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FRIDAY: Ooh, I'm getting in trouble for not reading emails. Sorry. Been really, really busy and it's way too hot for my poor old wheezing lap top. It's supposed to get up to 47C on Sunday. Everyone is saying to stay home on the weekend. (and the peanut gallery is promising to wear something diaphanous, which fair boggles the mind).

And on that, never mind. Been a bit upset this week, more than a bit to be honest, but I've heard negativity leads to mass unfriending so I'll try to keep a lid on it. One must be peppy and entertaining above all things (even tho the server was down, my software wasn't working and my keyboard was dead, all before I'd made my first cup of tea. Keep smiling. Must not show them I'm rattled).

So there's not a lot to say about yesterday, which mercifully, I had off and even being up to my elbows in cockroach poo and worse while cleaning both kitchen and bathroom, it was still way better than being at work. Got the laundry done, carried about 27 buckets of water about the garden, cause I also had to wash out all the bottles of ex sauces etc from the ex fridge that I discovered had been left for me, for a week, in the hot sun. Mmmm, tasty. Still way better than being at work, though. And at least I've managed to get the food dye stains on my hands down so now I just look like a smoker, not a bank robber (though which is the least socially acceptable these days?) but I still smell disturbingly of old chutney and pickles, etc. All the oils of Araby won't sweeten this little hand, etc, etc.

Handyman came and went, so that's done. I didn't get to do my own stuff to do (for various really good excuses, i swear) so I might have to outsource that, too. Nor did I pot up the little orange tree as planned because I discovered, belatedly, that the pot had no holes. No probs, get the drill. Is it still powered up? A quick test brings drill like activity. So I get the large plastic pot upended, aim the drill and ready, steady...and the drill is like "Kidding! You didn't think I was still charged up did you? The look on your face!"

Bastard. By then the sun was setting and as it would take until midnight to charge it, it was stime to sulk in front of the tv. So I got to see an episode of Maverick. and it was a Bart episode, yay. And it was really good. And I swear the other guy was from Nanny and the Professor, which I can't even remember, but the name popped into my head, so maybe I was right. Anyway, cracking episode. B/W is so cool (and so racy, and so, well, grown up).

Then there was Rex (they killed Rex, oh nos!), Dexter and Life on Mars, the US version. It was the same, but different. I didn't mind it, but I must withold all comment because I'm not sure I saw it all, I mean even though it was a near perfect rip of the UK vers I could barely follow the plot due to the fact that we had like 30 seconds of show for ever half hour of ads. Seriously, it was just way too much. But yeah, I think some things were worse, some where better (the shot of the twin towers had far more visual punch than the motorway), some where different and I could see the point of some changes, others were just lame (like the resolution of the Colin plot). It was most illuminating re cultural differences, especially the police procedures and a giggle to see how they'd handle the UK centric puns an the stronger language of the UK version. So I didn't mind it, and to be honest, I'd almost rather have any Sam Tyler than Ashes, but we'll wait until I see more of both before I set that opinion in stone. And this Sam gets to drive his own car. That's a whole different dynamic just there.

But the main thing I was thinking was that until they make an Oz version I'm still not gonna get any of the damn injokes and cultural references.

MONDAY: Sod these romance era pastoral ideals. Sod nature. I had everything in the back yard bar Galapagos turtles.

First, I finally got my pina colada in my banana lounge - only it attracted every species of ant in a 3km radius. Then the dogs from the yard ajoining ours burrowed under the (one remaining) fence to snuffle through the compost which was piled high with ex fridge contents (hey, at least I'm recycling). Then there were spiders, a large blue tongue lizard and white cockatoos, a black cockatoo, corellas, rainbow lorikeets, magpies, currawongs, noisy miners, indian mynahs and a willy wagtail.

The corellas have discovered they only have to act cute for food. Not sure if it's my idea of cute though, as the mtual grooming session went on and on and on...they're almost as shameless as the lorikeets who have been known to hang upside down off the washing line and go at it while I've tried to hang up washing.

The cockatoos brought along 60 of their mates, which was way too many. We put up seed bells, but when I had to stand under them to repair the fence where the dogs got through they didn't like that and squawked and flapped and shat on me - it was like the end of Bonnie and Clyde only with bird shit. Wimper.

Did not get to watch dvds, read or go see the Chinese New Year parade as I wanted to. Sulk, sulk, grizzle, grumble, pout. And work sucks - but I suppose it keeps Captain Birdseye (the malicious, one eyed cockatoo) in biscuits.

Everything just did not go to plan. And I suppose there's no reason why it should, but still. At least I got to play back the episodes of The Saint and The Sweeney that I missed, well, Sunday's anyway while I was busy with my Govt allotted four hours of gardening. I won't grizzle about me battling broiling hot sun, feral roses, spiders, etc to try and repair the fence while other folks who shall remain nameless kicked back and watched Simon Schama's art doco thingie (the one he made years ago, finally playing out here).

