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Oh boy. Of course, if you're an ailing refrigerator, there's no better time to give up the ghost than during the worst heatwave in seventy years. It wouldn't be any fun otherwise.

So that was yesterday, dead fridge, racing around to buy a new one (limited by time, money, transport and a tiny kitchen it's yet another case of making do rather than the best fridge for the price - sigh), waiting for various deliveries, tradesmen, etc. All the stuff I wanted to do is pushed back, again. Sigh. And I'm pretty sure it won't wait, either.

At least one of the deliveries was my long awaited banana lounge. It's been mainly a (constant) verbal lament, but I so wanted one for my once in two decades summer holiday, but no, they couldn't possibly deliver until after Oz day. Well, it's here. At last. And it's lovely. I eschewed the cheap models for one that swears it's Italian (yeah, right), but it is perfection. I had only half an hour in it, but oh, what a half hour, under the greenleaves, watching a trio of pelicans wheel in the sky as I sipped my lukewarm orange juice.

Last night was ex-freezer stew. It wasn't that bad. More pho noodle stew than bubble and squeak, but surprisingly not awful.

I also caught up on the finale of S2 of the Tudors. actually the last few episodes. Lots of arrests, betrayal, torture and executions. I even felt sorry for Ann, who had been largely a stupendous bitch throughout, but it was kinda rough justice. It made me think of parallels with Merlin, wot with the accusations of witchcraft and the stern punishments for same, but I've since been disabused of this notion.

Never mind, can't wait for S3. I love the Tudors, just love it. I really must brush up on my history of that era (don't get me started, being taken off the Tudors to do half arsed Oz studies from texts now all widely discredited as being works of fiction) except a small part of me frets over spoilers (I know, but I never got to do it at school, it remains a sore point) but I really want to know more, as the Tudors only touches on, and glosses over, stuff that intrigues me. You'd think I'd have picked it up rocking the royal palaces, but in one ear out t'other, it seems. Oh well. anyone know a good books on the Tudors? One with pictures?

We were wondering what would happened once JRM left. No more Tudors? Surely they could recast as we hit Henry's Vegas years? Or skip ahead to the kids, soap opera style? (This prompted an outbreak of "Bloody Mary is the girl I love..." but I'll spare you the showtunes that get belted out while I do the washing up - it's a hangover from being horribly bullied at school, I was in every damn chorus line just so I could be under teacher supervision, and ended up with a scary repertoire for my pains).

Also caught up on some Rex. I kinda like the Italian version.

Today it is still hot, I'm not at home to supervise new fridge installation ( and I've got over 300 files to get up by COB today, ain't got 'em yet, the air con is kaput and I'm waiting for the severs to catch fire - and yet it'll still be all my fault, of course. I have been given a small fan for my PC. That's my PC, not me.

Oh, and the jackhammering. Can't forget the jackhammering. I love watching my cup bounce over my desk.

I am not having a good day. Perhaps I can get some quality banana time tomorrow, but I doubt it. Must mend back fence and get actual banana tree in.

If it wasn't for my US correspondents I wouldn't have a clue what the American president has accomplished thus far, as it's all Fox news here (and the Daily Show roundups of the best of the conservative media have been terrifyingly funny) but Boris approves, so that's okay. Boris is also apparently breathing down Daniel Craig's neck on a poll of most desirable breakfast buddies. And why not? I must confess, I, too, am smitten with the Boris. Yes he's a tory (representing everything one side of my family has fought against for centuries) and I wouldn't seriously vote for him in a pink fit, but, man, he is funny, and funny will get you everywhere.

I was watching the Boris episode of Who Do You Think You Are and it was a hoot, laugh out loud funny, well, to me, anyway, and who knew he was part Turkish (and no wonder they keep that quiet)? I was bemused so much I watched it twice.

Also watched Patsy Kensit, whom I've not liked for a solid lifetime, affect me deeply with her need to find a decent, upstanding ancestor (and, yeah, pot calling the kettle black when I smirk at her eastend villains ancestry). And I will never be able to view Jerry Springer the same way again after hearing his breaking sobs as he stood on the train platform from where his grandmother was sent to be exterminated (Holocaust episodes are always harrowing, and you wonder how the Isralis could inflict such cruelties on others, after all they've suffered, it really is a cycle of violence).

So that was the serious telly done with. Thank goodness Boris is such a hoot.

Other than that, it's been fridge and cupboard archaeology - not for the fainthearted - the odd episode of Maverick (still playing spot the guest star) and, well, that's it, really.

PM update: New fridge has arrived and is plugged in. I'm worried about some of the ex fridge stuff - I was trying to keep it cool with icebocks from the freezer but eejits will keep opening the door. I haven't even seen it but I hear it sticks out into the already to narrow for me to get past kitchen. Okay, if you can't shimmy past the fridge you can't eat. That works - not. I would have loved to get one of those retro fridges but I guess not.

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You and a Philosophical Friend: Are somewhat a matter of opposites attract. You're both thinkers, but you think very differently.

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