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Well, the good news is I found my flash drive. It wasn't in its special sekrit pocket yesterday and it was all 'yikes' but as I'd kicked my bag across the room last night whilst flailing (I flail about so much as night I've managed to turn my bed sideways) I figured/hoped it was sitting on the floor at home. So I tried not to panic and I waited until I got home but nope, it wasn't just lying there on the floor laughing at me. Nor was it hiding in any of the usual hidey holes (yes, I had to, shudder, get down and peeer ...under the bed). Okay, panic now. I checked my bag again. No drive. So I checked again. No drive. Third time's the charm. Breathing deep, I checked again. There was drive, and my little English Heritage torch which I thought I'd lost months ago, sitting there in the corner of my bag like naughty schoolchildren. Phew!

I mean, losing a floppy disk used to be bad enough, but 4gb is a lot more knickers-in-a-twist worthy than 100kb, I'm sure you agree.

What, did something else happen yesterday? Oh, that. There was quite the murmur, spilling over into actual giddiness in the office when the news broke. I don't know what happens now, but as big symbolic gestures go, nice one, America. And America is meant to be all about the big, symbolic gesture. Says so, in the fine print. So yeah, did yerselves proud there. 'Onya.

Weirdly, we won't be getting the Stewart/Colbert special until today. Never mind (oh yeah, Himself has become quite the Stewart devotee of late, watching the Daily Show certainly made the campaign entertaining and surprisingly educational).

Last night? Late night, just had soup and left over crumble, then retired with hot water bottle and sat through a couple of very enjoyable if lightweight episodes of Life and then a rather muddled episode of Midsomer Murders.

PM update: okay, I've spent all day setting up IT and trying to train the new guy, all the while bleeding like a stuck pig, taking blows from the hobgoblin and I still managed to remind the peanut gallery's co-workers that there must be cake on Monday. Phew. Okay, I'm outta here.

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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

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