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TV ratings: 4.2m watch Survivors finale (Beesley)

Screen Talk: Brit TV classics to hit big screen

Honours for Sheen & Mitchell, Stage 100 Announced

Gavin gets nasty (Horne)

Oliver! How I got Mr Bean to play Fagin (Atkinson)

Hustle: Robert Glenister

Facing Demons: Christian Cooke

Daniel Day Lewis

Jacobi, Grandage & Co Mark Twelfth Night at Q&A

NBC buys BBC family drama Merlin

Eddie Izz a real tonic

Richard E Grant brings Carnage to Richmond

False Witness (Scott)

Alan Rickman on the list for this year's Queen's honors

New Thor Movie Rumors Regarding Donald Blake (Branagh)

Ralph Fiennes on The Reader and Oedipus


Mamma Mia! Screen lovers Dominic and Amanda show they're an item for real as they go dirty dancing together

"Confessions of a Shopaholic" International Trailer (Hugh Dancy)

HBO Joins Remake of British Series Shameless

'In Treatment': News on your next session with Dr. Weston (Byrne)

Taken trailer, videos and movies (Liam Neeson)

James Purefoy may take Hugh Jackman role in Cleopatra epic

Old Man About The House: Frail 70s heart-throb Richard O'Sullivan looks unrecognisable

Carlyle to play celebrities' psychiatrist

First Images and Poster from ENDGAME - A Sundance 2009 Movie (Chiwetel Ejiofor, Mark Strong, and Jonny Lee Miller)

Anthony Hopkins is a knight in shining armour

Kevin Whately: 'Despite the Alzheimer's, sometimes she still calls me our Kev'


Colin Firth portrait as Mr Darcy for sale

Mr Darcy, not Colin Firth, in the water for Pride and Prejudice,21985,24854452-5006022,00.html


Matt Smith, the new Doctor Who

Dr Who? Big names lose out to Matt Smith

Matt Smith to replace David Tennant as Doctor Who,21985,24872739-5006022,00.html

You saw them here first

David Tennant receives a standing ovation after his surprise return to Hamlet

Tennant's Hamlet makes a triumphant comeback

Doctor Who? Unknown is latest incarnation of Time Lord

David Tennant back as Hamlet after back surgery

Matt Smith is the new Dr Who

Doctor Who? Unknown actor Matt Smith, 26, announced as David Tennant's replacement

Who did he tell? Flurry of suspicious late bets on the new Doctor hailed from Matt Smith's home town area

BBC Set to Announce 11th Doctor Who

David Tennant returns to Hamlet

Matt Smith: Just what the Doctor (Who) ordered

Doctor Who: Introducing Matt Smith, the 26-year-old Time Lord

New Doctor actor to be announced

Who he? Thoughts on Matt Smith, the new Doctor

Late bets on Matt Smith as Doctor Who came from home town

Doctor Who 'owes success to political drama'

New Doctor Who to be revealed on Saturday

Your thoughts on the 11th Doctor

New Doctor set to be named

Matt Smith announced as new Doctor Who

The next Who?

The new Doctor is Matt ... Who?

2009 Orange Rising Star Award - Nominations Announced

Who on earth is Matt Smith?

Watch new Dr Who bed Billie

New Dr Who revealed tonight!

New Doctor Who will be youngest

Unknown actor cast as the new Doctor

See the new Doctor Who getting frisky with Billie!

Matt Smith named as new Doctor Who

Betting row as unknown Matt Smith becomes new Doctor Who

Dr Who???

Picspam :: Doctor Who

Doctor Who: betting mystery surrounds new Time Lord Matt Smith


Tennant Returns to Hamlet for Final Week in London

BBC denies new Dr Who betting claim

Matt Smith is the Doctor!

David Tennant Departs Novello Theatre After "Hamlet" Performance

New Doctor actor is youngest ever

Former Doctor Who Tom Baker and Brian Blessed voice TalkTalk ad

Unknown becomes the Doctor,23739,24873693-5012980,00.html?referrer=email

Dr Who? Matt Smith named show's new lead

David Tennant New Year Pic Spam

Doctor Who - The Next Doctor Favorite Scenes

Doctor Who: Matt Smith interview

TV ratings: Doctor Who unveiling scores victory over ITV1's FA Cup

Michael Grade delivers second opinion on Doctor Who: 'I was wrong'

Doctoring the news?

New Doctor Who faces virtual foes

Doctor Who!? BBC Names Unknown As New Time Lord

DTP Edition 1.2: Color By Number - Yellow

Relative unknown to take lead in Dr Who

New Doctor in the house as Tennant moves out

Dr Who star takes to the stage as Hamlet

Slimmers cuddle up to TV star John Barrowman

Who's your brother?

Doctor Who: David Tennant's replacement to be revealed on big screens across UK

New Doctor Who to be announced tomorrow

Look Who's back

Tennant is better than ever in Hamlet

Tennant's pulling power

British talent up for Bafta prize (Clarke)

Bonus Tennant Picspam

David Tennant receives a standing ovation after his surprise return to Hamlet

DTP Edition 1.1: Color By Number - Red

Doctor Who replacement set to be named

BBC refuses inquiry into bets on new Doctor Who

BBC denies new Doctor Who betting claims

Next Doctor Who to be revealed tonight

Joanna meets John Barrowman at Slimming World Woman of the Year Awards

First Look at G.I. Joe’s M.A.R.S. Troopers (Eccleston)

New Doctor actor to be announced

Bafta shortlists five stars of the future (Clarke)


