mockturtle (hellblazer06) wrote,


I haven't meant to be ignoring y'all, and I'll promise to try and type up something soon. It's just that it's all been too busy, too lazy, too fraught, too festive, too hot, too cold, too sunburnt, too wet, too short, I've been having adventures (my first Xmas hols since school!).

But in the meantime, have some Brit links (to follow).

Okay, I can't go without saying Merlin is strangely addictive, Kurt Wallander needs a hug, enough with the nekkid Ryan Kwantan now, Ian McShane was soooo pretty in the B/W days, anyone who says Quantum of Solace isn't cool clearly hasn't seen Octopussy recently, am really feeling my age when I consider the new Teen Timelord, speaking of which, finally got that looong promised mini golf birthday game - and I got a hole in one (beginners luck), I braved Ikea in the post Xmas sales, was so tired one day the Tudors and Rex in Rome got mashed up as I dozed and now I keep thinking I was watching a show about Peter O'Toole, the crime fighting pope and his canine companion.

Alas, back at work, which sucks even worse than I remembered it sucking. Sigh. Oh, I hear thunder again. Ciao.

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