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Sign me up for the bah humbug club (especially as Bob Crachit here is working over Xmas again). I'll be out in the yard tonight with my barrage balloons, spotlights, spotters guide and guns, I can tell you.

Still, despite crashing servers and everyone deciding to clear out their inboxes by dumping everything into mine at work, things have been accomplished. I have a tree, of sorts, up, though its bareness distresses me still. We bought some new, nuclear, Xmas lights to string up. They're LED ones, which I find way too bright but Himself loves. I guess I'm a warm glow gal, while he's a cold hard halogen man (the house lights are half n half, in case you were wondering).

The house is also clean-ish. I'd not been too fussed as it was only supposed to be us two and our cold tin of spam but some folks I thought was 15,000+km away are unexpectedly coming over so it was the old spray and wipe ad going on all Sunday, and for those who are unfamiliar with the ad, think of the sudden alarm when the hero is spotted striding up the drive in any Austen tv drama. Only this was far less genteel. More Top Gear than Jane Austen, alas, and I was in full Captain Calamity mode. A personal best for breakages, as Himself shrewishly observed. Well, this is why I'd not mucked in before, because I knew I was overtired and disaster prone. Oh well, and yea, verily, the neighbourhood echoed with the sounds of crashing and swearing.

We spent all Sunday scrubbing away at the kitchen (to one of the Peanut Gallry's excellent mix tapes, well, it was a cd, but they'll always be mix tapes to me). Hey, the old lino had a pattern, who knew? Of course then we had to actually cook on the sparkling stove. OCD until Xmas, that's my motto.

Yesterday was an awful day, and shopping has become like some hideous reality show, as it's hot, sweaty, overcrowded shops with no stock, now with added brats in tow. Tis the season to bite down and not go nuts. At least I saw Santa. No, really, he rode down Pitt St on some ye olde fire engine, waving away. Sadly, only codgers my age were at all interested and bemused to see the merry gent himself, the kids I saw couldn't have cared less if they tried. It was kinda sad, really (especially the mums doing the whole "lookit! santa!" to bored and miserable and seemingly braindead offspring).

But never mind. Came home to find that Himself had sourced a tablecloth for the occasion (there were none to be had in the city), as well as Xmas treats, and then the neighbour dropped by with Xmas pie! Okay, so it was a bribe to water the garden should we have a horrid westerly while they were away, but still, brightly wrapped homemade pie! Bwee!

TV: Well, Top Gear, quite obviously, and there was Moonraker afterwards. I know, but I was still doing the ironing and having seen the Bond exhibition I'm rather of a mind to rewatch them and if Foxtel is willing to facilitate this, who am I to argue. Startled a wee ringtail possum hanging in front of the screen door when I went to try and catch some fresh air. Had he been watching Moonraker too? He was so cute, in his little furry way. Damn noisey, with the midnight scampering, but cute nevertheless.

Last night was the last Life on Mars and that's...pretty much it. Aside from The Saint on Fox Classics (being thoroughly Rogered this week), and I missed The Sweeney and New Avengers. Did crack open an episode of Ghost Squad. Not the Armstrong one, this is an early 60s jobbie. We're scraping the bottom of the ITC barrel, but it's not too bad, though the pacing lags somewhat (all early 60s shows seem to have a, shall we say, leisurely pace, I've discovered). Still, it had a falf decent plot (one that could still be deployed at any moment for Spooks, fer instance), even if it so very obviously wasn't filmed in far flung exotic locations - that was almost part of the fun. And we loved the froot loops patterned wallpaper in the hotel room ('he stuck them up to try and block the alien thought waves', intoned the Peanut Gallery).

All in all, a good, but not great early 60s British cop show. To be honest, there were a few things in there that were rather a little too Bond like, and we wondered which came first. See this if you enjoyed I Spy, but don't mind B/W and wobbly sets.

Oh, I also watched Wired when it was dark and wet early on Saturday. Very Spooks like in editing and music, featuring Toby Stephens and Laurence (or Lawrence as the box calls him) Fox, but not enough of either, but it was rubbish, absolute rubbish. The lead actresses were rubbish and the plot, which might have done for one episode of Spooks, barely made for three episodes and to paraphrase from MST3K, wasn't it so sad at the end when they thought they were getting a series? Nothing said 'pilot' quite so much as this little effort, at least not that I've seen for a while. Pity that they went with Code 9 rather than this, because they possibly could have dragged a zeitgeisty short series out of fraud squad dealings, but, honestly, it really wasn't that good. Laurence was good in it though. Actually, he was a thoroughly nasty piece of work, but at least he was a fun to watch nasty piece of work.

Too bad Passage to India got canned, too. Because I just can't imagine which role he might have played - smirk. Oh, that would have made me very happy. Sigh. Heavy sigh (because I loved Passage to India when I was a young and feckless lass).

Anyway, another morning tea done (my serving platter has done some heavy work this last week or so, and now folks expect me to bring a good, and expensive, platter, oh dear. I've done cheese platters and this time a fruit cake with seasonal red and green fruits. Shoulda toked a piccie but never mind, you get the idea). Oh yeah, the office party. Turned out to be somewhere well posh with $60 bottles of wine and the chef off to do a BBC series. The temp picked it, because it certainly wasn't something I'd expect from the colleagues. It was very nice though, and I've never had a hangover in the triple figures before. And yes, there might have been some cause and effect twixt office party and me being Calamity Jane on the weekend, but thems the breaks. Lots and lots of breaks. And crashes.

Oh well. Jeeves informs me that this evening's repaste is in hand (seafood in Sydney? Today? That's like a suicide mission) and he has retired to place a cool cloth across the brow. I'm not surprised. There was hard work done yesterday, though I deeply suspect I should avoid opening doors for the next fortnight - grin. And there was apparently rather a lot of Homer Simpson style nibbling of out of date treats as he cleared out the fridge/cupboards to make room for Xmas provisions. There was much groaning last night - heh. Still, we should be in good order for Xmas, so long as nobody opens any doors unexpectedly.

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