mockturtle (hellblazer06) wrote,

oh crap...

Had to take today off for tradesmen and stuff, but we woke up to find the old fridge had finally expired, which meant one off to the shops and Person B to mop up - literally.

So thank you very much to the dearest pal who gave me the amazon voucher. Sweet! And thanks to the pal whose posting the Muppets.

Also had a bit of a read re Merlin. For a show that is very daft on the surface, there's some serious stuff about the weight of duty and conflicted loyalties on Arthur, whhether or not he's in denial or ignoring the truth about Merlin, the whole Camelot is a police state and suspect minorities are repressed (the 'magic' being a handy allusion to any sort of realife equivalent: religion, sexuality, race, etc).

Ya don't get that in some other shows I had great hopes for.

Okay, off to recycle ex fridge contents via recycling bins and compost. Sorry about all the greenhouses gases that escaped. whoops.

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