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Colin Salmon Fishes for Doctor Who Role

Rupert Everett goes in search of Lord Byron for Channel 4

Orlando Bloom engaged to model Miranda Kerr?

Winstone to play Caesar in Soderbergh's Cleopatra musical

Bean misses 'miserable' UK weather

'Philanthropist' cuts costs for NBC (Purefoy)

BBC's Bonekickers consigned to history

Vance, Davenport "Flash Forward" to sci-fi pilot

Is James the new Doctor Who?

Primeval Anytime I Want (Henshall)

Saucing up a right royal bodice-ripper (Rhys Meyers)

The Big Interview: Steven Mackintosh

Triffids returning to television

Bits and Bobs (Vol. 21): Unsung British actors (Part 2)

Mark Strong Clarifies Moriarty's Role in SHERLOCK HOLMES

The Family Reunion at the Donmar Warehouse: review (West)

Pete Postlethwaite's Lear: Should more directors take criticism?

Cinema, no. Television, yes! (Nettles)

Ian McKellen's King Lear to ring in the Christmas cheer for Channel 4

The unofficial BBC repertory company

Ioan Gruffudd: Blair, Burberry and fatherhood

How We Met: Neil Morrissey & Richard Fox

Tommy Hollander in Matchbox Magazine

Patrick Stewart: to boldly perform the Bard

Everything you need to know about...Gavin & Stacey


Real skull or fake, that was the question

Dr No! David Tennant wins top TV award, then confirms he's leaving the Tardis for good

Reports say two Doctor Who specials may be filmed in USA

David Tennant: from Doctor Who to Hamlet

The weekend on television: Einstein and Eddington (BBC2) - Survivors (BBC1)

Who's the greenest star of all!

The Visible Man

David Tennant's Tongue

Tennant's extra special acting

Andre Tchaikowsky bequeaths skull to Royal Shakespeare Company,21985,24700349-663,00.html?referrer=email

Einstein and Eddington; Survivors; The IT Crowd

Bequeathed skull stars in Tennant's Hamlet

Acting with Hamlet takes a certain skull

The Christian O'Connell Breakfast Show | November 2008

Einstein and Eddington Review/Picspam Part 1

Dr Who star David Tennant uses real skull on stage

New Pic Hints At The Identity Of Doctor Who's Double

Double doctor for Christmas

Evening Standard Theatre Awards 2008

Who is going to step into Dr Tennant’s shoes?

Einstein and Eddington Review/Picspam Part 2

Who will be the next Doctor Who?

'Hamlet' hit by fake ticket scam

Tennant play hit by ticket forgers

First two minutes of Doctor Who available online

Dr Who fans kept in the dark

Casting continues for 11th Doctor

Pianist's skull plays the jester

Hamlet is the touchstone for our troubled times

How David Tennant's Hamlet skulduggery backfired

Ticket forgers target Hamlet

The Weekend's Television: Survivors, Sun, BBC1
Einstein and Eddington, Sat, BBC2

David Tennant: from Doctor Who to Hamlet

Royal Shakespeare Company to stop using 'distracting' real skull in Hamlet


Event Gallery at the Almeida Theatre London

In a Dark Dark House

'I'm the Doctor': David Morrissey is hot favourite to be new Time Lord following sneak preview of his role in Christmas special

Doctor David Morrissey?

David Morrissey: from darkness and misery to greatness

BBC hopes to spread some Christmas cheer with festive schedule

Morrissey fuels Doctor speculation

David Morrissey lined up to replace David Tennant's Dr Who

Light at the end of the turmoil

Doctor Who: the man who must be the new Doctor

In a Dark Dark House

Review Round-up: Warm Welcome for Dark House?

1st Night Photos: Emma Watson Lights Dark House

In a Dark Dark House at Almeida, London N1

In a Dark Dark House, Almeida Theatre, London

In a Dark Dark House

David Morrissey fuels Doctor Who speculation

In a Dark Dark House

The Diary: Doctor who? Maybe Morrissey knows

In a Dark Dark House: clunky, with a glimmer of hope (Morrissey)


Quantum of Solace blasts new Bond opening record in US

Bond storms UK box office

Bond record set at US box office

Licensed to kilt

007 Craig promises more sex

Hollywood goss: Daniel Craig wants more Bond sex scenes

Stripped down 007 more Bourne than Bond

New Bond film has record opening

James Bond: a bluffer's guide

Another "QUANTUM OF SOLACE" Photo Gallery

Son of a gun

A close bond

Bond missing in action,21985,24660907-5012974,00.html?referrer=email

No fun in latest Bond movie

James Bond races through 'Quantum of Solace' at record speeds

Movie review: Craig masters Bond once again

007 Is Back, and He’s Brooding

People in the News: Former 007 likes the new take on Bond

Craig's quantum leap

Bond, All Knotted Up

"SYLVIA" (2003) Photo Gallery

"Quantum Of Solace" 2008 Tribeca Film Institute Fall Benefit Screening - Inside Arrivals

"Quantum Of Solace" 2008 Tribeca Film Institute Fall Benefit Screening - Outside Arrivals

"Quantum Of Solace" Japan Premiere

Who's Prince Harry's Favorite Bond? (Hint: It's Not Daniel Craig!)

