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a fist full of flu meds

Is wot I deserve for running about in the sleety rain when it's minus six celsius. No excuse for it, except it was the day I'd put aside for wandering about, and thus I did, and it was....bleak.

But it's not been all bad. This was going to start with ROw B squue! And now Row A squee! Well, to be honest, A Dark House was a bit talky and very American and more than a little harrowing but I was, I admit, mainly there was D Morrissey and S MackIntosh and they were brilliant (and as nice as, and zomg David is drop dead gorgeous).

So it's been a bit of a Blackpool tour, what wiv him playing 'amlet up in Stratford (which was as good as you#ve heard it and then some. Bloody loved it!). I was hooked from the get go, though I did lose it for one moment when they got up to the conscience of the king part and I thought Trek and there was Picard, but it was only a momentary lapse, I assure you.

Besides, I'd seen a really bad Love's before, but I don't remembere one of Berowne's meditations upon love involving that oh so familiar "Weeellll....". Brought the house down, though (the cheeky monkey). More squee on DT later, but oh, so worth it, all of it, just to see that. Had a ball in Straford, anyway. Did all the Will houses (no matter how tennuous the connection) and wandered about, including down by the river where my sunshine quickly turned to deluge. I now own a Bill umbrella I dare not ever show in public again - sheepish grin.

Also saw the 007 exhibition, and the Cold War one. Seen some great telly: Spooks (Armitage!), The Devil's Whore (Simm! West! Capaldi! Fassbender! Lloyd! - me running around like a civil war groupie in every museum now), Einstein and Eddington (DT again) just never stops. Oh Brit boys, you make me happy.

Well, I missed them filming Lewis by days. That broke my heart. It really did. But a gal can't have everything, and it's been grand, if only I wasn't feeling so flu ridden. And if I could get my head around Brit bizarro dining hours (restaurants closed when they should be open - have decided they're all fronts, would explain the food, yesterday even my imodium waved the white, or should that be brown, flag). Okay, TMI. Time for all flu ridden, blistered and knackered old hags to be abed.

PS. Scuse typos, Brit keyboard + late+ tired+ not caring = enigma code
Tags: david morrissey, david tennant, james bond, lewis, michael fassbender, richard armitage, spooks

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