Doctor Who all the time, reveals new timelord Matt Smith

David Tennant to open TV's Comic Relief

No award for Tennant's Hamlet

David Tennant misses out on Olivier Awards nominations

David Tennant excluded from voting for Laurence Olivier Awards

Audiences take a shine to West End stars

Comic Relief Icons and Pictures, Second Batch

John Barrowman to front West End 'fix it' show

Jack's back: new Torchwood season unveiled

Torchwood Comes to NYCC


Tennant!Love - Pictures and Icons: Comic Relief Publicity Stills

Doctor Who - The Next Doctor

Torchwood: Children of Earth Trailer Out

New trailer revealed for Torchwood's switch to BBC1 - watch it here

Preview of the new series of Torchwood

In the very last reel, the 'Black Baftas' are saved by the BBC and Film Council (Clarke)

‘G.I. Joe’ Super Bowl Spot Revealed! Check Out Snake Eyes In Action (Eccleston)

Who would you put in the Shakespeare hall of fame?

Poison Sky Confidential Picspam

David Tennant launched RedNoseDay

Bafta shortlists five stars of the future

Only Human Picspam of Wee-ness

David's Doctor Who strife

David Tennant's Freckles Picspam

New Doctor Who 'on £1m contract'

Piece of Doctor Who memorabilia could be yours

What's David Tennant been up to lately?

This man is painfully adorable

Crime drama first for the new Doctor Who


James Bond hunk Daniel Craig to star in Tintin film,22049,24975986-5006013,00.html

Bond to play Tintin baddie

Daniel Craig: My hardest movie,22049,24621794-5006013,00.html

Daniel Craig's career in pictures

Bond to play Tintin baddie

Daniel Craig and Jamie Bell lead cast in new Tintin film

Daniel Craig Donates Bond Items To Charity Auction

Universal Imports: 24 International Hotties,,20257220_5,00.html

Daniel Craig to feature in Spielberg's 'Tintin'

The Golden Compass

Is Matt Damon right to brand James Bond 'repulsive'?

Jamie Bell and Daniel Craig Join Tintin

Daniel Craig @ Orange BAFTAs 2009 - PHOTO

Daniel Craig is a Tintin Man

Introducing the ultimate British male: A blend of Daniel Craig, Hugh Grant and Jonny Wilkinson

Daniel Craig is BAFTA Bold

Daniel Craig is daring in "Defiance"

The Orange British Academy Film Awards 2009 - Outside Arrivals

The Orange British Academy Film Awards 2009 - AUDI Arrivals

BAFTA Afterparty At Grosvenor House Hotel - Audi Arrivals

The Orange British Academy Film Awards 2009 - Press Room

The Orange British Academy Film Awards 2009 - Inside Arrivals

Judi and Craig want Bond team back


Tintin: Daniel Craig and Jamie Bell to star in new Steven Spielberg film

Jamie Bell on Tintin's dance card

Tintin to be played by Billy Elliot star Jamie Bell in Spielberg film

Jamie Bell Is Spielberg's Tintin


michael sheen pics

The Damned United (Sheen)

Damned United Trailer Online

More Alice in Wonderland CastingŠ Rumors (Sheen)

Michael Sheen as Brian Clough in the Trailer for The Damned United

Screen Actors Guild awards 2009 arrivals, ceremony, backstage

Michael Sheen @ Director's Guild Awards


Day-Lewis and Del Toro may take vow to play priests for Scorsese

Filming '9': Daniel Day Lewis drive Sophia Loren

and then Nicole Kidman

Silence for Day-Lewis and Del Toro

Daniel Day-Lewis and Judy Dench

collected Nine set pics

Scorsese Wants Silence! ...with Daniel Day-Lewis and Benicio Del Toro


Review: 'The International',0,1945571.story

'The International:' This passport's sleek but it's not stamped with passion

"The International": a thriller that's fast-paced, fetching and forgettable

Daily Image plus one new photo

'The International': Worldly Fun

Clive Owen: I am not a sex symbol

The International lacks identity of Bourne

That's what he said | Clive Owen returns for spy thrillers

Clive Owen: The International

For Owen, it's never about the moolah

Clive Owen "Doesn't Care" About His Looks

Script-savvy Clive Owen is a man of his words,0,2038667.story

Searching for Clive Owen

007 without the baggage

Owen plays a more human hero

Clive Owen's biggest laugh---"Journey of Death"

