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There needs to be some sort of term for when gentlemen accidentally, or quite knowingly, slash themselves, that is, are caught publiclly engaging in lavender filled fantasies/drooling/fondling of, say, a co-star of the same gender. I'm just sayin' there should be a term for chaps airing/demonstrating their RPS scenarios to the world, other than ooo-er and "I think he doth protest too much" (not to mention: "they are so doing it").

But in other news, ahem, my dvds of Merlin arrived. Whee! Now I need not worry about what EvilChannelTen will do to my show (cf what they did to Torchwood). Would that I could indulge in indulgent silliness, but I've not had any time to call my own of late (hence the complete lack of blog posts).

In further other news, I found this (while the server stalled, I hasten to add):

But Anthony is far from shocked by Stephen's excesses.

He said: "It was liberating. When I first read it I thought, 'Wow. Can you say that?' "Then I thought, 'Yes, go on, of course you can.' "I was in the States when my agent emailed it through.

"I was with a friend who's done a couple of movies that are quite well-known for their frankness, and she was going, 'Hell, you can't do that.' So I thought, 'No, I can't.'
- Daily Record

I wonder just whom Mr Head was chatting to, eh?

Meanwhile, I did get to see most (just most, sigh) of last night's Maverick. The Brothers Maverick were engaged in a high stakes poker game where the loser was to be shot. Upon learning that Bart was also under a 'play or die' edict, Bret grumbled "Oh F...ine", which is just about the closest I've heard to the F bomb being dropped in a 50s American tv show (thus far). Heh.

Okay, so I'm easily amused. Why is Maverick not on dvd, properly (you can get a couple of eps and one ep with Unforgiven, and I got all of those)? Sigh. I need my boys. Damn you, Warner Bros, pull your damn finger out. Gimme my damn Maverick boys.

Meanwhile, looks I'll be spending Valentine's day stuck alone with my PC at work doing OT. Feel the love. Somebody has already left me ironic heart choccies by my PC. I'll happily take the chcocolate, but they mock my pain, they seriously do. Somebody remind me to take portable dvd player to amuse. Ditto laptop so I can catch up on flist, maybe, while PC churns away on batch jobs (that should run automatically but you know what the servers are like - they require adult supervision at all times).

TV? Saw some of the last episode of Long Way Down (a prime example of auto rps shenanigans, though the web blogs at the time were far worse/better). What can I say, it's fun to watch. I like to watch (she says, with creepy voice tm).

Saw bits of Torchwood, oh, and True Blood. Oh yeah, they're finally screening Vampire Bill. Just episode one, but I liked it, and I gotta say, Vampire Bill is a darn sight sexier in the Showcase versions than the weird not quite right screen ratio version my friend gave me (which I loved and was very grateful for, but Vampire Bill is sexier when he's less weird NTSC conversion squished - it kinda reminded me of the old days when PAL/NTSC actually meant something).

Oh yes, True Blood is cheesy, and very much with the metaphor, much like Merlin (insert your repressed minority here) and did I mention it was cheesy? Anne Rice has so much to answer for, and yet True Blood works as a sly/homage/piss take as well. Especially in one of my favourite bits were Sookie (who really was pot calling kettle black) cracks up over poor old Bill being just Bill and not Antoine or something equally poncy, as all vampires should be. I'm kinda bemused by the white trashiness of it too, makes a change from all the murderous middle class folk I've been watching lately (you'll be happy to know I've not seen a Midsomer since my Xmas hols, whimper). Once you get past all the sex (omg, it is so closed curtain viewing) it really is darkly funny, sly and I really do end up caring about characters - before they're horribly murdered, of course. I've only seen the first six episodes, but I like it so far.

Friday: Oh, as if this week hasn't been bad enough, that's putting the boot in that is. Just learnt that Mr Nettles has quit Midsomer. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Cue me curling up in bed sobbing hold my box sets. That is if I ever see my bed again.

Last night, crampy, cold, wet and soaked to the skin, and yet I still went out for Shakespeare. The Sydney Theatre Company's War of the Roses, Part 1, as it happens. I thought I should compare and contrast with UK theatre, and since this was a big top line production with a big top line cast including Cate Blanchett (as Richard II), it was fair enough to compare, I reckoned. And yeah, I'll still be seeing my theatre in the west end, yes I will (airfares willing).

It wasn't entirely bad, but, well. Okay, two things: Oz priductions are still fixated on 80s style gimmicks like the gold confetti that streamed down for the entire first act, which the cast kept choking on. It was very pretty, but distracting (especially as I was in the second row and I too aspirated on a couple of bits). I suppose it was meant to represent the greed that put the train of events in motion, and look very 80s music video, but enough, already. Then there was the stunt casting of Cate as Richard II and all the proppy stuff and the amp feedback and gay sex (the Prince Hal bits owed a lot to Gus Van Sant, imho) and, well, it was just a bit too much like a cheap 80s video than a proper play (she says huffily, pulling her knitted cardigan tighter). But I was kinda hoping they'd gotten over the whole must look like a bad overwrought 80s music video thing, I really was. Nope. Business as usual, alas.

Then there was the cast. It's always a worry when you flick through the programme and find 'Cop Shop' and 'Glenview High' listed as career highlights. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Yes, Cate was insanely whimsical, Falstaff was brilliantly gross, Hotspur brittle goodness and the guy playing Henry IV absolutely rivetting, but, as always, they were let down terribly by the rest of the cast who were, well, less than great. And no amount of tinsel was going to distract from that fact.

Still, I liked the second part better than the first, possibly because I was no longer choking on tinsel, but mainly because of the chap playing Hal (can't remember/find his name, but he's one to watch) was just so compelling, and I don't remember previous versions being so saucy, literally as the lad delivered each of his big speeches smeared in a new layer of goo, I preseume to denote the progress of the battle )once more into the breach, etc, except they skipped that bit) or just because the director really likes smearing young lads with goo, especially when young Hal spat out the cum in his hands. Charming (and yes, the first few rows will get wet, with Falstaff jism, yum).

Weirdly, and despite all the above, I think I like it more now in reflection than at the time (I was rocking the cramps and exhaustion). Certainly, I keep thinking upon it, certainly bits were startling, confusing and unexpected but I think I am a confirmed traditionalist when it comes to Shakespeare and much prefer the other productions I've seen over the last year (in the UK).

Got completely soaked through to the knickers in the rain trying to get a taxi home (please let this mean I don't hafta water at sparrow's on Sun) and then got in trouble for waking up the household (the front door had stuck solid in the sudden rain, as it does) and I was so cold and tired but I gathered up all my quilts and actually slept for a couple of hours, which is more than I've managed this week (working all day, being unwell all night).

Silly to go out, but I'd booked it ages ago before I knew this week was gonna be such a trial. Still, I'm lucky I'm not in Victoria. Actually it's been a good week all round: floods and crocodiles up north, sharks here and the terrible, terrible fires down south.

Victorian Bushfire Appeal 2009

Australians Return to Homes Destroyed by Wildfires

From the CFA

Koala rescued from Australia's wildfire wasteland

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Judi and Craig want Bond team back

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Top smear: Clarkson revs up on Rudd

One-armed idiot? This'll make Gordon Brown smile... it's Jeremy Clarkson in a sling

Generation Kill: Episode three

Of Alexander Skarsgård

Underbelly has highest TV launch of all time

Dinosaur hunter unearths nearly 50 new species in Britain's own Jurassic Park

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we pimpin'

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The many faces of Pablo Picasso

God save the Damien Hirst rip-off industry!

'Here's the problem... people really hate you,' US bankers told

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