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This morning I was walking to work with the Bond theme blaring away from somewhere. I've always wanted to be fanfared by the Bond theme as I walked down the street. At least, I hope it was playing inexplicably loud from some speakers somewhere. Either that or I've been watching way too much Bond lately (it's just been Bond, Bond, Bond with Fox Classics Bond marathon which I've been wallowing in and I finally got to see Q of S, but more on that in another post I promise to finish typing sometime soon - work has been full on lately).

Then I read that Patrick McGoohan was dead. Bummer. Seriously. I mean, you can't get in the front door of our place without tripping over the box sets of Danger Man/Secret Agent (we have both) and The Prisoner. Oh man, he was cool. Grumpy, but cool.

Meanwhile, it's been all work and no play (not even Maverick, more on that later), with servers down, firewalled and I know some folks thrive on being handed reams of stuff to be online 4 minutes before the media launch but I ain't one of 'em. Flail!

Still, my watch works - I had to get a new battery. This was for the one I bought in Ballater which I had to buy to replace the watch I'd lost which I'd bought on Venice Beach, CA, USA, to replace the watch that was stolen when that guy broke into my hotel room, the watch that was given to me by....well, it's a saga.

Could not find a copy of Black Butterfly for love or money in the city. Tell me again why I forgot to pick up a copy while I was in Blighty? (Bangs head on desk). I did find the other tomes by Mr Gatiss, snuggled up against Mrs Gaskell - now there's a mash up waiting to happen - grin. The only book I could find on my list in the pre loved books shop was a copy of Le Morte De Arthur. My old copy, by the looks of it (wouldn't that be funny). From the title I just don't think it's gonna end well fr the boys - yikes! Only kidding, I have read it before, but the last time was ten years ago or more, I remember putting it aside for Sharpe. It is as I remember it, only more so: so far just endless kerniggets have-at-ing at eaxch other on the flimiest pretexes. It reads like an old school platform game, to be honest, yawn. But if you think the old Merlin standard of Arthur Fights, Arthur fetchingly wounded is somewhat repetitive, well, it's canon, alas.

Mind you, I think the script writers used to work on Lost In Space. Oh lookit, it's the Monster of the Week! Sigh. (And man, that was dull when I was a kid). Yeah, sorry, Fox Classics is playing all sorts of odds and bods. Loving it, quite frankly.

The other English blond this week has been Mr Constantine. He popped up in a rather vivid dream so I dusted off a few books and have been indulging again. Heh. (At least I know the subconcious answer to the eternal question: 'who ya gonna call?' now). Oh yeah, it wasn't that sort of dream, alas, though you could have powered a sun on my fangirl vapours (yep, even in my dreams I'm a Loser), I was just having disturbing flashbacks to the 30s house at the Everglades and the lurid scarlet bathroom, but more on that later, too, promise (I need to find the usb thingie for my camera, there are pics you need to see because words fail, trust me on this).

At least I'm not, at the moment, maybe because I'm too tired, getting all upset the way I did over Mr Pinter. I think it was because I was praising Mr Pinter and his work and how influential it was and the next thing I heard he was dead and I was so upset and then Himself said he'd been told that in some philosophies that if you're speak well of someone at the moment of their death they go straight to heaven. It was all very 'Wonderful Life' - which I finally saw, thanks Fox Classics, but I teared up anyway.

Kinda got miserable, what with cool people dying and other wastes of space still drawing breath. Still, what can you do (that doesn't involve breaking commandments?)

Anyway, it's late, late late and I'm gonna miss Maverick, again.

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