Clive Owen Is Ready to Go International Again

Clive Owen’s ‘International’ Exploits

Movie review: 'The International' thrills

The International (2009)

I spy Clive Owen: 2 thrillers coming up

New Stills from Duplicity (Clive Owen)

Clive Owen at 'The International' press confrence

Clive Owen in Berlin

Clive Owen and Tom Twyker at the Berlin International Film Festival for 'The International'

Clive Owen at the premiere of The International at the Berlin Film Festival

Clive Owen is Burnin' For Berlin

Extended Clip From The International

Watch This: The First 5 Minutes of 'The International' (Owen)

Clive and Naomi being gorgeous at 'The International' NYC Premiere

'The International' Unscripted

Fatherhood is Clive Owen's favorite role -- right now

Duplicity Super Bowl TV Spot

The Cinema Society and Angel by Thierry Mugler Host a Screening of "The International" - Outside Arrivals

he Cinema Society And Angel By Thierry Mugler Host A Screening Of "The International" - Inside Arrivals

The Cinema Society and Angel by Thierry Mugler Host a Screening of "The International" - After Party

Clive Owen: The Boys Are Back in Town

Stop The International, Earn Some Cash

"The International" Press Conference

Clive Owen Mixes Business and Leather

The 59th Berlin Film Festival - "The International" - Red Carpet Arrivals and Opening Ceremony

The 59th Berlin Film Festival - "The International" - Photocall

Clive Owen Hosts Nick Sullivan's 5 Years With Esquire Celebration


Is Jude Law hotter as a woman?

This Minx is all the rage,22049,25011576-5006013,00.html

Downey, Law Talk Sherlock

'Sherlock Holmes' Exclusive: Robert Downey Jr. On MTV, Mickey Mouse And Bruce Jenner, Plus A Cameo By Jude Law!

Jude Law Set Up Josh Lucas & Rachel McAdams

Rage, Berlin Film Festival

Hey Jude!

new 'Sherlock' photo revealed (Jude Law)

Jude Looks Like a Lady -- Image of the Day (also Izzard)

It's Jude! (Miss Law If You're Nasty)

Cast of Jude Law's Hamlet Announced

Jude Law: Crossword Puzzle Junkie

Dunhill Spring/Summer 2009 Ad Campaign

Hey, Jude's a lady and looking every bit like ex-wife Sadie

Jude Law plays cross-dressing Minx in new film

Law, Dench in Sally Potter film at Berlin fest


Inglourious Basterds Trailer Now Online

Irish notables in frame for Baftas

Neil Marshall's 'Centurion' fills cast

Neil Marshall's Centurion Finds a Cast: Fassbender, West, Kurylenko

Marshall assembles 'Centurion' cast

BAFTA Rising Star Award

Fassbender To star in 'Centurion'

Romans in the gloamin


Showtime Intending To Turn 'The Tudors' Into Gay Porn, Apparently (Rhys-Meyers)

Jonathan Rhys Meyers - Hugo Boss 'Element' Ad

THE TUDORS The Complete Second Season DVD Review

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Launches The New HUGO "Element" Fragrance At Macy's

Twisted Truths & Chiseled Cheeks: 'The Tudors: Season 2'

Mary, Mother of Christ casting (Rhys Meyers)

Jonathan Rhys Meyers is Boss


Spielberg's 'Lincoln' for Christmas 2009? (Neeson)

Liam Neeson makes use of that brawn in 'Taken',0,6299616.story

Must Watch: One Final Trailer for Liam Neeson's Taken

Video: Liam Neeson & Maggie Grace are Taken

Review: TAKEN -- Matt watches Liam Neeson EARN the World's Greatest Dad coffee mug