Broken Bond

Bond game hews to tradition - that's not good

Latest James Bond film blazes with action

"Quantum of Solace" is double-oh heaven

Nerds search Bond films for Dr No No

Heir finds Solace in success


BBC sorry after Barrowman exposes himself

BBC under fire as John Barrowman exposes himself live on air

Barrowman: 'Strictly' Sergeant is a joke

TV John: I want to be next 007

Touchdown for Capt Jack

John Barrowman's secret adoption

Barrowman’s musical heroes inspire new album

A quickie with John Barrowman

Slimmer meets Torchwood star

Dr Who star at Bluewater for album signing

Another side from John . . .

Barrowman back on the road in '09

John Barrowman's Beckham bed dream

BBC apologises after John Barrowman exposes himself on air


The Face: Robert Carlyle

VIDEO: Bafta brilliance: stars on red carpet for glamorous night

Carlyle tipped for lead role in Rossiter biopic

Robert Carlyle's 24 fun

Exclusive: I would love to be next Doctor Who, reveals Robert Carlyle

Carlyle: '24's Bauer would kick Bond's ass'

Robert Carlyle to talk in Bath

Robert Carlyle to attend screening

Tough with the smooth: Robert Carlyle on Stone of Destiny


Kenneth Branagh is Kurt Wallander

The weekend's TV (Branagh)

Donmar tops Evening Standards

First Night: Wallander

TV ratings: Wallander brings 6m to BBC1

Evening Standard awards snub commercial theatre (Branagh)

The Weekend's Television: Wallander, Sun, BBC1

Three Hamlets: how to play the Prince

The Branagh enigma


A beautiful life: Paul Bettany a successful acting export

Darwin filming in Bradford on Avon

Paul Bettany's Connelly concerns

Trailer trash

Paul Bettany

A beautiful life: Paul Bettany a successful acting export


A Trailer for Barker's 'Book of Blood' and Another Glimpse of 'Dread'

Trailer of Blood (Armstrong)


Spooks spies 5.1m for BBC1

Spooks: is this the best series yet?

The Story So Far

Filming of BBC's hit show Robin Hood could switch to Scotland

Robin Hood

Robin Hood

Spooks: is this the best series yet?

How to make ... Spooks

Spooks will be back next year


Life: not quite as exciting as telly (Penry-Jones)

My body & soul

Rupert Penry-Jones says he's not the next Doctor Who

Hitchcock's inventions disappear in BBC's latest version of The 39 Steps (Penry-Jones)

BBC Christmas 2008

Spooks star's spying secret


Little Dorrit

TV Review: Little Dorrit (ep 1-7), BBC One, various dates


A Comic-Book Avenger Strikes

Punisher: War Zone,1145226.html?wpisrc=newsletter&wpisrc=newsletter

Brutal "Punisher: War Zone" does the comic-book series justice

'Punisher: War Zone:' Who gets punished? The audience

'Punisher: War Zone',0,3115964.story

Heller looking for movie version of 'Rome'

Punisher Returning to Rome?

Tay Zonday, Ray Stevenson and Funtwo at YouTube Live

"Punisher: War Zone" Los Angeles Premiere - After Party

"Punisher: War Zone" Los Angeles Premiere - Red Carpet

Special Screening Of Lionsgate's "Punisher: War Zone"



Grey's Anatomy Hires Awesome Doctor!

Kevin McKidd Joins ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Cast As Series Regular

Kevin McKidd transplanted to 'Grey's Anatomy'

McKidd joins 'Grey's' ensemble

Interview: Grey's Anatomy's Kevin McKidd

Meet 'Grey's Anatomy''s Hot New ER Doc!

Grey's Anatomy's Kevin McKidd: Love and War Haunt Hunt

Exclusive Interview: Kevin McKidd of 'Grey's Anatomy

Paging Dr. McArmy! Kevin McKidd Dishes on Grey's


The Last Enemy

Survivors: the classic TV saga returns (Beesley)

First night: Survivors

Survivors: the classic TV saga returns

BBC revisits ’70s classic Survivors

Pick of the day: Survivors

BBC1 finds 6.5m Survivors

'Survivors' S01E02 - Part Two

Survivors, BBC1

Apocalypse now every Tuesday night

Survivors - Gripping drama on BBC 1

It's not the end of the world


Your say - A picture of happiness (Fox)

Billie's ex and hubby embrace

New mum Billie’s looking smiles better as hubby Laurence helps with bringing up baby