At least I've bought a better hammer and bigger nails, so we'll try that on the old repairs front. Oh yeah, spent my lunch hour in the hardware store. Being the only chick I was totally ignored and then some sod pushed in front of me in the queue. Do ya really want to shove in front of a tired, embittered hormonal old bag armed with hammer, nails pliers and screwdrivers? Do ya really?


This is why I don't go in for the whole rennovating thing. I hate it, but it's gotta be done. I just wish the hundreds of thousands of dollars I'd paid for previous repairs had actually been done, you know? I wish other people had pulled their weight and, like, done stuff. Too late now, and I fear the damage bills, I really do.

Oh well. Triplej this morning was giggling over a news report that remarked upon the Obamas "fisting". Clearly, it means something entirely different in America, but it was a solid three hours (and counting) of tittering here. And they've only just stopped tittering over Aretha Franklin's unfortunate pause when she belted out "My Count....try". Why yes, we are still five, thanks for asking. (Btw, all the folks photoshopping that hat all over the place? Keep it up. Very small things amuse me).

Then, as a roundabout way on account of a colleague pronouncing favicon as favvykon I thougt it sounded like some Dr Who alien, and we wondered whether browsing for pictures of vervoids was work safe? I'm thinking not. Freudian much?

Meanwhile I've been buying cheap nasty shoes and cheap nasty tops to get me through summer. Not keen on them, but what does it matter? Folks hide when I show up at the bus stop, refuse to serve me in shops and spit on me in the streets on account of my gross hideousness. Spending twice as much on a top ain't gonna help. And it's not fair, living on fruit and water and lugging buckets of water everywhere as I do. It should count, but it don't. And nobody, but nobody told me I was wearing a spider fascinator the other day (no doubt picked up as I blundered through the hibiscus - must prune) until he got bored and decided to scuttle off when I finally got in to my desk at work (bored now).

TV? Haven't seen much on account of the really long 14hr days I've been having to do again (all overtime unpaid, natch). Torchwood was the one with Spike in it, as they're playing S2 on UKTV at long last. And yeah, it was pretty much Spike, in Torchwood, for no real reason other than somebody thought it'd be really cool to do. Poor old Torchwood, never really the show with the plan, which is why I suppose it lurxhes wildly from the brilliant to the banal and everywhere in between. Points awarded though for actual boy snogging (thus making other shows look wildly homophobic), Ianto's snarkiness, eye rolling and bunny boiler antics (a point awarded too for Jack's expression of astonishment as BunnyBoiler Jones is so huffy he ignores and stomps off mid flirt - now that's the way to get Jack, play hard to get).

Other than that, not much. Missed all of Maverick this week (weep), missed most of Time Team (and the IQ failed), missed Dr Who repeats. I did watch an episode of Apparitions. That is a rubbish show, but I was curious to see how it turned out. I had such high hopes, being from the guy who gave us Ultraviolet, but I guess sometimes lightning doesn't strike twice. Mind you, you do not want a bug flying into your face while watching mildly spooky goings on in the dark (dammit, now I gotta add flyscreens to my to do list - the list that never ends).

Oh, hell's bells. Now I'm in trouble for showing I was stressed because I'm doing the work of eight people, this stuff has to be up by COB and the server is down (again). For feck's sake, even Spock spat the dummy on occassion, and I didn't even spit, I just sorta melted into a puddle of misery at my desk. Because I'm really, really not happy. Not that I have any right to be happy, but there it is.

Never mind, have some links (no BN update this weekend, because, like, holy shit, 47c!)

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Hospitals set for surge in patients

Airlines can charge fat flyers more,23739,25004140-3102,00.html?referrer=email

Widow finds dead husband's secret toy treasure trove hidden in shed

New Zealand inmate stroll stopped by pole

British warship wreck found in Channel

Queen to revamp her website

'Fanboys' - a love letter to 'Star Wars' fans

Blizzard blows in as Britain shivers [US pals may now point and mock at wot the Brits call heavy snows]

Transport hit as UK wakes to heaviest snow in decades

Snow in England

Google Earth, Google Ocean: mysteries of the seafloor are mapped for the first time

How to wear 80s styles - by the stars of the decade

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Yes, there is life on the tube for Life on Mars

Security versus humanity (Gen Kill)

Generation Kill: Episode two

Parched: Australia faces collapse as climate change kicks in

Snow Sculpture Competition, 1991

Snake fossil as long as a bus found

Just what the doctor ordered

Jeremy Clarkson touches down in Top Gear,22049,25008580-5001021,00.html?referrer=email

Alleged bird smuggler stuffs pigeons in his tights,22049,25001795-5001021,00.html?referrer=email

The world's most disappointing tourist attractions

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