Movie review: 'Taken' keeps on giving

Taken (2008)

"Taken": Liam Neeson is no Bruce Willis, dude

'Taken' goes overboard with the tough-dad routine

Movie review: 'Taken' keeps on giving

'Taken' scores box office touchdown (Neeson)

Liam Neeson Wants To Kick Your Ass (Even Yours, Zellweger)

Review: 'Taken',0,3161951.story

'Taken' tops weekend box office,0,3544886.story

Taken captures weekend box office lead

‘Taken’ Overtakes ‘Cop’

Taken tops the US box office charts


Orlando Bloom joins Miranda Kerr for Australia Unites telethon,21985,25047843-5012974,00.html?referrer=email

Australians dig deep for bushfire telethon,,25046592-5001021,00.html

Kerr, Bloom put love on show

Miranda Kerr blossoms as Orlando Bloom watches parade,23739,25040896-5012980,00.html?referrer=email

Orlando Bloom: Valentine's Day With Miranda Kerr!

Orlando Bloom: Sympathy for Delicious!

Andrew Niccol Rounds Up Orlando Bloom, Vincent Cassel and Olga Kurylenko for a Bit of Sci-Fi Fun

Orlando Bloom Plays Rock Band

Orlando Bloom is Sympathy Shirtless

Bloomin’ hard to look tough, Orlando

Orlando Bloom Wigs Out

Fancy a Shaggy with Orlando?

Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - February 3, 2009

Orlando's Aussie sci-fi adventure,22049,25013040-5001026,00.html

Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - January 30, 2009

Kerr sleepy after raunchy night out with Orlando


Confessions of a Shopaholic Insults Us With New Images (Dancy)

Sundance Review: Adam (Dancy)

Screen Actors Guild awards 2009 arrivals, ceremony, backstage,0,6274457.photogallery?index=25

Hugh Dancy 'Confessions of a Shopoholic' premiere

Claire Danes & Hugh Dancy Are Engaged,,20257623,00.html

3 Movie Clips from ADAM



4 Movie Clips from AN EDUCATION

Bafta awards 2009: All dressed up and somewhere to go (Cooper)



Screen Actors Guild awards 2009 arrivals, ceremony, backstage (Gary Oldman),0,6274457.photogallery?index=37


Hollander to star in new BBC drama

Tom Hollander's wild romance

Tom Hollander's wild romance

Spall and Hollander star in new Bowker drama


Alan Cumming Interview

Alan Cumming Says Barack Obama Has a Big Wang


Ripping yarns: Rupert Penry-Jones stars in ITV's modern-day retelling of the Jack The Ripper story

TV review

Whitechapel: first things, second episode

Smith & Penry-Jones Launch Ticket Scheme

TV ratings: Viewers hooked on ITV Jack the Ripper drama

Ripping Whitechapel yarn murders its criminal opposition

Whitechapel: ITV1, 9pm

Interview: Rupert Penry-Jones

TV review

Rupert bare

A woozy welcome to Whitechapel

Last night's TV

Rupert's ripper

A Monday night dilemma over totty or a timelord,opinion,a-dilemma-over-rupert-penry-jones-or-matt-smith

Tracking the copycat Ripper

Rupert’s a real thriller

Whitechapel on ITV1

More than a century after Jack the Ripper struck, a copycat murderer is on the loose in new crime thriller Whitechapel

ITV drama on the up?


Billie's tot on show as Chris is father again

Billie: I need time off with my new baby

Piper abandons acting to focus on motherhood (Fox)

Piper 'reducing' acting roles

'I didn't realise how tiring motherhood was,' admits Billie Piper as she reveals baby Winston is a restless sleeper

Billie Piper works the Hollywood crowd... leaving Laurence Fox holding the baby

Go behind the scenes of the Radio Times cover shoot


Dancing On Ice disaster for Todd Carty AGAIN as he gets lowest score of the night... but Michael Underwood gets the boot

See Todd's latest routine

Dancing on Ice: Todd Carty to skate again

Dancing On Ice favourite Todd Carty gets surprise boot from the show

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