Wire in the Blood

Robson Green's got an elf warning


Hollywood charmer pushes Christmas cause for needy,22606,24695224-2682,00.html

'The International' to open Berlinale

The Daily Trailer: Duplicity


Ashes To Ashes: An Afternoon In 1982

Classic cars given turbocharged boost from time-travelling on TV

Sneak peek: It's Ashes to bashes as Gene Hunt is beaten by masked gang in new series

'Nostalgic' Philip Glenister

A monster success story

The Sunday Times books of the year: Humour

Glenister urges America to buy British

Demons: Philip Glenister

Emmy for Life on Mars


Naked Ewan gets his kilt off

McGregor, Boorman on the road again

McGregor, Boorman on the road again

Ewan McGregor's Moto Guzzi motorcycle attracting bids in online charity auction

McGregor's bike up for grabs

Ewan McGregor auctions favorite motorcycle for charity

McGregor auctions motorbike for charity


Longer "Life" span

‘Life’ support from NBC,0,3205669.story

'Life' star Damian Lewis enjoys fruits of his labor

Actors Lewis & Logue Talk Comics & "Life"

Donal Logue and Damian Lewis talk NBC's 'Life'


Variety Club honours showbiz stars

Veterans Noel and Michael Caine take home Variety Award trophies

Variety Club honours actor Caine

Caine honoured by Variety Club

British actor honoured (Caine)


Variety Club Showbiz Awards '08

James McAvoy a winner at Variety Club movie awards

McAvoy bags Film Award

James McAvoy wins best actor at Variety Club Awards,,james-mcavoy-and-sir-michael-caine-at-the-variety-club-awards,56287

The British Independent Film Awards 2008 - Arrivals (McAvoy)

McAvoy graduates - eight years late

Honour for actor McAvoy


What did you Puritans ever do for us, Oliver?

England's at war in The Devil’s Whore

'The Devil's Whore' - An English revolution

Why the Cavaliers went to Cape Town to shoot £7million drama on English Civil War

The Devil's Whore Episode 1 Picspam/Review

Dying for a cause

The Devil's Whore

The Devils's Whore - excitement is mounting, John Simm talks Edward Sexby in Radio Times

Curls v boys in The Devil's Whore

It was a crucial, violent epoch, but few know much about the Civil War... A sassy new TV drama is about to put that right

John Simm on The Devil's Whore

The revolution will be televised

The Devil's Whore - episode two preview clip$1248786.htm

The Devil's Whore mixes fact with fiction

A bodice-tightening yarn

A Wife's Lust For Life With War Heroes

'Tis a blessing she's the Whore

TV ratings: Devil's Whore tempts viewers to Channel 4

The Devil’s Whore; Wild About Your Garden

Last night on television: The Devil's Whore (Channel 4)

Simm rules out 'Dr Who' lead role

John Simm hints at 'Doctor Who' return

I took liberties with The Devil's Whore

TV ratings: Devil's Whore tempts viewers to Channel 4

'Tis a blessing she's the Whore

Pimping The Devil's Whore: Episode one

The word on... The Devil's Whore, Channel 4

'The Devil's Whore' - An English revolution

What did you Puritans ever do for us, Oliver?

The Devil's Whore, Channel 4

Last night's TV

Pimping The Devil's Whore: Episode two

Pimping The Devil's Whore: Episode three


Jude Law’s Evening Standard ‘Stache

A touch of Frost for Jude

Don’t Jude get any closer


Motormouth: It’s strictly TV for the girlies

'I'm not a dreary cow' (Thaw)


'Brothers and Sisters' actor Matthew Rhys buys in Mid-City,0,7726449.story

The Edge Of Love is a treat for the eyes


Keith Allen: The rogue rides again

Treasure Island: Yo-ho-ho! A festive treat to Treasure

Treasure Island

What to say about … Treasure Island with Keith Allen


Eddie Izzard: Keeping it surreal

Eddie Izzard: riffs on animals, Creation and the beauty of cake mixture


First Images Of Johnny Depp & Christian Bale From ‘Public Enemies’

Christian Bale and Daughter Pick a Playset


You gotta have faith (Miller)

Prophet from his experience (Miller)


Picspam of Men (curls included)

Is Apparitions supposed to be a spoof?

HE’S a bit of a jinx old Father Jacob, isn’t he? (Apparitions, BBC1, Thursday).


My Week: David Suchet wins an Emmy

Agatha Christie's Poirot: The Definitive Collection


Moore, Roger Moore

Johnny Depp lined up to play Sir Roger Moore in new film,22049,24742144-5001026,00.html?referrer=email


L'Oreal Legends Gala to Benefit The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund - Red Carpet (Brosnan)

Brosnan, Sarandon top Sundance list


Simon Pegg on Star Trek remake

Simon Pegg Receives Honorary Degree From University Of Gloucestershire

Big thank you to sleeper_frost for posting while I was away. If you've missed anything (like me), please see brit_actors for the archive.

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