mockturtle (hellblazer06) wrote,

off like a bondi tram

Not much time, on the clock here:

Rafe Spall fest continues with He Kills Coppers on Showcase, Chatterly on Hallmark (?!) and Room with a View on ABC.

Been Jonasing again with RH on ABC2 and Ghost Squad on ABC1. Life on Mars on UKTV (missed most of last week, was gutted, had been looking forward to it all day). Ancient D&P on UKTV (was Pascoe ever that young, that thin, that fluffy?)

Gave myself food poisoning last night but other than that the b-day went off fine. Offerings were considered acceptable and the office party went off well (glad I rang up to tip them off).

Right, off to back, didn't do it last night due to oogles.

Plenty of ideas for freeing government data ... and finding a loo

This American Moment — The Surprises

Jared Padalecki interview, Friday the 13th

Top Gear's Hamster goes by husky

It's tough being a Sharpe's Peril fan

Oddly, we never seem to see his face. There are no close-ups of his manly, impassive, “Is-he-act-ing-or-is-he-just-think-ing-about-a-bacon-sandwich?” face.

Clarkson faces the sack over joke

Strictly Come Dancing is ****: Top Gear uses Morse code to spell out secret message

Hugh Jackman Flies The Fedora Skies

Oxford compiles list of top ten irritating phrases

Robin and Much-Nothing Left to Say

Flagging ‘Heroes’ Attempts Self-Rescue


'Wild Wild West' on DVD
Robert Conrad recalls his 'Wild Wild West' pal, and his favorite villains, as the series becomes a DVD set,0,5471711.story

Jared Paddywhack getting exploited in the FamousMales forum:

As is Jensen . . .


Thanks to sleeper_frost for the link collecting!


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