Defiance, review


Craig eyes stage role

The 007 hex

Country split over whether Daniel Craig is film hero or villain

No turning back: Why Daniel Craig will never stop experimenting

Daniel Craig shows how to walk the red carpet... while Vanessa Feltz gets it all wrong

Jewish saviour or butcher of innocents? Daniel Craig's depiction of a Polish partisan comes under fire

Reluctant celebrity Daniel Craig

How acting in Liverpool spurred James Bond actor Daniel Craig on

'Defiance' Star Daniel Craig Insists He's Not A Funny Guy

An MI6 officer and a gentleman

Review: 'Defiance',0,6619282.story

Daniel Craig plans a new Bond

Craig wants to master Bond game

Daniel Craig on vacation

Bond star takes a friendly swipe at Oasis singer

'Les Insurges' (Defiance) - Paris Premiere

"Defiance (Les Insurges)" - Paris Premiere

'Defiance' European Premiere - Inside Arrivals

'Defiance' European Premiere - Red Carpet Arrivals

"Defiance" European Premiere - Inside Arrivals

"Defiance" European Premiere - Outside Arrivals

Daniel Craig On Filming 'Defiance' - 'They Told Us [The Swamp] Was Clean, But Who Knows?'

Unfunny Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig is Zwick Quick

Exclusive: New 'Defiance' Clip

Daniel Craig Premieres Defiance in London

Daniel Craig

Bond of brothers in Defiance

School of hard rocks

Daniel Craig attends the Defiance premiere in London

Daniel Craig baits Noel Gallagher over guitar skills jibe

Daniel Craig's break from Bond


Rupert Penry-Jones plays it Bond-style in the BBC remake of The 39 Steps

Rupert Penry-Jones shines in The 39 Steps

Hooray Hannay

BBC bungles showpiece drama remake The 39 Steps with a host of howlers... like the biplane with a machine gun ‘ahead of its time’

The Sunday Session - January 4

Queen's Elastoplast dress

Rupert P-J, the 39 Steps

For the sake of dear auld Michael

The 39 Steps, BBC1

The weekend's TV (Penry-Jones)

TV ratings: Top Gear outpaced by The 39 Steps


Philip Glenister ditches DCI Gene Hunt for Demons

Life After Mars? Philip Glenister battles his Demons in spectacular new show

The cast of Demons talk about their favourite superheroes and the best scary movies...

Philip Glenister: Women love me... I just don't know why

Philip Glenister profile

TV Scoop Interview: Philip Glenister, Demons

TV Review: Demons (They Bite), ITV1, Saturday 3 January, 7.20pm

TV review: Demons

Philip Glenister stars in Demons

What did you think of ITV's Demons? (Glenister)

Philip Glenister: Forget Demons and Gene Hunt, my kids want me to be Doctor Who

Actors face a beastly year

Demons: Philip Glenister


Woman 'harassed' TV's Martin Shaw

Judge John Deed actor Martin Shaw 'harassed by stalker pensioner'


Pegg And Frost Join Tintin

Pegg and Frost as Tintin twins

Pegg and Frost cast in Spielberg's 3-D Tintin film

HOW TO Lose DVD Sales & ALIENATE PEOPLE -- Director Robert Weide asks fans not to buy U.S. DVD of his film (Simon Pegg)


Exclusive: Jason Isaacs is Good

Jason Isaacs is surprised by the places 'Good' has taken him,0,3918591.story

"Good" Film, Based on Taylor Play, Arrives in Select Cities Dec. 31 (Isaacs)

If you see one Nazi movie, make it ‘Good’


Celebrity Sightings In Miami Beach - January 2, 2009 (Butler)

Gerard Butler on the beach in Miami again

Gerard Butler in Miami

Gerard flips out

F. Gary Gray finds four more LAW ABIDING CITIZEN(s) -- Gambon, Bibb, Meaney, and Randle join Foxx and Butler to take a bite out of crime. Delicious, delicious crime.


'The International': Watch our exclusive clip! (Clive)

Clive Owen anyone?


Dark Knight named People's Choice

Terminator Salvation,,20249045_3,00.html,,20249045_4,00.html

Public Enemies,,20249045_1,00.html


Jude Law Rocks Rio de Janeiro

Jude Law: Birthday in Brazil!


Movie icon reveals secret of long marriage (Connery)

So what did Alex Salmond get Sean Connery as a present? A Sandi Thom CD and signed government white paper, of course


Billie Piper settles into motherhood on relaxing Miami break with baby Winston

Billie Piper to renew her vows with Laurence Fox?


Paul Bettany Talks Wife's Weight Loss

Palm Springs Film Festival Gala - Arrivals

20th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards - Red Carpet

20th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards - Show


Stephen Fry in Wellington for the birds

Stephen Fry and Lee Evans to guest on Jonathan Ross's BBC1 comeback

Jonathan Ross comeback show: Stephen Fry and Lee Evans are first guests


Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe 'would like to try musicals'

Daniel Radcliffe has a song in his heart


2009 TV Preview: 'Robin Hood 3'

Richard Armitage Series 3 Robin Hood

Robin Hood series 3 is coming, but roll on series 4…

Exclusive: Wainwright to ‘reinvent’ BBC’s Robin Hood


Hugh Laurie takes US by storm

They're men in stripes

Teri nice prize for Laurie

House calls: Hugh Laurie's a double winner at People's Choice Awards

35th Annual People's Choice Awards - Arrivals

35th Annual People's Choice Awards - Show

35th Annual People's Choice Awards - Press Room


Bill Nighy Still Waiting For David Yates' 'Harry Potter' Casting Call

Over 20 New Images from UNDERWORLD: RISE OF THE LYCANS (Bill Nighy, Michael Sheen)

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