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Ashes To Ashes: Series Two

Farrell happy to fail Boyzone audition

Ask Matt: Reacting to the "Huddy" Kiss (Laurie)

King Lear (Menzies)

Chris Evans and Laurence Fox wet the baby's head (and hug) down the local pub

Jason Isaacs' 'Brotherhood' boss has brain injury on his mind

Charley back on the road

Brief Encounter With … David Morrissey

Coogan ponders Partridge return

David Thewlis Talks Harry Potter Films in New Interview

Allen + Irons To Star In O'Keeffe Film

Alan Cumming


007 seeks solace in realism

Bond bares all in bath (yes, all)

Four New 'Quantum of Solace' Clips Released

Daniel Craig On Continuing Bond's Journey In 'Quantum of Solace'

Craig: 'Newman Taught Me To Love Acting'

Daniel Craig's Omega Watch To Sell For Charity

"I'd love to reinvent Q and Moneypenny."

Pierce Brosnan thinks Obama should be 007 + likes Charlize Theron more than Angelina Jolie,,20239171,00.html

For Daniel Craig, the script is as important as the 007 pyrotechnics

Q&A: Daniel Craig

Exhibitionist Daniel Craig

'Daniel Craig best Bond ever'

Bond The Icon:

Daniel Craig says we're ready for black 007


Dark, tough 007 reincarnation a sign of the times

Sir Roger Moore Signs Copies Of "My Word Is My Bond" - November 7, 2008


Sun shines for Summer at Baftas

Carlyle blasts state of Scottish film industry

Stars out for Scottish Bafta awards


Don't mind your P's and Q's: Miranda Raison on Spooks

BAA airport gift list takes off online – 10/11/08

Richard Armitage ('Spooks')

Louth educated Spooks star in Little Dorrit

Spooks: Harry And Ros

Roz Laws TV comment column on BBC series Spooks

Terrorists Spook out MI5 agents

Waterboarded actor now opposes method

2 caps of a tattooed 'Tage in Spooks


Kevin McKidd Does Not Hesitate to Put Family First

Just Call Him Dr. McKidd

Meet McKidd, new dreamboat doc on 'Grey's Anatomy'


Cult Spy: The Next Doctor Contenders

Russell T Davies tells all about next Doctor Who

Doctor Who: Steven Moffat on casting the Doctor

Colin Salmon tipped to play Doctor Who


British talent up for Euro awards

McAvoy heads list of EFA best actor nods

Drama school to honour McAvoy

How did James McAvoy end up being Hollywood's last action hero?


England's civil war in The Devil’s Whore

The art of suffering

Warrior martyrs


NBC's 'Life' gets full season order

LA law enforcement, Eton style

NBC orders full-season of 'Life'

Everything You Need To Know About... Life, ITV3, Thursday, 10pm


Still as Sharpe as ever, 15 years on

The thick Sharpe’s Peril and why Jonathan Ross and Brand should stay


Exclusive: Ewan McGregor gives support to new toy charity

GQ (Japan) - December 2008

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